Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki Chapter 1: Part 3



Wandering and Unexpected Reality

“…Wait, why am I just honestly walking?”

This is what was said after walking for around 30 minutes.

Georg has knowledge related to the terrain, national borders, each nation’s capital city and the like, but does not have a grasp of small villages, settlements and so forth. Just by walking like this in his current state, there isn’t a reason human habitation will easily be found. And in the view of this pleasantly flat plain, animals and edible things to become meals are not found.

“What is the purpose of the Dragon Transfiguration skill? Romance? Dreams? Hopes?…No, absolutely not. It should be used for times of emergency like now.”

If there is someone who gave Georg this skill, they would probably say:
“That is precisely wrong.”

“Now, the fantastic conqueror who wants humans for food!”

Feeling hunger pangs, Georg, who still didn’t accept this cruel reality from the bottom of his heart and started to become somewhat desperate, activated the Dragon Transfiguration skill.


Just as he thought his body was wrapped in glaring light, in the next moment he went to a visual height incomparable to just now.

<Mi…Mirror, Mirror!>

Using light magic to project himself again, there was a giant dragon there.

Silver mirror-like scales, similar to the armor he was just clad in, pale clear tinted eyes, a large build of 30m starting from the head and ending at the tail, and heroic wings with a width of nearly 40m. The four feet have sharp claws, and the ones on the hind legs have a dull shine of thoroughly tempered steel. For the front legs, the claws are red on the right, and blue on the left.

<No odd eye but odd claws? Again, something new.>
(TL: odd eye is heterochromia. odd claws is the claw equivalent.)

He assumes a cold expression, but in his heart, he is very excited,

Any boy would yearn to be a dragon one at least once. The champion of the skies, a legendary existence appearing in numerous stories in all ages. Sometimes as a good being, sometimes as an evil being, or possibly as an absolute existence swaying between good and evil, this existence moved out of legends, and appeared in various manga, light novels, and games.

<Ha ha, not bad, in fact, this is the best!>

Finally, in irrepressible excitement, he raised his voice in delight.
He can’t even return this life back after all; shouldn’t he laugh in enjoyment, and gratefully celebrate it?

It’s his own decision on how he uses this power.
Because of the ethics and morals he was raised with until now, he doesn’t think of doing something outrageously bad. At least, for everything he had to give up during his human times, it shouldn’t be impossible to fulfill them in this world after all.

He won’t aim for something high like a hero in a fairytale. Just having this power, miscellaneous matters from the surroundings will be pushed onto him, and he wanted to avoid such troublesome things.

He will live to his heart’s content, to his own wishes, and to how he wants to live.

Such a way of life, is definitely impossible in Japan. At least, not for him who passed by as mediocre.

<Good isn’t it…it’s not only bad things, being far off is better than living without individual momentum as just a gear in society. Certainly.>

Possibly in reality, “he knows” the power to change this world’s condition.

However, he didn’t think that the profoundness of the world permeates to that extent.

Till the end, it’s fine if he can happily live without checking who he is.

And the power to accomplish that, now, he just felt it.

<That’s right, to me, a home country, authority, riches and reputation are useless objects. Just living with what I have right now is good.>

Thinking like that, he suddenly calmed down.
Yes, not thinking for somebody’s sake or for society’s sake is good.
In the first place, there shouldn’t be an existence that can deny his way of living.

<Which means, at last, I have a mood where a goal is not needed but…>

And thinking up to there, he hit on a good idea.

<Wait..this is a parallel universe, a fantasy with swords and magic, naturally there exists beast people, fairies like elves and dwarfs, and the same family as Dragunir. No, as expected, the number one should be the beast people. Real cat girls are moe…no. Don’t get fired up!>
(TL: the real story finally starts)

Starting to receive reality from the front, his real character and nature came back, but the person himself did not appear to realize it.

<Alright, I decided. I want to cuddle, no better yet, love animal girls. Yes, I want to touch cat ears!>

By the way, the beast people don’t only have cat ears.

<Suddenly I have motivation!! Let’s go live doing whatever I want!! I’m coming, wait for me cat ears-!!>

Just repeating, but beast people don’t only have ca-


Georg, who is jumping up in lingering excitement, changes back using Human Transfiguration after 3 minutes.

“Er, I seriously forgot about Dragon King’s Might.”

Starting from when he started jumping; first a swarm of bats came crashing through from the nearby forest, there was silence after a scream of agony, and several horses tied to transport wagons on the highway suddenly became violent, throwing off their riders, and knocking them out.

To put it lightly, a trivial natural disaster.

“Why is it a continuous passive when Dragon Transfiguration is on…in the end do I walk?…Damn it, come back sky!!”

The lonely young man, who is walking alone, yelled futile shouts that were absorbed by the quiet night sky…


End Notes:

Has this finally become a heartwarming series?
Honestly, I wrote a serious series on a certain site, so I want this to be heartwarming if possible.

I have a feeling I messed up the introduction though lol

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  2. TestTheTester

    idk if it’s the author’s writing style or what, but I already feel like giving the MC a good whack over the head. I think it’s because of the lack of exposition and how the MC’s character doesn’t seem to be very stable/established yet.


  3. Val

    “Any boy would yearn to be a dragon one at least once.”
    I didn’t. I remember I wanted to be a gund@m though.

    Thanks for the chapter.


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    What’s up with these Japanese people with Cat’s ear and loli’s? Just give me moderate breast size matured women anytime and I’m good..human and beastkin long as they are hitotsuma


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