Originally, I Was A Delinquent, But Now I’m A Serious Girl – Chapter 2

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Olden Day’s Foolishness

「This girl is Guharu.」

On the next day, at the school staffroom.
I had asked Yuuki to call my homeroom teacher so I could tell him that I had changed into a girl.

「Ahh, is that it? Let me say something first.」

I swallowed my saliva.

「Are you a fool?」

He hit me on the head with a rolled-up magazine.

「Let me rephrase that, you’re a fool to think that you can still stay as a delinquent while you’re this cute, idiot.」

「Hey, why’d you add idiot at the end?」

This homeroom teacher…
This middle-aged teacher, who was wearing an off-white coat and had unkempt hair, was repeatedly hitting my head.

「You’re always this stupid, aren’t you? Dumbo.」

「Don’t keep saying ‘stupid, stupid,’ you idiot!」

「Guharu-kun is soooo stupid!」

「Even Yuuki!?」

The two of them called me stupid.
These guys…
Stop! My HP has already reached zero!

「Well, we’ve teased the idiot for a while now.」

「Why’re you bullying your student, teach?」

「So, I must explain Guharu-kun’s change to the class? He’s cuter than usual. How? Did you wear makeup or something?」

「I didn’t.」

「This is without makeup? You look good.」

「Even Yuuki doesn’t wear makeup.」

「I put on some, you know? To hide my blemishes.」

「Even a beautiful girl can get blemishes, huh.」

「Guharu-kun is dumb, even a beautiful girl can get a blemish or two. Guharu-kun doesn’t have any hardships like getting blemishes. Mou! I’m dreaming too much!」

「Don’t smile while having such dreams…」

This child may be surprisingly sadistic.

「Blemishes will gradually appear over time.」

「Sheesh, Kaburagi is late too.」

「I’m not late.」

「Even so, you will always come in at the last second in the mornings. Today, you are unusually early.」

「I enjoy the thrill from it. Hey, let’s go quickly.」


I went straight from the staff room to the classroom.
When I entered the classroom, everyone turned towards me.
I heard voices saying 「Who is that?」and「Cute.」

There was nothing special to look at.
I sat in my seat without being bothered by it.

「Isn’t that… Chigusa-kun’s seat?」

「Yeah, hence why I sat down here.」

I didn’t understand the question from the person in front.
This was my seat.
Since it was mine, I sat here.

Meanwhile, Kaburagi, the homeroom teacher took attendance.

「Well, I think everyone has noticed, but there’s a girl sitting in Chigusa’s seat, right? So, that’s Chigusa, okay? I will take attendance now.」


Everyone turned my way at once.
However, they didn’t say anything.
Well, it was the truth though.

「Yo, I’m Chigusa Guharu. It’s a little late now but, please treat me well.」

I reintroduced myself, then sat down.
Then, everyone was silent until the end of homeroom.
What was the first period again?

Ah, it was Physical Education (PE).


「Wait a minute, Kaburagi. What’ll my PE be like? Where would I change my clothes?」

「Ah? If it’s for changing clothes, shouldn’t the locker room be fine?」

「No, the girls wouldn’t allow that.」

「You’ll survive this with your steel mentality. Now, bye!」

He left…
What should I do?
There was also the fact that I could change my clothes in the bathroom, but I didn’t want to go there every time…
Here’s one, I’ll ask them one by one.

I talked with a girl.


「Wh-wha-what do you want?」

「Can I… change in the female locker room too? I will try my best to not look.」

「I-it doesn’t matter…right?」

「Thank goodness. Well then, next one..」

「Ah, uhh, are you planning on asking everyone individually?」

「Eh? Yeah, something wrong with that?」

「I just thought it’d be a hassle to…」

「Don’t mind. If I, a boy, enters without permission, it would end badly, right? I need to do it, even if it takes time and effort.」

It was because my uncle told me to consider the other party and behave accordingly.
Although I didn’t heed that advice while I was a middle schooler, it was already too late by the time I noticed it during high school.

「That’s so cool… I-I will help too!」

「No, I have to do this by myself.」

This was where I stepped forward, but it was embarrassing.
I had to tell myself that I was no longer a male.

「You’re pretty conscientious, huh…」

「I wasn’t conscientious in the past.」

Thinking about it made my heart ache.
Why did I turn towards delinquency? I was more stupid at that time than I was now. I was a fool, like it said in my name.
(TL: Gu means foolish.)

「Because I am stupid…」

Today too, as well as last time.

「Now then, I have to get permission from each person, one by one…」

「I would approve of it even if you didn’t do such a thing, you know?」

「Haa!? Yuuki?」

「Yeah. If anything does happen, I’ll take the blame.」

I didn’t do anything, but my eyes made me look threatening…
I didn’t intend to do anything.
Or rather, now that I had been enlightened, it was rare for me to act so violently.

「Hey, Guharu-kun, Asuka-chan! Let’s go!」


The girls’ changing room. Guys had longed to be in here at least once.
During middle school, I had snuck into the girl’s changing room out of curiosity and had set up a hidden camera, but I was found out and got suspended.
It was stupid, really.
I had sneakily taken photos of a place that was prohibited for boys.

「Now then…」


Being able to change in the girl’s locker room was a dream that I hadn’t expected.
I decided to change my clothes in the corner of the room, so that I wouldn’t cause trouble to the others. Please let me do so.
I saw nothing. I heard chattering and giggling from behind, but I didn’t look once.

「What’re you doing?」

「Yuuki. I am changing my clothes.」

「In the corner?」


「You should get changed without shame.」

「I don’t want to cause trouble while changing, and the girls are naked…」

「I see, it’s swimming lessons after all.」

It was currently summer.
Everyone changed into their swimsuits for swimming lessons.
Although one might lose strength by having these lessons in the morning, this school focused more on exercise rather than studying, so there were many who would enjoy this.
In other words, everyone was delighted.

「Besides, I don’t want anyone to see me while I’m changing.」

「Fufun. But I want to see.」

「I can tell that I am being teased…」

「You noticed?」

「I understood that much…」

「Oh my, that’s regrettable. So, one question, why do you have a swimsuit? It was strange that you had a uniform, but even a swimsuit? Were you collecting them…? Pervert!」

「Don’t just decide things based on your imagination… My younger sister bought this swimsuit, for some reason.」

「It’s like your sister already knew.」

「Well, it’s because she did.」

Since the bust size was predetermined, she knew what size to order, and it fit perfectly.

「Fuun, how did you know that?」

「Who knows?」

I knew the answer, but I wasn’t obligated to say it.

「Rather, let me change. So much scrutiny.」

「No… it’s such a wonderful body.」

Yuuki looked at me with a sharp glint in her eye.
What was so wonderful? I wanted to turn back now. That would be wonderful.



Yuuki grabbed my chest.
I was fondled.

「Hmmph, I don’t understand! Why are they larger than mine!」

「I-I don’t know why! Rather, please stop!.」

「I don’t want to. This is an interesting playth- memory… I’d like to keep it.」
(ED: According to one of our tls, she is about to say omocha/plaything, but corrects herself to omoide/memory.)

「Weren’t you going to say plaything just now?」

I wasn’t Yuuki’s plaything, was I?
Ah, or rather, I was running out of time.
I needed to change faster.

「Let me change my clothes or I’ll run out of time.」

「Ah, right. I understand.」

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