Originally, I Was A Delinquent, But Now I’m A Serious Girl – Prologue 2

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Prologue 2

Fourth period had ended.

As soon as the bell rang, I left the classroom and headed to the school cafeteria.
Although my sister made a bento for herself, she didn’t make one for me.
Such a cold-hearted little sister…


「Run away!」

This happened whenever I came to the cafeteria. No one came within a five meter radius of me.
Even I was hurt by this.
Little sister, please make me a bento.

「I’ll take the seat by the vending machine…」

When I lined up at the back of the queue, the people in front of me cleared a path. They continued to avoid me until no one was left in front of the vending machine.
…I didn’t even do anything?!

「…It can’t be helped. I’ll buy something.」

Didn’t anyone else want to buy something? In that case, I’ll buy something.
I approached the vending machine, and just as I was about to insert my money and pushed a button, a hand from the side slapped mine.

「Ah, hmm?」

「I’ve been watching you for a while, but it’s not good to cut in line!」

「Ah, Akane… It’s better if you sto…」

「Ah, my bad.」

Why was I apologizing?
It’s not my fault… Everyone avoided me. Because it’s me.
I guess it was because I really was scary.
I might cry…

「Let’s go back.」


It was courageous of the class president to pay attention to me.
Yuuki Akane. She was both the class president of and the most beautiful girl in my class.
I fell in love with her.
The reason was simply because I was glad that she wasn’t scared of me.
I had confessed to her many times, and I was splendidly put down each time.
I will confess again today.

「Good grief. Like I said, Guharu-kun really is stupid.」
(TL: The “Gu” in Guharu means stupid.)

「Ah, that.」

Sorry for being stupid…
This girl was incredibly harsh. In contrast to her appearance, she spoke without beating around the bush, in a way that tore men to pieces. Her dominating attitude was one of the reasons why I loved her.

「You’re stupid and inferior…but I know that you’re kind.」

「Is that so…」

「I won’t be your girlfriend, but I can at least be your friend.」

「I want to go out with you.」

「Haha, rejected.」

Damn. Guess it was useless…

「So, how are you feeling now?」

「I’m sad.」

「I know.」

「Will you listen?」

I couldn’t take it anymore. I decided to confess again after school.

「Come to the rooftop after school.」

「Okay, I understand.」

The people around me were too afraid to call out to me. Meanwhile, Yuuki’s friends were offering their condolences from behind her. I won’t kill her.

I was getting tired, and the line was too long for me to buy anything…

This meant that I would have to drink the energy drink that my sister gave me yesterday. Well, I was still thinking about when I should drink it, but I guess I could drink it now.

「Hey, Guharu-kun, what’s that?」

「It’s an energy drink that I got from my sister.」

「That looks good. Give me some.」

「Alright, here.」

I opened the lid and held out the energy drink.
She took a sip.

「It tastes strange.」

「It’s an energy drink. I don’t know who the maker is.」

It had no labels or any other markings on it. The only certainty was that it was an energy drink.



She handed the drink back, and I also drank it.
…Wasn’t this an indirect kiss?
That was what I thought at that time.



Ow, my chest… hurts…

「What’s wrong, Guharu-kun?」

「S-somehow, my heart is throbbing.」



The palpitations were painful…
F-for some reason, my body felt itchy.
My body hurt.

「Ow ow ow ow ow ow!!」

It felt like my body was being torn apart. I couldn’t help it. I cried and screamed out loud.


The pain subsided when I screamed.
What was that just now…?
My body hurt a lot. What happened to me?

Huh? Strangely, my uniform felt too big.
Was my hair always this long? Was there always a bulge on my chest?
It seemed that my line of sight had dropped…
Also, my body felt lighter, as if wings had grown on my back.



「Guharu-kun… right?」



I became aware of my surroundings. My eyes widened in surprise. It was as if something completely impossible had just happened.
What was this? A new method of bullying?

「Err… have you noticed anything different about yourself?」

「Everything changed… certainly, my body feels lighter, my hair has become long and blonde, my voice has a higher pitch, my uniform got bigger, I can feel a bulge on my chest, my line of sight is lower, and there’s nothing rising up from down there.」

「…Well, then, why don’t you try touching yourself down there?」

「Myself?! Why?!」

Was this a woman’s opening between my legs…? That’s alright. Should I touch it to check what’s different?
Good grief. How do I….huh?
Wait. It’s gone.
That was strange. There was nothing.


And then…

「It’s gooooooone?!」

I screamed.

「Rather, how should I put it? Guharu-kun, you’ve become a cute girl.」

「Shut up!」

This incident happened during today’s lunch break.
For some reason, I had become a girl. A cute girl with blonde hair and small breasts.
By the way, I won’t turn back to normal with hot water.
(TL note: This is a reference to Ranma ½)

「How do you feel? Hey, how do you feel?」

「Shut up.」

「Hahaha. Guharu-kun is still fun to tease, eh? You’re interesting.」

「Thanks, then. I’m going home now.」

There were so many things that I didn’t understand, and I was too tired.
I put my hands on the door to the rooftop and opened it.

「See you tomorrow.」

「Yeah, see you tomorrow.」

I left.

「Guharu-kun… I like you, after all.」

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10 thoughts on “Originally, I Was A Delinquent, But Now I’m A Serious Girl – Prologue 2

  1. I kinda feel sorry for this dude already. He doesn’t seem to be irredeemable even as a guy, poor guy was having violent outburst due to rage and grief but instead of getting a troubled kid a therapist they sent him to juvi. He gets out tries to reset his life, studies, takes care of his siblings, avoids trouble. Even with all that he gets a forced gender change and probably just lost his first love, so I repeat Poor KID! Interested to see where this is going.


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