Lady Rose Wants to be a Commoner – Chapter 19



Lady Rose Wants to be a Commoner – Chapter 19

As I regained consciousness, I thought about how stupid the dream I had was. After having a nightmare about my past life, I had a dream where I had become a weak little girl.

Even now, it felt as if I was still grasping onto Nika-sama’s hands. With a fluffy and ticklish feeling, I opened my eyes.

Our eyes met.

“…………Good morning.”

“Ah, g’morning.”
(TL: The first good morning was more formal than the second.)

I began to recognize the cold but gentle, ice blue eyes, and the beautiful silver hair that looked transparent. It was someone I knew well. I felt myself go pale as the realization sank in.

I want to lose consciousness again.

As I turned away, I slowly and very carefully removed my hand from Nika-sama’s.
There was so much that I wanted to ask about and apologize for but, at that moment, I didn’t even know what to do. Someone, please save me.

Even if I wished that, it was no use. I had already beaten up the devil that kept whispering, “Let’s sleep and escape from the hardships. Yup, let’s do that!” inside my head, since it kept tempting me to run away from reality. I got up from my bed, aware that my head wasn’t working well.

“…I am terribly sorry for making you stay behind… I was able to sleep well because Nika-sama was kind enough to not shake off my hand, but… From n0w on, it would make me happy if you could ignore the stupid wishes that I make when I’m confused…”

First, a dogeza.

Nana-chan did it before, so I knew that Dogeza Culture existed in this world too. To think that this would be useful one day. I hoped I wouldn’t need to do this a second time.

Here though, where I couldn’t just say that I would accept punishment, I could only apologize. That was because I wouldn’t say a word if he told me to inform the Ore-sama prince about the truth regarding Lily-chan.

“What are you apologizing for?”

I trembled. Without raising my face, I opened my mouth to answer his question, as if to show how serious of an offense this was through my own words.

“For pointlessly wasting what little free time that Nicholas Cabott of the royal family has, because of my own selfishness.”


Nika-sama repeated what I said as if he had suddenly understood something. I heard two sighs nearby and raised my face a little towards the source. Nika-sama’s guards sighed in disappointment while looking at us in amazement.

Oh, you guys were still here. Myself aside, why are you surprised at Nika-sama, too?

“Raise your head. I came here because I like to visit Fii-chan, and I stayed because I wished to do so.”

Nika-sama magnificently gave me his forgiveness. That was painful. I wanted to dig a hole to bury myself in. I wanted to jump out of a window.

I stopped prostrating and awkwardly looked up at Nika-sama. For some strange reason, Nika-sama was smiling happily.

…Uh, what? Why did he seem so happy? He shouldn’t have this black hearted demon setting, right?

Nika-sama noticed the cause of my bewildered expression, and he cleared his throat and tightened his face. Despite that, he remained smiling.

“Rather than that, Fii-chan, you said that you didn’t look at me as an older brother, right?”

I did say that. I certainly did say something like that when I was following a stupid train of thought.

Why did he want to confirm it now that I had returned to normal…? Was this person trying to kill me with embarrassment?

I reluctantly nodded, and Nika-sama looked satisfied. Although I did hate my stupid self, this was bullying.

“Then, we are friends, right?”

Nika-sama asked this happily, as confirming this. I hesitated while fixing a smile on my face.

……Were we?

It would have been rude to say, “I am friends with royalty!” as a commoner right now. Having said that, I had already denied that he was like a brother to me, and it felt like we had already crossed the line of being simple acquaintances.

Friend… a friend, huh. Certainly. I didn’t think that Nika-sama would think we were, but the person whom I was closest to in this world was Nika-sama… so I couldn’t really say that it was wrong.

“…If Nika-sama doesn’t mind, yes.”

Nika-sama gave me a wide smile. I didn’t know what he was so happy about.

It was clear that Nika-sama was currently at an advantage. Even though this was my home, it was not giving me any sort of comfort, especially since I had fixed my sitting posture for no apparent reason.



“My father said that it’s alright, even if it’s me.”

Hey, that’s too abstract!

Just the fact that it was a conversation between His Majesty and his son made this statement very suspicious. Why were you telling me this? It wasn’t a muddled talk about the inheritance of the crown, was it?

“That’s why, I think that I should also try to get what I want.”

What was with this declaration? It’s scary, you know.

Although I displayed a serious face to show that I was paying attention, my heart was trembling. I wanted him to say that to someone unrelated to myself, and at a place where I couldn’t hear it. Stop. Don’t raise the flag. Seriously, don’t drag me into that power struggle…!

In contrast with Nika-sama’s refreshed smile, I was crying to myself, saying, “Keep it up.”

Like this, Nika-sama finished up with a fearsome declaration and left while reminding me to take a break.

I saw Nika-sama off with a smile and, five minutes later, headed out cheerfully, ignoring what Nika-sama had told me.

Let’s go see Nana-chan.

Rather than rest, I needed some healing to reduce my stress.



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    Many thanks~ happy holidays.
    Oh my, a flag totally got risen. Nika though, I’m not sure if he’s aiming for Rose or not though… I can’t sound this prince out…. @-@

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