ID – The Greatest Fusion Fantasy | Chapter 1 [Part 3]

Xant: Well here’s part 3.

Senna: I just wanted to apologize ahead of time since I don’t think I’ll have another one ready by next week, I’ll see what I can get done tomorrow morning, but if I can’t finish it then, it’s unlikely that the next section will be ready a week from now.

Part 3

I lost consciousness as soon as the light hit my body.

Thinking on it now, I’ve fainted way too much. My body was never weak before…


I woke up naturally, as if I’d been asleep.

My surroundings were filled with light. However, Graydrone’s corpse was gone.

“Is this a dragon’s absolute magic? Not only Graydrone’s memory, but his power was transferred to me, which may have been why his body disappeared. However, this is nonsense. What the heck am I supposed to do with the mana heart crystal that Graydrone left me? What the heck.”

This is real – if I really just received a dragon’s mana heart crystal, with the amount of mana that I have, I could defeat an entire nation. However… I lifted the sword and spoke to it. If someone saw me, they would’ve thought I was insane, but since there was no one there, it wouldn’t matter, right?

“It was you that spoke to me before, right?”

Again, inside my head, I heard that voice.

[That is right, Master]

“Umm… You said your name is Lamia, right?”

[Yes. That is right, Master]

“Stop calling me ‘Master’. Just call me Chunhwa.”

[…Yes, Chunhwa-nim]

Ha~ I guess this won’t work?

Then, first, let’s get out of here?

“Lamia, do you know the way out?”

[There is no path out. There is no exit that leads outside. However, you can teleport out.]

You say teleport, but…

“That is impossible. I can’t completely understand Graydrone’s memories – it’ll take some time to completely grasp all of them. Can’t you do something?”

[I understand. Then, where would you like to teleport to?]

“What is there around here?”

[Chunhwa-nim, I shall create an image in front of you. «Image Trap»]

Immediately, an image formed in front of me. It wasn’t just an image, it was as if I was really seeing the real things in front of me. However, the size of everything was reduced like a minimized version of reality.

“Umm, so the red dot is us…”

I pointed at the middle of the image, in the centre of a mountain, to where I thought we were. I then pointed at a forest in front of the mountain.

“Then let’s go here. It’s only a short walk to the nearest village. This sounds good.”

[I understand. Then, I will move us to the spot you’ve pointed to.]


Suddenly, an unknown person appeared in the forest that surrounded the enormous mountain. The person’s appearance suggested they were 17-18 years old. Also, the ma-… no wait, he was closer to a boy. On the boy’s waist, there was a dimly glowing red scabbard that held a sword that was slightly longer than a bastard sword. Although the handle was white, the blade colour could not be seen because it was covered by the scabbard. In addition, the boy’s clothes were foreign to Arusehan.

“Ha~ the trees here are bigger than the ones in «Joongwon»… It seemed the forest was very dense…”

This boy was Chunhwa. He had used Lamia to teleport to this spot.

He looked around at the forest. In «Joongwon», there are mountains, but no forests as big as this one.

“Hu~ Why do I have to endure such hardships in this unknown world where I have to find a god… The village is over there, right?”

“First, I shouldn’t randomly wander, so I should choose a destination before setting out… Because I need to find a god… I really don’t know what to do. How do I find a god…?”

“Umm… Then let’s look for a temple first. If I’m looking for a god, a temple would be the first place to look…”

After coming to that conclusion, 10m away from the path that Chunhwa was on, there was a sudden explosion followed by a strange sound…



“Look at this. Irlan, see what happens when you stand so close to the explosion?”

The first voice sounded like it belonged to a young man, while the second voice appeared to be from a middle aged man.

“Then what can I do – the spell takes a long time. Also, if I want to get some distance between us, I have to run a lot, but I can’t do that. Also, it’s not like anyone got hurt.”

This time it was a female’s that was scolding someone.

“That might be true, but you need to be careful. This time, it was too close.”

The voices started to get closer. They continued to get closer until they sounded like they were right in from of me and five people appeared. There were four people arguing and a lady that walked a little away from them…

‘However, her ears were long… Is she not human? I quickly searched through Graydrone’s memories… The answer was not only an elf, but a high elf. That’s a rare kind of elf…
(Author’s Note: This human hero/the main character is definitely not a computer. Also, I hadn’t meant to introduce the elf, Irlina, here, but it just happened that way ^^;;)’

From the people that were speaking, there was a middle-aged man with a cane and a younger boy who looked to be in his teens and was wearing leather armor. The female was of a similar age. There was also a short man/midget. Here, they are called Dwarves. He had the loudest voice of them all.

The first person to notice Chunhwa was the elf. She didn’t greet him. This must have been because she was a high elf? Next, when the young girl noticed Chunhwa, she told the others around her.

“Umm… We didn’t know anyone else was here. Did the earlier explosion surprise you?”

The boy with the leather armor and longsword was the first one to address Chunhwa as he walked closer. Chunhwa examined the other boy before answering him.

“No, I’m alright.”

“Is that so? Then that’s good. I am Grey. Also, this is Ha-el. My friend. This is Irlan. This dwarf is Irlan’s friend, Raindelf. Also, this elf is with us because of the monsters in this forest. May I ask your name? Also, where are you from? That’s the first time I’ve seen clothes like yours…”

Grey told Chunhwa everything easily without needing to be asked. The clothes that he referred to that Chunhwa was wearing were the ones that were from «Joongwon». These were the clothes that were made by Juyakbing, which normally drew the curiosity of others. They seemed soft and flapped in the wind.

‘However, after hearing their names, I can’t tell them my name is Chunhwa. It would be weird and would they even be able to pronounce it?’

“Ah, My name is… Id. My clothes tore, but I happened to find these lying around.”

Id was a name I just came up with. It was borrowed from Graydrone.

“However, it’s dangerous to be in this forest by yourself.”

Raindelf the dwarf looked at Chunhwa while saying this. Since this was the first time that they met and he was wearing weird clothes, the dwarf did not fully trust him.


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    thank you for translating this, I can wait forever for this

    I also wanted to say that someone earlier said this series’ publisher went bankrupt and that is not true, the manga/manwha’s went bankrupt but the artist for that still intends to make it if he can get money for it, the novel is all well and fine.


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