Originally, I Was A Delinquent, But Now I’m A Serious Girl – Chapter 1


The Reason I Became A Girl

As soon as I returned to my house, I immediately asked Amanatsu to explain what happened and teach me how to turn back into a guy.

I knelt down.

「Amanatsu… What is the meaning of this…?」

「Yes… I came across a website on the computer… It was a site that said it could make an ideal girl. It even gave precise details on creating the ideal girl in real life, so I was a little curious…
I thought of buying underwear beforehand, since I heard that the male ones would no longer be usable, and it was written that it would be painful, so it would have been difficult for Chifuyu, which is why it was for Aniki…」

After I asked her, it seemed it was as such.
It seemed that it came from a suspicious site.

「How much…?」

「It costs 100,000 yen… for only the medicine, not including the clothes and underwear…」

Hmm, 100,000 yen…
Let us take a cooling off period! This family did not have a breadwinner and had to rely on our uncle’s allowance for money. Wouldn’t it be bad if we had to cut down on other things because we had to pay that kind of amount?!
(ED: Cooling-off period is a period of time during which the purchaser may cancel a purchase)

「I guess cooling-off is an option…」

「I can’t do that, since there are no guardians around… And I don’t want to tell uncle…」

「It’ll definitely be found out someday, so it’s alright if we get scolded.」


Amanatsu apologised as she prostrated herself.
I was far from being angry at this point. Instead, I was dumbfounded.
I was stupid, but this girl here was stupid too, huh…

「Good grief. This kid wants to continue keeping it a secret from uncle. Then, how do I turn back?」

「I don’t know…」


「I don’t know…」

She, she didn’t know?
Then… I was stuck like this? Eh, I hate it like this. Why? Cause I hate it?

「I’m sorry…」

She apologised. She seemed to have seriously reflected on it, but should I be this lenient towards her?
Well, I had no choice but to give up… haa.

「I will let you off this time, but I don’t know how to be a proper girl.」

「It is my responsibility so I will teach you..!」

「I understand. Then… wait. I need to go to the toilet.」

「Do you know how to use the toilet…?」

「That’s obvious. I think I at least know how, having been a guy for so many years. Turn around.」

「Big brother is a girl now…」


I had carelessly forgotten.
Oh yeah, I was now a girl…
When it came to that, I had to do it differently from the men’s way.
Was I going to be taught… here?

「Please teach me…」

「Then, let’s go to the toilet…」

The atmosphere between the two of us became heavy.

No… I felt that I would lose something if I used the bathroom. Ha ha ha…
For a moment, I doubted that I was a man.

「Me too… well, sorry.」

I told Amanatsu that I was done using the toilet.
Now, I was in my room.
According to my little sister, the bust size was decided beforehand and would match perfectly with my body.

So, there was no problem concerning the clothes.

There was one small problem.
It was the underwear…

I, as a man, did not want to wear such things, and the thought of me wearing it was a little embarrassing.
In the first place, I wore a jersey at home. During summertime, I would wear a t-shirt and shorts.
Although there were jerseys, there were no t-shirts… The shorts were simply too short, and there were skirts too…

I closed the cardboard box gently, and then searched through my dresser.
I took out a worn out t-shirt that I had worn for many years.

「Oh, it’s a little bigger than before, but that’s fine.」

I put on the t-shirt, and then laid on my bed.
I turned on the portable gaming console and continued playing from where I had left off yesterday.

「Ah, this boss is a pain in the ass. It keeps dodging all over the place. So annoying.」

I was starting to get irritated.
I hated annoying opponents like this. However, I would not be able to advance in the game unless I defeated it.
Ah, damn! Another one appeared!

「Onii-chan? What are you angry at? I heard a high pitch voice though, did you catch a cold?」

My younger brother came back without me noticing.
Wasn’t Chifuyu told about this… say something, Amanatsu.

「Oh, it’s nothing. You want to come in?」

「Eh? No, I have homework that needs to be done.」

「Oh, I wanted to talk for a bit, so do come inside.」

I decided to say something.
Hah. Even though Amanatsu was the one who had caused this mess, in the end, I thought she was the one who was the most well-informed regarding this case.
Even if I said that I wanted to hold a grudge, I couldn’t, so I had better be prepared to live as a girl.

「I understand. I will enter.」

Chifuyu opened the door with a creak.

「Did you quarrel with Onee-chan…」

As I was about to say something, Chifuyu froze up.


「Ah. It’s your Onii-chan.」

「Eh? But, err? No, Onii-chan is a guy… Say, who are you?」

「No, I am your Onii-san.」

I know it was hard to believe.

「Eh? Really? But Onii-chan is a guy…」

「Ask Amanatsu why this has happened. Well, why I am like this… I just wanted you to know about it. If you have any questions, you can ask Amanatsu.」

「Yeah… You really are Onii-san, aren’t you?」

「Yes, I’m Guharu.」

Well, there was no reason for him to accept it easily. It was unreasonable, so he must have not wanted to accept it.
However, I had become like this.

「I’ll return to my room for a while…」

「Chi, Chifuyu?」

Chifuyu closed the door with a thud. His steps were somewhat staggered.
He looked weird. Did he not want to accept it?
I didn’t want to accept it either, but I had no choice.
Sorry. If you want to complain, do it to Amanatsu.

I returned to my room.
I slammed the door shut, and locked it.

「Onii-san has…」

Onii-chan had become a girl.
Onii-chan was my admiration. He was strong and sturdy. I wanted to become a man like my Onii-chan, whom I respected… But Onii-chan…

I threw myself onto my bed with a loud thud.
Then, I buried my face in the pillow and cried for a while.


14 thoughts on “Originally, I Was A Delinquent, But Now I’m A Serious Girl – Chapter 1

  1. Metroxylon

    Poor Chifuyu.
    And what the ****ing reason Amanatsu turn her brother into girl?
    Just a whim to see an ideal girl?
    Bless you! Oh, author!


  2. Rasta

    Thank you for the chapter! Man, that girl is not really smart. Why the hell would she try such a sketchy object like that? And why just straight up us it on your brother?


  3. Yurisviel

    Hue. Gender bender delinquent novel? Yes, please. Will this have yuri or will MC awaken start to awaken as a girl in mind and body? I’ll keep reading this.


  4. What the heck is this universe.
    In previous chapter his friend is just “Oh, you turned into a girl, hahaha, so funny” and now for this chapter, his little sister just got away with “I’m sorry I turned you into a girl, whoops, and for no reason at all”.
    The main character meanwhile is just “Yeaaah, I turned into a girl, welp, what am I supposed to do?”
    The worst part is that I will still read this because I’m a sucker for gender bender (and partially I want all of this to be explained)


  5. A boy turned into girl and nobody make a fuss about it, everyone are not shocked at all. He turned to girl in school, right ? only the class rep reacts, what about the other students ?

    I can’t feel the usual excitement that you got from reading gender bender series from this first chaps. . .

    Thank you for the translation, I hope the next few will be more exciting


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