Lady Rose Wants to be a Commoner – Chapter 20


Lady Rose Wants to be a Commoner – Chapter 20

I headed to the church so that Nana-chan could heal me, but as soon as they saw my face, they misunderstood my plight as “love troubles.” The taciturn pastor Jack, who heavily misunderstood the situation, gave Nana-chan permission to take a break. Hence, we headed to the plaza, where we drank fruit juice while telling each other love stories like other young women our age.

I honestly had no idea why things turned out this way.

“I’d heard rumors that you had an aristocrat lover, but is it just like those steamy love stories about people from different social classes? I’ve never had a boyfriend before, but I can give advice. Just leave it to me!”

While listening to Nana-chan’s cheerful voice, I swore to myself that even if I did fall in love someday, I would consult her only for fun. It wasn’t just the fact that I wouldn’t get any good advice from a serious consultation with her, but rather, I knew that things absolutely wouldn’t turn out well. I had an instinctive feeling about this.

“First of all, I don’t have a lover… the rumored ‘lover’ is probably my friend. Neither of us have feelings of love for each other.”

“Eeehhhh… We can’t be sure, though. Even if you don’t have feelings for him, we don’t know about the other person…!”

“He is a kind person, but this conversation is pretty disrespectful towards him, so let’s drop this for now, Nancy-san.”


Nana-chan was trembling as she covered her mouth with both of her hands. How honest and cute.

I lightly cleared my throat, smiled at Nana-chan, and changed the topic.

“What about Nancy-san? Don’t you have anyone you like?”

“Saint-sama is the only one for me!”

Ahh, as expected. I was convinced by Nana-chan’s dazzled expression, and I once again began to wonder about Saint-sama.

Saint-sama really was a mysterious existence. Being born as an aristocratic lady already meant a lifetime of fighting for the attention of men with high status. Normally, the only reason for one to attend Church after childhood was to show that you had a kind and gentle heart, unlike most other females.
However, why would Saint-sama go to this inconspicuous church to serve God? As a former aristocrat, aside from the appeal of not having to care about battling for favorability, I didn’t understand why she acted as if she was trying to hide something.

“Saint-sama really resembles Fii-san! That’s why I like Fii-san, too!”

Nana-chan smiled happily while playing with her pigtails.

Still, saying that you liked someone because they were similar to another person would make it seem like you weren’t really looking at them and would hurt the other person, so it was better to not say something like that, Nana-chan. Luckily, since I was the type that thought, “Since Nana-chan said that she liked me, everything else is trivial!”, it was alright.

But… Saint-sama resembled me, huh…?

“By resemble, do you mean that our faces or our features look alike?”

“Eh, no! Both of you are beautiful, but… Saint-sama is the cute type, while Fii-san is the pretty type, so it’s different… so… it’s not something like that–…”

Drinking the fruit juice while watching Nana-chan’s lovely face make a troubled expression felt exceptional.

Even though it was made by commoners, it was ten thousand times more delicious than the freshly made juice that I drank when I was a noble. As expected, the flavor was affected by the atmosphere.

When I had finally calmed down, Nana-chan suddenly clapped and pointed towards the sky.

“It’s that feeling you give off when you look up!”

“…up, you say?”

Shouldn’t I be looking downwards, since I magnificently succeeded in my scheme to become a commoner…?

“Hmm, how should I explain it… The dignified atmosphere that you have, as if you are holding a very ambitious goal…and are fulfilling it, even though it hasn’t been completed yet…? Oh, yes! You both have the motivation and strength to achieve your goal!”

While being calmed down by Nana-chan, who proudly puffed out her chest as if to say, “I made a great speech just now!”, I gently turned away.

I felt that, “I’m aiming to become a commoner because of the trauma from my past life!” didn’t really count as a lofty goal. As expected from the Aura Correction piled up from my childhood. I had unconsciously made the people around me misunderstand and think that I was a good person.

“If Fii-san and Saint-sama met, you two would definitely get along well with each other!”

While daydreaming, Nana-chan made this declaration with a confidence of unknown origins.

I didn’t think that we would, though… As a noblewoman, my fundamental way of thinking didn’t match…. To begin with, it was just an image that deceived people into thinking that I was the perfect Lady Rose who wished to become lovers with that Ore-sama Prince. To hold the idea that it was common sense for me to be compatible with the Prince from that alone was a bit…

If I had been an outsider who did not know anything, then as a highborn lady, I definitely wouldn’t have liked someone like myself. Rather, I would have liked Lily-chan, who was overflowing with the aura of a Main Character as she worked hard on her love and studies, which would appeal more to the Ore-sama Prince. The duke’s daughter, Felicia Suwarose-san, was someone who acted as a perfect lady, who did not possess an innate kindness even though she was always smiling, whose real intentions you couldn’t really tell, and who held a certain amount of distance between herself and the people around her. To have someone who looked for the opportunity to become a commoner was a bit…

If I were to make the choice, instead of the Ore-sama Prince, I would have yearned for Nika-sama, who was a sincere gentleman, even though he was difficult to approach. What were those noble ladies doing, letting Nika-sama comfortably visit me? They ought to go hunting for meat.

“But if Saint-sama and Fii-san became friends, I feel like I would be left out… so I guess I wouldn’t like it… since I would be jealous of both of you.”

Within my mind, I screamed in agony and threw out all my unnecessary thoughts as I looked at Nana-chan, whose cheeks were slightly puffed as she made a complicated expression.

As long as I had her, I wouldn’t need a lover for the next ten years. It was just like an office lady falling in love with a puppy that she had started to care for.

“My first friend is Nancy-san, after all. Um, if it is alright with you, may I call you ‘Nana-chan’ from now on…?”

“Y-ye..Yes! Then, I want to call you ‘Fii-chan,’ too!”

Thus, the world was wrapped in love, and all became peaceful. The Nation’s Savior, Lady Rose-sama, believed that it was fine to just have Nana-chan. If it were her, she could save the country with her cuteness.

Ahh, but I had already saved the country in secret. If there was such an ambush, I didn’t need to have a prophecy in my sleep back in my childhood.

Leaving aside my thoughts, which were in a field of flowers at the moment, my mind had been healed by Nana-chan, as I had planned.

Beginning tomorrow, I will be working hard on my job and preserve my status as a commoner!



15 thoughts on “Lady Rose Wants to be a Commoner – Chapter 20

  1. If you want to succeed your grand plan to become a commoner first you have to severe all your connection to those guys specially Nicholas who were about to conspire with the whole kingdom to bring you back to the throne…

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  2. Aww <3 Also, Nika ship!
    I find this sentence strange:
    "To have someone who looked for the opportunity to become a commoner was a bit…"
    "For someone like that to have looked for the opportunity to become a commoner was a bit…"
    Tho I kinda doubt this is right either

    Tyvm for the chapter :)


  3. Maria Gujil

    Ahh, but I had already saved the country in secret. If there was such an ambush, I didn’t need to have a prophecy in my sleep back in my childhood

    When did this happen? Did I skip something?

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