Lady Rose Wants To Be A Commoner – 10

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X: And so begins our new series. You can find the Table of Contents here and previous chapters from there.

Chapter 10

I faced the heir of the Duke, my former brother-in-law, as I finished my bread in silence. It was an awkward situation. While wondering if I should say ‘Thank you for the meal’, I overeagerly got up from my seat.

“Well then, Shade, since the heartwarming exchange between former siblings has ended and it is already this late, will you head home now?”


Although I was the one who said that, I had no idea where that heartwarming factor I was speaking of was. Even so, I wasn’t going to care about such a small issue if I could get the Yandere-bomb, Shade, to obediently return home. When compared to him, it was a trivial problem.
Shade, who had headed to the exit, turned to me while looking like he wanted to say something.

“What is it?”

I will allow you to say anything other than yandere lines. Now talk.

“Umm, does Felicia-aneue…ah…like bread?”

“Yes. My current goal is to master baking bread.”

“I-is that so…?”

Shade had been giving off a displeased atmosphere ever since I had thrown bread at him to stop him from speaking. I felt like I was being dragged along by it. He seemed to have realized that I didn’t want to hear that. Was he overpowered by my commoner powers?

“Umm…I’ll come visit again.”

No, don’t come anymore.
Even if you look at me with those sparkling, obedient puppy eyes that are on that expressionless face, I have already learned of your inner yandere personality. As if that Shade Suwarose would be disciplined after having bread thrown at him once.

“Until next time.”

I sent Shade off with a superficial smile. He glanced backwards repeatedly. As expected of a bishounen, he was really cute. After looking at his back for 30 seconds, I closed the door, thinking that everything was fine now.
Ah. I had forgotten to tell him that I had changed my name from Felicia to Fii…Well, whatever. It wasn’t like that was a problem.

Good grief, today was a horrible day off.

…Though, why had Shade’s flag appeared now?
Based on the official Lady Ro, I could understand that Evan-kun was in love at first sight, and Nika-sama simply had a strong sense of obligation and justice from my incident with his younger brother. However, in Shade’s case, it was so sudden that I still couldn’t understand it…Well, if asked, whether I understood a yandere’s train of thought, of course my answer would be I can’t!
However, when I thought about it, I had lived without having a single conversation with him until now. Not only had he concealed his identity, he had probably slipped out (there was no other reason for him to come without guards) to meet me. Not to mention the case where the yandere-bomb had gone off, when it should have only appeared when there was a high affection rating. No matter how I looked at it, this was way too unnatural.
Speaking of unnatural, I felt like Nika-sama was also strange…I think think it was bad, since he was just happily munching on bread, unlike Shade, but…

What was going on?

–don’t tell me. The capture targets were now bugged because I had taken actions that greatly changed the scenario…right?
T-There was no way! I mean, even if this world was just like the otome game from my previous life, everyone else and I were living beings! This was definitely not a machine-like story based on the system!
Besides abandoning the engagement, I had purposefully broken away from the game’s development path…I had been breaking it since childhood, not just that time…it was obvious that I wouldn’t go back to that path in the future.
It’s fine…today was just a coincidence. I would be able to return to my happy and peaceful commoner life starting from tomorrow…That was not a flag.

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27 thoughts on “Lady Rose Wants To Be A Commoner – 10

  1. Season’s greetings!
    as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3
    brother-in-law= a male who marry your sister/brother, i guess what you are trying to say is step-brother??
    if there’s no blood relation it should be step nee~??


  2. But… Doesn’t she like otome games? Isn’t it predictable that Yanderes are all stalker? Silently watching her from a distance admiring her very soul. Something like that? Lel, Gasai Yuno appears on my head everytime I encounter the word “Yandere” xD

    Liked by 4 people

    1. senethari

      Less stalker and more landmine. Relatively safe until triggered, then things go downhill for someone fast. Usually yanderes take out obstacles between them… Like other love interests, perceived love interests, personal freedom, limbs she can use to run or dial for help… That kind of thing.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Lolollll…. defective love interests…. or at least, defective because they became love interests xD I love how self-aware Fii is, specially compared to another Fii…(*cough*SecondLife*cough*)


  4. It’s step-brother~

    Sheesh! This is probabbly the most frequently encountered error in Japanese translation scene. Step brother/sister/mother Brrother/sister/mother in-law

    The two concepts are totally different in important aspects.


  5. Shiroya

    *Evil laughs* Flag is definitely triggered here~ Fii-sama, things will not go as planned!
    Prepare for battle, the commoner’s way is being threatened! Conquer the boys with your homemade commoner bread of justice! Fufufu~

    Liked by 1 person

  6. midoriha

    lol another cute person?! though a yandere?! hm— yanderes aren’t that scary unless the switch is flipped though, right?


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