Queen’s Knight Kael – V1 | Chapter 3

Chapter 3:

The next day, the royal court officially announced Kael’s knighthood. For the purpose of national security, the details regarding how Yulia was attacked during her vacation were deemed confidential, but the story of how he rescued her and escaped safely was clearly published. As a result, the world’s interest was concentrated onto this mysterious boy who had suddenly appeared and claimed his fame in a flash.

Every reporter rushed to and gathered in front of the Hall of Glory where the ceremony would take place.

What did the boy look like? What was the boy originally doing? How in the world did he safely escape, while escorting the Queen, from assassins who were aiming to kill the monarch? Such questions were piling up in everybody’s minds. Some publishers and filmmakers were already beginning to prepare a story on their own.

The ambassadors of each country and the guests of honour from various departments of society who had been invited to the ceremony were seated inside the hall.

Yulia sat on the throne on the stratified platform that was located in the inner centre of the hall, awaiting Kael’s appearance. Her slender nape and the gentle slope of her shoulders were revealed by the flowing purple dress that emphasised her grace.

The diamond that was embedded in the crown on top of her head shined brilliantly, forming a synergy with her silver locks. She slightly tilted her head and leaned her cheek on her hand while holding up her index and little finger. Her cute hand was shaped like a bunny, and the serious expression she made while deep in thought created a strange juxtaposition.

The grand chamberlain came and bowed before her.

“Art the preparations complete?”

“Yes, your majesty. However, since the ceremony was held in such a rush, there are quite a few people who have sent a proxy instead. For a knighting ceremony of a first rank knight, we have to say that the level is……”

“It cannot be helped since it was I who pushed the occasion.”

Yulia mumbled, casting her eyes downward.

“More importantly, he has not arrived yet, and the wardrobe personnel are in a fix.”

“What dost thou say?”

Her head jerked straight up. Her right hand that was supporting her cheek rolled up into a fist. The tips of her long eyelashes quavered lightly.

“It seems like it will be a problem if he does not arrive within fifteen minutes.”


She creased her eyebrows. In truth, she wanted to allow more time before the ceremony in order to make it more proper for the occasion. However, she had rushed to push the event because she had felt that Kael would leave if she extended the preparations.

‘Surely he hasn’t really run away, right?’

She leaned heavily on the throne. There was no way a queen would show her disarray in front of all those watching eyes. However, her left hand fiddled with the back of her right, trembling slightly.

“It’s alright.”

She murmured, unclear as to whether she was directing those words to herself or the grand chamberlain. The crest of contract was definitely still there. This was truly the evidence of a connection that nobody could cut. A promise to definitely run back to her when she called. He was hesitating; there was no possible way for him to run away.

It was a solid binding, stronger than any chain on earth. She knew about the absolute nature of the contract after reading about it from over a few dozen books that had been handed down from the past. Her outstanding brain accurately remembered every explanation and their exact wording. Even so, behind her straightened shoulders, her hair quivered without showing itself to anybody.

* * *

“Heh. I bet she’s thinking that I won’t be able to run away.”

Kael gazed at the far away palace with a smirk on his face.

“Naïve, kid. Mwahahahaha. What, knighthood? Fuck that.”

He raised his fist once towards her, who would be far away.

Of course, a demon obeyed the summoner’s commands. If she used her soul to activate the seal of contract and commanded him to do so, he would have to run to her. However, looking at it from a different angle, if she didn’t do so, he could make his escape even if she belatedly realised that he had defied her and summoned him.

‘Heh. If I stay as far away as possible, it would physically consume time even if she called me with all her might.’

Then the ceremony would obviously fall into confusion. She would be publicly embarrassed. In that case, even if it was just because of her honour, she would not be able to say things like she would knight him. Even if she voided the contract just because she was pissed, that would be a happy ending. Okay, now, let’s run.

As Kael was just about to depart, with the determination to run to even the opposite side of Earth, truly pressuring breasts pushed onto him from behind. Those bosoms embraced him like a soft, comfortable water bed. At the same time, they pressed onto various spots on his body, with one of the breasts popping out whenever the other one was pushed in, exhibiting a bounciness like that of a water bed. Every time this happened, the part of Kael’s body that was in contact with the breasts shivered. Although he attempted to ignore them, his body responded to them reflexively. His heartbeat increased on its own accord.


An arm wrapped around from behind Kael, who spat out a moan. The slender fingers of a woman delicately groped his collarbones. His collarbones twitched every time she did so. At the same time, a breath that was warm, yet baffling, was blown into his ear. A gentle, caressing voice whispered into his ear.

“Where are you going, Kael? It is almost time for your investiture.”

Kael’s face flared up. He turned as red as an autumn chili pepper from his ear to his cheek.

“L…… Let go, Sestina!”

He floundered his limbs like a bird trapped in a net. However, far from letting him go, Sestina moved her hand even further below his collarbones.

“You seem like you would run away if I let you go.”

“Well, I have to run away!”

“Haa. What are you talking about? This occasion is a necessary ceremony in order to easily stay by the contractor’s side.”

Kael floundered, but Sestina hugged him even tighter. Just like that, his body was buried in between her generous, rich breasts. He struggled to somehow free himself, but her breasts reacted to being pressed here and there, and he only repeatedly bounced off here and there. Every time this happened, his body was stimulated, making it hard to think.

“ <<Kuk, kuu-uhk>> “

Sestina gently patted his chest.

“Kael, as you go on living in this world, good things won’t always happen. Sometimes, there are things you will hate and things that are bothersome. However, you should not dodge them. Those hardships will make you more mature after you overcome them. Where there is sweetness, there is also bitterness; where there is light, there is also shadow. They all combine to achieve one goal.”

A temperate, sonorous voice lectured him on the philosophy of life. Its pure resonance bore the refreshing feeling of something that was handed down to mankind from a being who was beyond earthly existence.

“So, Kael, let us return. Do not let the ceremony that the Queen prepared with all her hard work be in vain.”

“Such a lesson, urgh…… You think I’d…… Geh. Listen to it. Hooo. Phewph.”

Kael gasped to regain his breath. Fuck, this damned woman. Don’t lecture on life while feeling up a man’s chest. Who would, by this kind of thing… was what his internal voice shouted, but the type of breath that his mouth spat out was starting to change, little by little. He had been floundering since a while ago in an attempt to free himself, but in reality, his limbs could not properly flex.

However, even when he tried to flex, the capacity of his brain had reached its limit because of the sensation that was sometimes strong, sometimes weak, sometimes overflowing with elasticity, and sometimes endlessly soft, he could not control his body.

“There, there. You have to do such things in order to become a great demon. Do not run away.”

Then, stems of plants surged up from the earth and restrained Kael’s body in place of a rope. Sestina held him, now immobile, closely to her body and gracefully began to move. Dewey silently followed next to her.

“Dewey…… Why didn’t you save me?”

“It is not a valet’s duty to disrupt the master’s pleasure.”

Dewey averted her gaze and sank her head downwards with somewhat slightly reddened cheeks. Kael merely gaped and shut his mouth repeatedly. It was a misunderstanding. He did not enjoy it. He definitely did not enjoy it. It was just difficult to get a grip because of the body’s reflex.

* * *

A moment later, as Yulia anxiously stood behind the hall while wondering if she really should invoke the seal of contract, Sestina placed Kael, bound by vines, in front of her.

“Delivery has arrived.”

“So thou haveth given me a hand. I thank thee for thy cooperation.”

Yulia exhaled deeply, clasping her hands together. Now that her expression had regained its refinement, she bowed slightly with dignity and a neat smile. However, the corners of her mouth trembled for a moment, secretly revealing her relief. As she gazed at it, Sestina smiled back warmly and winked at her.

“Not a problem. It is the guardian’s responsibility to straighten out a straying child. Now, Kael, go dress yourself up and attend the ceremony.”

“Don’t be sillyyy! Who would cooperateee?!!”

Kael floundered, lying on the ground with only his neck sticking up. Yulia crouched down in front of him and met his eyes with hers. As she lightly rubbed her index fingers together, she made a request of him.

“If thou becometh a knight, thou would have much authority and it would be easier to move around. It was not prepared as a restricting rope, but as a gift, so please just accept it.”

“What’s there to know? I don’t want it. I honestly don’t. Or just order me with that great seal of contract. Oh, I see, you can’t, since you’d have to use your soul.”


Yulia pouted, sucking in her cheeks and lightly bit her lip. Her pure eyes opened up even more and became blurry with slight moisture. She looked like she would cry if Kael went a little further, but he did not back down this time. Did she seriously want him to stay for a long time after the ceremony?

Just then, Sestina lifted his face and buried it in her breasts.

“Kael, what did I say? Have I not taught you that the right way of life is to not only do things that you want to do, but to also do things that you have to do? Since you are a demon, you should act like one and not ignore the chance to drive your poison fangs into the human world.”

“How is that the right way of…… guuph……”

As Kael attempted, with great difficulty, to make a counterargument, her breasts completely covered his face. The skin that possessed both bounciness and tenderness conformed to the lines of his face and stuck to it perfectly. Kael floundered as he felt a stifling suffocation and heavenly ecstasy. The bosom that devoured him reacted to the struggle and produced a miraculous vibration. The more he struggled against her, the more his will faded away.

“Ump, mmph.”

“Now, Kael. Shouldn’t you correct your feelings now? If you just change your mind once, this place will become paradise.”

“…… mmmp…… I, I will.”

In the end, Kael surrendered at the fear of suffocation.

“Good boy.”

Sestina finally let him go. The vines also scattered and disappeared.

* * *

The rest of the event proceeded in a full gallop. When the professional dressers of the royal court all jumped onto Kael and transformed his appearance into a sleek, handsome man in a flash; they dressed him in a white uniform embroidered with gold thread and pinned a badge onto his chest. With that, a young noble from a foreign land was standing inside the mirror.

After sighing deeply a few times, Kael walked down the carpet in time with a grand fanfare and respectfully kneeled in front of Yulia. His posture seemed so proficient and dignified that he didn’t seem like a boy who had been given knighthood overnight.

Yulia, who was receiving the salutation, was even more beautiful than usual. On her forehead lay a crown with a diamond shining in seven colours, surrounded in turn by rubies, sapphires, emeralds and turquoises; her purple dress had been made by sewing hundreds of pearls together and also created an aloof, mystic dignity. Her silver hair and eyes that contrasted with the deep, lingering purple sparkled brilliantly, transcending even the luster of the gemstone. In this composed, confident posture, the girl who had drooled in her sleep was nowhere to be found. The elegant, majestic figure of a queen, despite her extreme youth, caused the men who were watching Kael from behind to throw gazes of envy and jealousy at him.

“Dost thou, Kael Ludwig Fahrenheit, vow under the seven gods who rule the heavens to serve me with thy utmost loyalty?”

Yulia drew the sword from his waist and placed it on his shoulder.

“I vow to do so.”

For him, a demon, to vow on the name of God, what kind of drama was this? Even so, Kael answered in a highly dignified tone. Although he did sort of want to shout that he couldn’t do this and make a scene…… He was afraid of Sestina, who was watching him with a warm and gentle gaze.

“Dost thou vow to uphold justice and adhere to the law?”

“I vow to do so.”

“And, dost thou vow to protect the weak against evil?”

“I vow to do so.”

“Then I hereby appoint thee the number one knight of Nesland. Just as thou pledged thy utmost loyalty to me, I vow to the seven gods to entrust upon thee my utmost faith.”

Clap clap clap. Sestina was the very first to clap. Her smile was overflowing with pride and happiness, like one of a mother who was watching her child’s success. Her clap was almost enthusiastic enough for one to be concerned that she might break her hands, but she showed no sign of pain.

Clap clap clap. Clap clap clap clap.

Following her lead, the other guests all applauded. The birth of a new number one knight. From a nameless secret agent to the number one knight of Nesland, one of the strongest countries that controlled the world. Such a jump exceeded that of a parvenu; it was honestly like rising from dirt to the heavens. On top of that, not only was he simply high in rank, he had received the Queen’s favour and trust all at once – a life that was guaranteed the royal road.

The orchestra began to play their song as a means of congratulations, and the reporters flashed their cameras in unison. In this moment, he was the number one knight who was in the centre of conversations more than any of the top celebrities in the entertainment world. No, since he was guaranteed not only the fortune, but an ‘authority’ and an ‘honour’ incomparable to that of celebrities; many looked at him with gazes full of envy and jealousy.

‘Who would understand my pain……’

Kael concealed his sigh. It was depressing to think that, although he wanted to go back to the demonic realm, they believed that fortune had smiled upon him without knowing this fact. He had meant to just help out that one time and return. When had his life gotten so tangled? Also, where did he need to start to untangle it again?

Yulia’s and his eyes met. They did not speak, but communicated through their eyes.

[Can thou not be more thankful?]

[I’m enduring this to the best of my ability now, y’know?]

A few seconds after glaring at each other with a smile on their lips, Yulia held his hand.

“I am still unwell and need rest. Accompany me.”

“I shall do so.”

“Grand Chamberlain. Explain the reason for the impolite absence of the guest of honour to the guests and the reporters.”

“Please leave it to me.”

They disappeared, leaving behind the excuse that the Queen was unwell due to the aftermath of the attack and that the knight should be by her side. In the meantime, to answer the question regarding Kael’s skill, the spokesman only repeated the prepared story that Kael was an adopted boy from the far east, that his name was a Neslandian name given to him by the Queen, and that he was so strong because he had polished his combat skills since youth. Added to this was the story that he was raised as the country’s special secret agent since he was an infant and therefore was a “hidden human” with no outward status, but it had been decided by the Queen that he would live a public life in recognition of his recent great service, whether they believed it or not.

“This is unbelievable.”

“It seems like something that would be re-created as a novel or movie.”

The reporters nodded amongst themselves as they scribbled down the publication. A “real” drama that had happened in reality which no fictional stories had, no matter how well made they were. This was bound to be popular.

* * *

As to what the Queen-in-need-of-recuperation and the newly-revealed-adopted-special-agent was doing, they were quarrelling in a separate room, with delicious food in front of them.

“What kind of expression is that, after the knighting ceremony? Everything was prepared for thee.”

“Ha? You do realise that I was forcibly dragged here against my will, yet still endured it for your dignity and all, right? You should be the grateful one!”

“Money, authority, and honour. It is a status that has them all. What doth it lack?”

Yulia pouted her lips. Her cheeks sank, swelled up, and popped to sink again as she sulked. Her eyelashes also repeatedly quivered.

“Ha. Let such things be given to ones who want them. Let me make this clear – I only played up to you for the guests who came since it had already happened! In truth, I don’t even have 0.1g of a thought of loyally serving a kid like you! I’ll kill you if you make me do this and that by using the oath as an excuse!”

Kael threatened her, although it was impossible to harm the contractor other than when he was abiding by her “order” and receiving her soul. Yulia suddenly changed her attitude. She bobbed her index finger up and down, and the corners of her eyes rose upwards to draw out a wicked, splitting eye-smile.

“Hooh. Art thou sure? Even when I already know thy weakness?”

“W…… What weakness?”

Kael’s spirit deflated in an instant.

“Fufu. If thou deny my orders from now on, I shall punish thee like this!”

As she said this, she hopped onto the chair next to Kael and pulled his face into her chest. Of course, there wasn’t a single centimetre of breasts to be buried into.

“Haa……? What about this?”

Her body twitched. Her ears momentarily moved backwards and returned to its place.

“Tch. I have overlooked the difference in figure.”

“…… You only realised after doing it……”

“How mortifying. This would require at least ten more years before I could use it.”

She clasped her hands together while lightly biting her lower lip. Kael merely opened and closed his mouth in amazement.

‘No, it really isn’t a method a queen should use, even after 10 years.’

Though he would run away before that.

“It won’t take you that long, my noble queen. Things that are not ripe have their own distinct taste. The nameless wildflower blooming in the field and the wondrous blue rose blooming in the palace’s garden both possess their own beauty. Kael will become a big vessel who will embrace them all.”

Sestina gazed at Kael with a gentle smile, like a saint presenting a prophecy of blessings.

“Aren’t I right, Kael? You will do them all without discriminating like a great demon would, right?”

Kael immediately grimaced at her, who always went off into an absurd direction at the end of a fancy metaphor. Someone please fix that woman’s idea of a great demon……

“Is that so?”

Yulia’s eyes sparkled, and her voice became slightly excited.

“That cannot be guaranteed.”

Dewey brought forth a counter-argument.

“For what reason?”

“Master left me as I am until now.”

“Mm. Art thou suggesting that that much isn’t sufficient?”

Yulia fell into serious distress, staring at the two’s breasts in turn. She slightly tilted her head, leaning on her hand, which had its index and little finger up, and became lost in her thoughts. She closed her eyes gently and lifted her hand to touch her own chest. She held her hands farther from and closer to her chest, then stopped at one point before opening her eyes to stare straight at Kael.

“I don’t have the confidence to reach that point…… Would it be satisfactory if they were a size in between theirs? Considering my mother’s, there is a high chance that I would be this big.”

“Don’t ask……”

Kael merely tore at his hair. It was hard enough with the two in the demonic realm, but now three? It was going to be horrible.

* * *

After the ceremony, Yulia began to earnestly organise Kael’s place to stay. She looked back at Kael from in front of the mansion she had fixed her eyes upon. As she held onto both of his hands and met his gaze, she hesitated to speak, which was unlike herself. Then, she slowly opened her mouth.

“Would this be enough?”

A grand, five story mansion stood behind her. The mansion was stretched out sideways, seeming to have twenty rooms across, and had a garden that exceeded the area of two school fields combined. There was an indoor pool with a glass dome covering it in the middle of that garden and a picnic facility where barbecues could be cooked. Considering that it was located in the royal capital of Nesland, where the land price was high, it was an outrageous luxury.

“Why should it matter? One room’s enough for me anyway.”

Kael answered unenthusiastically. In response, Sestina grabbed his earlobe and suddenly blew onto it. Kael jerked in fright at the electrifying sensation that started there and spread to across his whole body.

“Oh my, Kael. You have already forgotten my words that it is unnatural to act frugal. Even such a mansion is insufficient for you. In the future, we will build a magnificent palace suitable for you…”

“Stop! Yulia. I’ll accept with gratitude. Thank you.”

Kael interrupted, as it seemed like she would once again tell him to capture people without discrimination of age and gender if he let her be.

“Thou may look forward to it, as I will immediately order the Grand Chamberlain to re-decorate it.”

“Ah, yeah. Thanks.”

Yulia pouted her lips at Kael’s attitude when he answered without even properly meeting her gaze. Her cheeks puffed up wildly, like a squirrel that, instead of acorns, had its mouth full of dissatisfaction. However, she changed the subject without spilling her dissatisfaction.

“First…… Let us begin moving again. I shall show thee thy office.”

She took him to a newly decorated room within the palace. The room was located in the sunny spot within the House of the Lion, which the royal guards used.

“This is the room that thou would use.”

Engraved on the doorplate was a title that said “Special Advisor of the Royal Guards”.

“About the title – typically, it is tradition for the number one knight to also serve as the commander of the royal guards who controls the palace’s guarding tasks. The ‘number one knight’ title itself is a position of honour, and thus has no real authority.”

“Wah? You can’t possibly be telling me to take care of all that work, right?”

As she looked at Kael’s reluctant manner, Yulia held her hands together. A normal human would be eager to obtain the position as the commander of the royal guards, who possessed immense authority and executive powers and was allowed to use them.

“That is why I have created a new position in this manner. A special advisor has no real responsibilities. Frankly speaking, it is a position that merely collects salaries. The current commander of the royal guards, Ruppelt, will continue to take care of the guards.”

“Hm. That is the one part that I like.”

Kael entered the office. There was luxurious furniture and appliances, a flowerpot with an ornamental plant in it, and an atmospheric statue. Although it was a well equipped room……

“Ah. There’s no bed. It’s uncomfortable to sleep on the couch.”

“…… If it’s a position with no duty, at least have some grace!”

Yulia finally exploded. She rolled up her hands into fists and took them near his stomach, waving them around.

“It was my reigning principal to liquidate and leave empty the already existing positions of honour in order to minimise the budget! The fact that I have created a similar position is an exception of all exceptions!”

“So what? Did I ask for it?”

“Nnnnnnn. Shut thy mouth.”

“I’m fine with staying unemployed.”

“Gaaaah. Shut. I said shut.”

This time, Yulia pounded her fists on Kael’s side instead of his stomach. Even so, they still bounced off without much effect. After hitting him a few times, she lowered her fists and stuck up her index finger, pointing near his navel.

“No matter what thou say, I cannot give thee a bed!”

“Petty much?”

“Also, even though thou dost not have any official tasks, I shall sometimes give thee specific commands, and thou shalt come right away.”

“I’ll think about it.”

“Is that something that someone who receives the salary and privilege of a first-rank government official, and on top of that the number one knight’s pension, should say?”

Yulia clenched her fists once again.

“Then go ahead and fire me.”

“Ufufufufu. Ufufufufufu.”

This time, she did not throw her punches. Instead, she leaked out low chuckles. Kael rejoiced, as it seemed like she would explode a second time.

‘Good. Let’s keep this up.’

I have no need for the likes of thee. It would be a success if she said piss off to the demonic realm right now. There would probably be another commotion due to the sudden disappearance of the number one knight, but who was he to care? They’d probably say that he had disappeared for a secret mission or something. It was the kid’s fault for appointing him to the position as she pleased in the first place.

“Did thou think that I will let thee go if thou rebelled like that?”

All of a sudden, she unclasped her fists and smiled, only half-covering her mouth with her hand. The smile, its ends split ever so slightly, was truly evil. Kael blinked his eyes.

‘Huh? This is not what I planned……’

“Well, it is fine. Let us go slowly. Slowly. In any case, time is on my side.”

She spoke while touching her chest. Kael shivered at her motion, which seemed to foreshadow the birth of the second Sestina.

“Although, of course, I will find another way. Be prepared. I shall raise thee to become a suitable man for me.”

She announced with an elegant smile, sweeping her hair back once.

“I shall teach thee, point by point, how to serve a master. Starting from the manners, I shall make thee become proficient at the skills and refinement that a royal guard should exhibit.”

Her posture, with her stiffened neck tilted about fifteen degrees back and her nose stuck up high, contained a strong resolve that showed her determination to make him so. Kael’s neck became chilled at the foreboding premonition.

“No, you…… That…… What does that……”

However, this time, it was Yulia who ignored Kael and stared only at Sestina and Dewey.

“I would have to arrange positions for thee as well. Is there anything that thou desire?”

“I only wish to stay by master’s side.”

Dewey answered, gazing only at Kael.

“Then I shall appoint thee as his secretary. In return, I will not be able to pay thee as much.”

“I am grateful just for the position.”

“And Sestina, how about thou?”

“I am thinking about opening a hospital on my own. So you don’t need to worry about me.”

“A hospital. The palace could invest in it.”

“It would be enough if you could be so considerate as to let the permit be issued quickly.”

“I understand. I cannot let thou be exempted from the examination, but I shall look into the issuing speed.”

“Thank you, my noble queen.”

“No, hey, Sestina…… You’re gonna go as far as to open a hospital?”

Kael’s despair became deeper and deeper as the pair got along well with Yulia, let alone thinking about returning to the demonic realm. They were totally planning to move and live here.

“You are saying that you will support me if I play around and not work, right? It’s very commendable, Kael.”

Sestina caressed his cheek.

“However, there’s still a long way left to go. In order to conquer me, you will have to show me a little tougher, more aggressive, great devil-like attitude. You would at least have to kidnap me, lock me up, tie me onto a bed with a metal chain, and tell me that you would not let me go and that you would confine me in your birdcage.”

The hand that touched his cheek was tender and her smile was also just warm. Her eyes, full of trust and anticipation, shined gently as they lay their gaze upon him.

“Try a little harder. I trust that you will definitely be able to do so one day.”

Kael gave up.

“…… Good luck with your hospital.”

“Aah. It looks like you will have to hurry up and gain a little more ambition.”

“No, that’s more of a crime than ambition……”

“You have to become a man that tramples on the morals of the weak in order to advance.”

Sestina held her hands together and made a pose that looked as if she was praying for his future to come. Her gaze was so full of worry and concern that Kael gave up any further conversation. He had already reached his limit of mental damage.

“I have a meeting with the commerce union, so I am afraid I have to go. I shall announce the official appointment soon. There will be no special orders for a while, so just concentrate on getting thyself used to thy work environment. However, be prepared, as I shall properly teach thee after thy adapting period.”

Yulia pointed her index finger at Kael with a dignified expression. A childlike stubbornness filled her tightly closed lips after her declaration? but at the same time, her eyes were absolute. Even when faced with an expression that seemed to tell him that she would definitely tame him, Kael, now exhausted, didn’t object further.


“Then I should also go to get the license for a doctor. Kael, make sure to search carefully for any collectible women in your new workplace.”

“…… Goodbye……”

After sending off Sestina as well, Kael lay straight down on the office’s couch. His only comfort was the fact that the couch was as comfortable as any bed.


“Yes, master.”

“I’m gonna sleep, and sleep deeply, so don’t bother me.”

“Yes. I will make sure that nothing interrupts.”

“Then please close the door and get out.”


Dewey backed out, closing the door quietly. Kael fell into a slumber right away. He was way too tired.

Dewey protected her master’s sleep, standing at attention in front of the door. A moment later, three male guards who had just finished their lunch stopped as they were passing by the hallway.

“Oh. Haven’t seen her around.”

“You’re right. New, maybe?”

They traded gazes amongst themselves and once again looked at Dewey. Cold and neat, blue, short hair. Sharp azure eyes. Expressionless face. Tight figure. Solid body. A stylish figure with no stray fat to be found.

She did not have what was commonly said to be “hot glamour”, but the opposite, an icy sexiness.

A cool beauty that seemed wild at first sight, yet also seemed to be unexpectedly innocent. It wasn’t correct etiquette to just pass by. As they came up with that conclusion, the male guards approached her.

“How do you do, miss? My name is Philise.”

“저는 듀크입니다.”
“Mine’s Duke.”

“I’m Hanaiva.”

They smiled smoothly.

“I am called Dewey.”

An answer that could break and shatter. The expression that did not yet relax. Her attitude was as cold as ice, but that stimulated their desire for challenge even more.

“Were you newly added to the royal guards?”

“I was appointed as the secretary of my master. It is planned for me to be officially appointed.”

“By secretary, you mean…… Ah?”

They stared at the room with the newly hung nameplate.

“Ah, as the secretary of the rumoured number one knight, Sir Kael?”

“That is correct.”

“But what are you doing here, in front of the door?”

“I am protecting the room so that Master’s sleep isn’t disturbed.”

“By sleep…… Ah, so he’s taking a nap.”

The three guards laughed amongst themselves. Was this a place of residency? The atmosphere wasn’t too strict, and they would relax to a certain extent when they were on duty, but napping from the first day of appointment without even showing his face?

The rumoured number one knight somehow seemed to be overly naive. However, he was a man with direct support from the queen. They weren’t in the position to say anything. What was important was the beauty in front of their eyes.

“Then, won’t you just let him do so and join us for tea to deepen our friendship?”

“You are a disruption. Please back away.”

“Don’t be like that – isn’t it still lunchtime? We will pay, so let’s all……”

They approached with even more intimacy as they said those words. In a flash, a cold, metallic substance was felt on their foreheads.


Dewey held the dual guns in one hand each, taking them out without anyone noticing, and was aiming at two of them.

“You are a disruption.”

“…… A…… All right.”

They backed away hesitantly. They also corrected their opinion on this new secretary. She was not a cool beauty, but a freezing beauty.

Kael only woke up and came out when the evening had nearly ended.

“Fuaaaaah. I’m hungry.”

I’ll sleep again after eating.

“Huh? Dewey? Why are you in front of the door……?”

“Are you awake, master?”

“Could it be…… were you actually standing here on guard?”

“Yes. So that your sleep would not be disturbed.”

“No, it seems that you misunderstood me. I was just telling you not to wake me up……”

Kael placed his hand on his forehead. He had not expected her to stand in front of the door to protect it the whole time.

“Dewey. Next time, just work in the secretary’s office. Help other people with their work, maybe. You don’t need to guard the door.”


“Do as I say. When I think about you standing there like that, it makes me uncomfortable.”

“I apologise.”

Dewey bowed.

‘Haa. To be honest, for her to follow me all the way here…… that was unexpected.”

Kael quietly sighed. He had thought that she would have left to do another job while he was asleep. In a different perspective, protecting his side as he slept was quite an easy job, and Sestina probably would not pocket her salary…… but wasn’t she bored?

* * *

The mansion began its renovation, but since it was a time-consuming business, Kael stayed in the House of the Rose within the palace. Although the quarters were for guests of honour and the bed was thus very plush and comfortable, he could not fall asleep.

Heavy rain was pouring down outside, with occasional flashes of lightning, but it wasn’t because the noise bothered him. He just could not close his eyes because his chest was heavy.

‘I even accepted the knighthood, and on top of that an office and a mansion…… Will I really end up living here?’

Would he really end up staying beside that artful child queen while maintaining the contract as is? A willful child who, in truth, had beauty within both her body and soul. Innocence and slyness. Cuteness and dignity. Shrewdness and nobleness. He would be lying if he really said that he hated her, in whom all of these qualities co-existed.

However, not hating her was even more of a reason to break this contract, no matter what. Not a single good thing would come to a human who deepened their relationship with a demon. He also knew the real reason why Sestina tried to maintain this contract. Though she always dealt damage to his mentality, she was a guardian who had been looking after him ever since he came into existence. She was trying to feed souls to him, who was refusing “growth”. He knew that it was something that she did out of care, but he didn’t want it. He would rather not grow at all if he had to devour such a delicate child.

At that moment, his insides throbbed.

‘What’s this? She’s calling me?’

The contractor’s summoning order activated. He could not go against this. He burst out into the pouring rain right away.

‘What is this kid thinking?’

If she’s just trying to train me like a dog with no business at all…… They had now returned to the palace. There were plenty of other guards other than himself. Could it possibly be that that swarm of bugs came back with higher numbers?

She wasn’t dead yet. If so, the contract would have been terminated. Since she was calling him, she was alive. The problem was her current state. No matter how far away he was from her, he could pinpoint the contractor’s location. He crossed straight through the garden and advanced to where he felt Yulia’s presence.

The entrance to the building that she was in was tightly shut.

[Fingerprint recognition is required.]

Kael lost his temper at the signpost. What should he do? Should he slash down the door? Or should he go around and break in through the window? However, he could feel that any access ways other than the official entrance were full of “certain mechanisms” operating. They were probably a type of automatic precaution mechanism. There would be a huge commotion if he entered as he pleased.

Not knowing what else to do, he put his hand against the recognition machine.

[Fingerprint recognition successful. The door will now open.]


My fingerprint is registered? Kael dashed forward as he marvelled. After a short hallway, he reached the next door, which required voice recognition.


[Voice recognition successful. Registered pattern confirmed. The door will now open.]

After the firm double door opened, the last step was a facial inquiry.

[Registered pattern conformity confirmed. The door will now open.]

Just what was this area, for there to be three such doors?

When Kael stepped inside, there was a hallway and an ornate, but ordinary door, unlike the sturdy alloy doors up until now. There were no signs of any humans other than Yulia.

‘Could it be?’

He burst through the door open in agitation.

What entered his sight was a room that was ornate and spacy, yet somehow seemed a little lonely. Yulia was curled up on the bed, wrapping her blanket around her while hugging her backpack Pristine tightly, unable to fall asleep. The blanket was wrapped around her so tightly that only her eyes could barely be seen in the gap. Not a strand of hair had escaped. Still, there was no smell of blood or anything like that.

“What, you’re safe? I was worried because there was nobody outside.”

Kael was relieved.

“My bedchamber is always protected by automatic precautions during the night.”

Yulia answered in a slightly cracked voice. Her voice was weak, as if she had a slight cold.

“I see.”

It was unexpected that he was also registered to that automatic precaution system, but considering the peculiarity of a demon that was ruled absolutely by the contract, it wasn’t that surprising.

“Why the heck did you call me in the middle of the night?”

Grumbling, he sat next to Yulia, who was still curled up into a ball.

“What dost thou mean I called thee? I have never done so.”

Yulia stripped the blanket away from herself and sat up, straightening her back and chest while stiffening her neck. Energy returned to her weak voice as it found its dignity.

“Are you playing innocent?”

“Says thee. How fearless, daring to take advantage of the night to invade into my bedcham – Kyaa.”

At that moment, lightning struck and flashed outside. Yulia stopped in the middle of her sentence and abruptly grabbed and hung onto Kael’s waist, burying her face between Kael’s thighs. Her soft skin rubbed against his legs.

“O, oi.”

As thunder followed, Yulia shivered.


Finally understanding the situation, Kael lifted his hand and pat her head.

“So you were afraid of the lightning?”

[Excluding] the taking of the soul through obeying to their commands, a demon must protect the contractor. He had felt that she was calling him since she felt fear.

“W…… Who’s afraid of the lightning!”

“Then what’s this now?”

As Kael sat dumbfounded at her belated show of false courage, Yulia let go and separated from him. Holding her head stiff and upright, she began a round of lecturing.

“I am not afraid of the likes of lightning. That is but a natural phenomenon that happens because of the division of positive and negative charges in the clouds, and when the voltage that hangs on the insulator, which is air, exceeds the limit……”

Lightning flashed again, and the dark room momentarily lit up.


Yulia once again buried her face between his thighs.

“…… My god……”

Kael let out an empty laugh, dumbfounded. He did think that it was natural when she momentarily trembled at the sight of corpses, but he had forgotten that she was still a child because she showed such strength afterwards. He would never have thought that she was scared of lightning. I guess there’s nothing I can do about it.

“Haa. All right. I’ll stay beside you tonight. Stop trembling.”

As long as the contractor called him to stay with her, there was no way to leave.

When the thunder died down, Yulia separated from him again.

“Who dost thou claim is trembling? Something like lightning is not even a threat towards the palace, where lightning rods are perfectly placed. Dost thou think that I would be afraid of such a thing?”

She once again stiffened her neck and thoroughly suppressed the shivering of her body. There was no indication that she had been trembling from head to toe until just now. However, it seemed like she didn’t realise that the ends of her hair were still trembling from the internal fear that was leaking out.

“Then can I go back? You’re not gonna call me again, right?”

Kael asked, pretending that he didn’t see anything, even though he had noticed.


Yulia considered Kael’s counter-question for a moment, knitting her eyebrows together.

“I’m really gonna go, yeah?”


“Now what? You said you weren’t scared.”

“How could I make thee just leave, when thou missed me so much that thou ran here in the middle of the night?”

While saying so, she stretched out her left leg and gently pulled up her right, and then tilted her head to lean on her knee. Her long, soft hair followed this motion and gracefully slid down her body. Her lips, slightly pushed forward, attempted to seduce him into setting upon her. Though it only ended up as a failed attempt.

Although, unfortunately, the voluptuous sexiness that she aimed for was not achieved, her posture was so cute that it caught Kael off-guard and his heart momentarily skipped a beat.

‘No, this isn’t what I meant.’

“What are you saying?!”

He shouted as he placed his hands on his waist. What kind of shifting of blame was this, when she was the one who had called him?

When she saw that, Yulia once again smiled lightly and curved her eyes. Her long, elegant eyelashes followed by quivering slightly and drew a captivating line.

“In any case, thou art the one who saved my life. I must grant thee a special favour. I give thee special permission to embrace me tonight. Thou may cuddle me as much as thou want.”

“Kuh, geh.”

Kael choked, even though he wasn’t drinking any water. Did this kid even know what she was saying? No, it was obvious that she didn’t. She had likely seen it somewhere else and was now copying it without even being aware of its meaning. There was no doubt.

“I don’t need it.”

“Thou hast nothing to refuse. It is not like as it was a millenium ago; in this era, a man and a woman sleeping in the same room before marriage is not prohibited. I have heard that men in particular desire to embrace beauties when they see them. Thou dost not need to hold it in. Do as thy boiling blood desires. Tonight, I allow thy mutiny.”

“…… No, hey, the saying itself is true, but where’s the beau……”

Just then, lightning struck again.


Yulia clung onto Kael again. She grabbed his waist, buried her head between his thighs, and shivered her body.

“All right, all right. Let’s go to bed together.”

Kael laid down next to Yulia, with her still in his arms. In any case, if the contractor was in this state, he wouldn’t be able to leave, due to the contract’s power of control.

“I am only giving you special permission for tonight. Thou shall not come visit every night.”

She stiffened her neck and turned up her nose, despite clutching onto his body and not letting him go. Kael sighed deeply.

“That’s what I wanna say.”

“Then, sleep well.”

“Right back at you.”

A moment later, lightning struck again. However, Yulia did not fuss about it this time. The grip on his arm just strengthened a little bit. Then, upon confirming his existence, she closed her eyes, not paying any attention to the sound of thunder. After a short while, Yulia fell into a slumber. She slept peacefully as she clung to Kael.

“Seriously, what is this……”

Kael grumbled as he laid there.

The kid grabbed onto his arm with her hand and wrapped her legs around his thighs. He couldn’t even move freely when staying as they were. To hug him so tightly when he wasn’t even a teddy bear, she was way too defenseless.

Though it wasn’t like there was any danger.

It would have been a different story if the one lying beside him was about sixteen. Right now, she was just a kid. It was just uncomfortable; there wasn’t much more to it.

‘Hm, but even though she’s young, maybe it’s because she’s a girl…… Her body is soft and tender.”

On top of that, the scent that wrapped around him while gently tickling his nose was sort of similar to a flower’s. Perhaps this was a girl’s scent…… Nah, there was no way.

‘It’s probably the scent of the body shampoo that she used to wash herself with before bed, anyway. Hooh.”

Was it because he had been running all over the place in the middle of the night? Sleep refused to come, and only unnecessary thoughts took over. Psh, let’s just trash these thoughts and get to sleep already.

This kid was already sleeping so soundly, with such a peaceful expression that seemed like she had nothing to be afraid of in this world.

‘Hm. She certainly is cute and pretty when she sleeps with her mouth closed.’

Though the problem was that she was only like that when she was sleeping. Still, when he closely looked at it while lying right beside her, those lips were actually quite pretty, with them being so small and cu……”

‘Let’s sleep. Sleep already.’

Kael tightly shut his eyes.

“Thank you for coming. I could not comfort her on my own.”

At that moment, Pristine opened his mouth.

“I didn’t come because I wanted to. I was dragged here by the controlling power of the contract.”

“Still, it is the first time that she has slept so peacefully on a day with lightning since that day.”

“That day?”

“So, it was approximately two years ago.”

The times when Yulia was still a princess and not a queen. It was the times when her father the King and her mother the Queen were still alive, and when she could just remain as a beloved royal princess.

Even then, she was a prodigy with a genius brain, whose future was full of hope. Even the royal tutors praised her brain, which mastered the art of speech and literature and learned the disciplines of kingship at the age of three, saying that her development was at the level of not just a prodigy, but even a mutant.

Even so, she was only six years old. When her father suddenly passed away when she was at an age when she should be protected, perhaps creating a heartwarming story or two but not needing to truly face the dark side of the world, everything began to change.

“Mother. Father is……”

“You must be sad. It is natural that you feel sadness. However, you cannot cry forever. From now on, you are the leader of this country. Many things will change depending on how you act, so you must be mature. You must show how you can manage on your own, so that your father doesn’t worry about you in the afterlife.”

The queen comforted Yulia as she sobbed into her arms.

“However, father isn’t here…… How could I, all by myself…… *sob*”

“It will be all right. I, as your mother, will be by your side and help you, and rule as a regent for a while. So gather your strength.”

“Mother. *Sob*”

“However, in the end, a royal must protect the crown by herself. You must learn how to stay strong and overcome obstacles.”

“Yes, mother. *Sob*”

Even though she could not completely stop her tears, Yulia tried her hardest to be mature, like her mother had told her.

She attended the state funeral, showing modesty in front of the mourners. On the last day of the state funeral, both those attending and those guarding had sunken eyes from exhaustion.

On that day in particular, rain poured down and lightning struck multiple times in a row. Next to her mother, Yulia nodded off, drenched in exhaustion.

“Good night, Princess. Starting from tomorrow, you are the Queen of this country.”

Her mother lifted her up and laid her down on bed. At that moment, it suddenly became rowdy outside. The sound of continuous gunshots mixed with the thunder, and the shouting of it’s an ambush! echoed.


Yulia opened her eyes, awoken by the commotion.

“What is happening?”

“It’s alright, Princess. The guards will stop them. There is nothing that Princess should worry about.”

Her mother locked the door whilst keeping her calmness.

From behind it, the scream of a human sounded again.


“It will be fine.”

Lightning struck. Light flashed for a moment. Thunder roared. The noisy uproar from outside was buried. Just then, the door rattled once and was smashed open, just like that.

Lightning struck.


An armed man with a mask rushed in. He aimed for Yulia and pulled the trigger.

Thunder roared.

As the sounds of the gunshots were buried, her mother stepped in front of her.

“M…… o…… th…… er?”

As she watched her mother’s body become dyed with blood right in front of her eyes, Yulia’s two eyes widened into circles. Her mother slowly fell, without even being able to leave her last will.


The armed man, who was aiming for her once again, was shot to death by the guards, who had rushed in by a hair’s breadth. However, her mother could no longer rise.


Yulia clung onto her mother’s arms. Forehead, chest, neck. She was soaked by the blood that was spilling out from the many holes on her mother’s body.


Her mother, unable to properly open her eyes, her hand with great effort.


“Do not…… cry……”

Her mother held Yulia to her chest and patted her head.

“Become…… strong……. Your mother…… will watch you……. Even from the afterlife…… So over…… come……”

The hand that was patting Yulia’s head became increasingly weaker and slower.


Her mother’s hand came to a halt, despite Yulia’s grief-stricken cry. Yulia kept clinging to her body, not caring about whether the blood was soaking her whole body or not. However, the queen’s body continued to grow cold.

Another state funeral followed. The queen’s corpse received the mourners, laid upon flowers inside a transparent glass coffin.

“What will become of this country……?”

“In reality, the parliamentary assembly should take care of everything for a while.”

“A six-year-old queen……. Prodigy or not…… Well, we’ll have to pretend we’ve sat a doll.”

The courtiers whispered so.

At that moment, with the shout of the grand chamberlain, Yulia appeared in her mourning attire. The courtiers directed their gazes to her, with a little bit of humane sympathy towards the child who had lost her parents, and full of worry about the new, way too young ruler. They were shocked. No trails of tears could be seen in the child’s eyes. It wasn’t that she had hidden them with cosmetics or anything like that. Her eyes were not swollen and there was no turbulence in her straightened body.

Her lips, closed with arrogance and aloofness, were firm and dignified. It wasn’t the face of a six-year-old. She scanned the courtiers, from one side to the other. In front of the sharp gaze that sparkled intelligently, it was the adults who turned their heads, unable to meet her gaze.

She slowly opened her mouth.

“I am well aware of thy concerns regarding my young age. However, do not worry. I hereby promise in front of my mother; there will not be a single case in which I will forget the responsibility and weight of my position as Queen and be in disarray. I shall show the one who hides in darkness that the future of this country will never falter from acts of cowardly violence like assassination.”

The rather soft, but strongly spoken words echoed through the whole funeral parlour. Those words were extremely clear, even without the aid of the likes of microphones.

“Can I trust that thou will also assist me with sincerity?”

“Of…… Of course.”

Those who gathered all kneeled at once. Only then did they realise that the ruler they came to serve was nothing like they had imagined. A common title like prodigy was only a disguise to her.

That night in her bedchambers, after sending everyone away, Yulia buried her face into her pillow. No sound was made. The pillow just slowly became wet. Without being able to offer a word of comfort, Pristine merely watched while by her side.

There wasn’t a single hand to comfort a six-year-old child in this kind of situation.

It was just regretful that he had no hand to stroke her head with.

“Quit the indecent story of the past. So, what’s your point?”

Kael cut the story off. He shouldn’t have listened. Of course he had guessed that there would be some kind of a story behind the 8-year-old queen, but it was nothing that he needed to know. Nothing good would come from being deeply involved with each other.

“Couldn’t you just protect her like this?”

“Hah? What kind of nonsense is that?”

“I am aware that she is holding you back with her stubbornness. However, she is a child who had to cry silently, even at her mother’s death. It is the first time that I have seen her sleep well on a day with lightning.”

“So you want me to stay just like this?”

“If it is not possible, at least until she becomes an adult. Right now, she is only eight. No matter how much of a prodigious queen she is, and how maturely she has learned about the world, she is still young. I hope you can be the one she can lean on.”

“You’ve been living for much longer than I have, and you still don’t know the meaning of signing a contract with a demon?”

“Even so!”

“Don’t ask me for something impossible. The one to lean on? So what? So she can use my power whenever she’s in a pinch, and get her soul nibbled on until she disappears one day?”

Kael threw a sickening, cynical smile.

“A contract with a demon is ultimately a sweet poison with sugar dissolved in it. Either swallow it in one go and die straight away, or lick it little by little to die slowly. It’s just a matter of how long it takes; either way, the end would be the same.”

“But your intention is…….”

“Is my intention important? What’s important is the fact that, without using my powers, I’m useless, and by using my powers, I’ll drive her to destruction by the amount I use.”

No matter what, it was definitely impossible to protect the person important to him. If Yulia’s soul wasn’t used, no power would be granted, and should it be used, that action itself brought her destruction. This was the limit that the existences called demons bore. The contractor would wish for something, and the demon would display his innate magic. Every time this happened, he would pretend to bring victory and glory to the contractor, but that was the sweet camouflage clothing the poison. In reality, what dwelled within was a malicious gift that only consisted of destruction.

Even if the demon himself did not want it, nothing else was possible. It was a relationship that should not have been created from the beginning.


In the end, Pristine fell silence.

“Try finding a human. I’m not the one. As it is, it’s better to just bear with having nobody. Making a habit of relying on me will ultimately result in destruction. If you are really concerned, just convince her to void the contract as soon as possible.”

“That’s right……. You were a demon.”

Pristine muttered in a low voice. Without the contract, he was an existence that originally could not even stay in this world. An existence that absolutely obeyed the contractor. However, in reality…… he was an existence that destroyed the contractor. An existence whose power was reinforced by the cost that the contractor paid.

What he said was correct. It would be better for both of them to end this relationship before it deepened further. He had borne a meaningless dream, since the picture of the girl who was peacefully asleep and the boy who protected her from her side seemed so nice.

“As long as you’re aware. I’m gonna sleep too, so don’t speak to me anymore.”

Kael closed his eyes. It seemed as if he’d have a nightmare after hearing an unnecessary story.

* * *

After the heavy rain stopped, sunlight that was brighter than on any other day poured into the bedroom. Yulia was the first to wake up.


At the sharpness of her stretching motion, Kael also opened his eyes.

“Fuah. Didja sleep well?”

Yulia gently held his arm and brought her face to it. She furtively rubbed her cheek on his arm. She smiled as she rubbed happily, as if she just enjoyed the warmth and touch that his body passed onto hers.

“O, oi, what are you doing?”

Although the rubbing sensation didn’t have a strong stimulation, it drew out a gentle feeling of happiness, causing Kael to pull his arm back in embarrassment. Yulia brought her finger to his lips while gently blushing, as if she felt shy.

“So today is the first morning that you and I have slept through together.”

Kael’s diaphragm fell into a spasm.

“Koff. Don’t say such weird things! Especially not to other people around you!”

“As you say, what happened last night must be kept secret.”

Yulia ordered in a seemingly solemn voice as she slightly lowered her gaze and held onto her flushed cheeks, which looked like pink peaches.

“I’m planning to, even if you don’t say so.”

Bit by bit, Kael started to regret and wonder whether obediently sleeping with her was a good thing to do. However, thinking about it objectively, there was no particular issue with it. A kid was shivering because she was afraid of lightning, and he had protected her while comforting her. Even if they had slept together, there was no way that anyone would be so senseless as to imagine that there was a scandal in that. What this kid wanted to keep as a secret was probably also the fact that she was “afraid of lightning” rather than the fact that they had “slept together”.

“Your majesty. Sir Kael’s sponsor, Miss Sestina, has come to visit in order to ask if she could join you for breakfast.”

“Let her in. I shall eat breakfast in my bedchamber today.”

“Yes, your majesty.”

The sound of the maid informing her was heard outside, and the bedroom door soon opened. Sestina stepped in through the open door with a gentle smile on her face as she received the morning sunlight. She was wearing pure white apparel, and her figure was beautiful, without any disarray despite the fact that it was early in the morning. Her mouth momentarily fell open, and she hurriedly covered it with her hand.

“Oh my, Kael? The two of you slept together.”

“Ah, well. We had our circumstances.”

While Kael was considered whether or not to tell her that Yulia was afraid of lightning, Sestina beat him to the punch.

“Aah. Very respectable. To already act upon your words that you will devour her, I see that your acting power has increased.”

She held her hands together and her eyes were brimming with tears. Her voice drowned in little chokes. Her big, full breasts also shook, following the movements of her turbulently shivering body.

“When did you become so…… Ah…… truly…… that’s right. Everyone can improve once they try. Thank you for making me realise once more that a rebel who has gone astray will eventually change if I wait patiently with trust.”

She was not able to continue her sentence properly, finally even shedding a tear.

“I didn’t!”

Kael abruptly shouted.

The world was huge, and there was indeed one person who would deem this situation as a scandal. It was none other than his own self-appointed guardian. Sestina.

“There is nothing to hide, Kael. You don’t need to be abashed of the fact that you have folded away your wandering days and have returned to the rightful path. I am truly happy.”

Sestina opened her arms widely. Her big bosom spread with them, showing a deep valley. Her arms were certainly broad, looking as if they would accept every stray children in the whole world.

Instead of running into those arms to be embraced, Kael shouted as a vein on his forehead popped out.

“What part of this kid is a woman?!”

“I am indeed a female. Could it be that thou didst not know, even though we have bathed together?”

Kael broke down at Yulia’s objection. A child who had not yet ripened was just a third gender.

“I also saw you running out into the rain, not being able to resist your boiling blood. Aah. You have truly transformed respectably while I was asleep. I am proud, as your guardian.”

Sestina wiped away the tears that rolled down her cheeks with her white sleeve.

“I said no! Nothing happened!”

“You don’t need to hide it from me. My mouth is heavy enough for me to keep it a secret from others.”

Sestina’s truly kind and sonorous voice was warm, as if she would really approve even if they really had done the business.

“So, what is your impression, after sleeping while embracing a woman for the first time?”

“I didn’t sleeeeeeep!”

Kael gritted his teeth. Sestina didn’t “not know” the truth of the current situation. She was acting like that even though she knew. That pissed him off even more.

“My. So you stayed up all night. Indeed. How respectable, to be able to manage so much on your first try.”

Sestina lifted her hand to cover her open mouth. Kael raved as he looked at her eyes, which had widened as if she was shocked.

“Not thaaat!”

“My true congratulations, master.”

“Noooo…… I said it wasn’t like that.”

Kael was knocked out by the additional blow from Dewey, who was bowing down to her waist behind Sestina. The damage was even bigger since she looked like she was trusting Sestina’s words wholeheartedly.

“How energetic, even though it is still morning. Also, Kael. I was the one who ordered thee to keep it a secret, but thou dost not need to hide it from even these two. What could I do, when all has already been exposed? However, thou both must guard thy mouths so that this does not spread to the outside people.”

Kael still could not rise, despite Yulia’s generous conditions. It was over for him. Sestina, who knew the truth and yet turned the scandal into a fact so that he could walk the “great devil’s path”, and Dewey, who took those words to heart. In addition to that, Yulia, who kept the beat going even though she did not understand what it meant. How had he become trapped in this haunted triangle?

Leaving him like that, the three women continued their conversation.

“Of course, my noble queen. But, what was your impression of being in his arms?”

Yulia leaned her chin on her bunny-shaped hand and gently closed her eyes, and answered slowly after some thinking.

“It was not bad, but I was a little unsatisfied with the stuffiness.”

‘No, that’s…… what I have to say…….”

What was he supposed to do when she was the one who clung onto him, yet complained that it was stuffy?

“Oh my, Kael. You must caress gently. But, I can also see that it would be hard, considering that your boiling blood was exploding. Ah, I also enjoy it rough and wild.”

Sestina winked as she gazed at him. Dewey spoke hesitantly, with her head down and her earlobes flushed red.

“I, as well…… If that is what master wants…….”

Kael made up his mind, ignoring the two. See if I ever hold this damn kid when she trembles! He wouldn’t hold her even if it were not the ordinary thunder and lightning that struck, but the holy lightning torpedo of the god of justice and judgement, Khaste.

‘This contract must be voided quickly.’

It was outrageously bad for each other, and especially for him.

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