The Rant of a new TL

A Message From the Current TL:

Hello everyone!
Translator of Nobu Chapter 2 here!

For those who don’t like spiels and ramblings please go down to clarifications~

Well uhm…gosh…I didn’t expect things to get this crazy. Didn’t help that I translated the second chapter. I’m roped into this mess. However, I’ve read enough novels to see these kinds of situations a tons of time. In fact, I’ve been told by my proofing senpai not to post anything because I’d probably add oil to the fire. LOL XD

Yes, proofing senpai. I not only translated chapter 2 of Nobusada, I’m a full time proofer for X&M, and I’m full time manga slave for X&M. I shan’t reveal my name, as I like staying anon. Basically, I do a shit lot, and currently I regret that but I still have fun and am learning a lot. *Been trying to become an editor too*

As you can see I’m an idiot, as much as Sousetsuka, who now works on three series. As much of an idiot as Xant, who I’m assuming thinks I can do as much work as he does since I kept asking for more work.

These are for the ranters to know~

  • Xant does not translate anything on X&M he posts our works and recruits people. Xant has translated before but none of the works hosted on X&M were translated by him.
  • X&M is a collective group of translators, proofers, and editors, and then Xant. Each individual translator translates the novels of their choice and the whole gang helps out to improve the writing. Hence, a pace of about week.
  • Sousetsuka is one person, doing things by themself. I give props to this translator. I still will read their work, even if quality is poorer that what some people want. As he is solo there is no extension between posts, he can crank them whenever.
  • I have no fucking clue what the donations are for but it’s up to the donators in regards to the amount XD LMAO

The reason for this mayhem/*I think?*:

  • Sousetsuka asked Xant if he can translate Nobusada
  • Xant says we’re about it to post it, so no. I’ll tell you if we drop.
  • Sousetsuka: The chapter posted isn’t great so I’ll go translate. Also hands a novel to Xant as consolation.

My Thoughts:
I did not know this happened, I was not on at the time of this convo. At first when I saw this I was like: “Sweet, it’s Sousetsuka! The almighty Death March TL!” I was happy, really, and I was like yup he can totally pick this up. He can pick it up once we write it in at the end of chapter 2 saying Sousetsuka would pick it up, we did just finish editing it a few days ago. *This is me reading Xant’s announcement* But…Nope…, and then shit went down the hill.

  • Sousetsuka states nobu ch 1 sucks, I can agree that it’s not that well written compared to our other works. However, he did not need to state that and say that he’ll go translate it anyway, and give Xant a novel as “consolation”.
    • He did not need to do the consolation that just rubbed it in wrong. If he had just ended with best of luck that would’ve been fine. (Well, I think?) After all, it’s not uncommon to see multiple translators doing the same series.
    • Probably Xant got ticked off by the consolation part. Word usage maybe on Sousetsuka’s part. English is a very weird language and the implicated meanings and choice of words can make you misunderstood by others.
  • Sousetsuka did not need to email Xant according to the 3 month rule (and probably shouldn’t have). However, it was nice that Sou asked :3
  • Xant however, probably should’ve been more patient with the situation and waited for the TL (me).
  • Sousetsuka using a novel consolation, was unnecessary. If he didn’t say it, I think both X&M and Sou could’ve posted their version of the chapters, and Xant would’ve had the chance to inform me and I would’ve gladly let Sousetsuka tl it.
  • The situation got out of hand and I apologize for all of this, Xant got protective since the ch 2 that I worked on was finished and Sousetsuka almost practically disregarded that statement and plopped a novel to Xant.

*Personally, the novel he dropped on Xant does look nice*
The situation, both people are at fault. Xant admitted it, Sousetsuka on the other hand just stays silent. I mean I guess “silence is gold” is okay and all, but in a way Sousetsuka did not help the situation and also posted his work. The whole X&M gang scrutinizes it for the mistakes, I mean can we give the guy some break? He technically did post 3 chapters, (then again we won’t know when he did the two nobu chapters but…) Now that I’m writing this I’m wondering why I didn’t just personally email Sousetsuka myself, and the situation wouldn’t have escalated with th reader and translator debacle.

As a former leecher myself, just two months ago, I’m not surprised by the reactions. I just hate how out of hand it got, I guess I can blame Xant for that. However, Xant’s point is this “Sousetsuka claims they can do better”, if Sousetsuka had posted his two chapters to the quality we ended up with Ch 2 , Xant would’ve stayed quiet posted our chapter and let Sousetsuka take over. (Hopefully >~<)

However the main issue is the topic of quality vs quantity.

Both got their ups and downs, and I'm trying to remember when the heck there was a rule stating that someone can't translate something if it's being translated. Why is this a rule? Now that I'm wondering about it.

The main problem is probably random groups and random people just copying and pasting other tl's works, claiming that they did it, possibly also making money on the side. -This isn’t totally relevant to the current issue Xant is trying to make.This is just an issue I’m pointing out.

Someone translates, and then people quicker than them translate, taking away all the readers. Original TL loses motivation due to either lack of support or finds their effort pointless, leaving the translating stage. In other words, the loss of TL due to either fast-TL/pro-TL or people using MTL to gain profits or some other motive.

Hence the 3 month hold, this is to allow slow translators work, this is to allow them to improve, and one day, they too become fast and efficient TLs.

With MTL and fast TL the new TL would just give up. Letting the speedy handle the work. In a way, the readers are not letting the translation community grow if the readers only value and want quantity. Eventually the quantity TL can die out and who’s to fill the gap. I mean maybe google translate will become perfect one day. *Legit that’d be sweet* For now, we don’t know when that’ll ever happen (Unless someone does?).

I probably wrote more than Xant, anyhow for those who read our version of chapter 2. Thank you, and I hope you enjoyed it. I however, want people to consider the things I mentioned and I’m sorry for all this drama that happened. I’m also sorry for this long ass post of mine XP

I however, will translate something again eventually. I’m not leaving nor will I quit translating. And I hope more people will be motivated to keep translating and to continue translating.

A Slave of Xant