Kuma Character Sheet

Kuma Characters:

This is author’s character list, a bit remodeled to remove spoilers for untranslated content.
With added-in notes from Mali and Mecta, always in italics.
Use Ctrl+F to find characters easily.
Some characters are missing from Author’s List, add a comment and we’ll add them.

Yuna: Main character, she wears Bear Suit
List of her abilities at the end of the document.

Swaying Bear: Black bear Yuna summons from right hand black bear puppet.

Hugging Bear: White Bear Yuna summons from the left hand white bear puppet.
We normally use Bear Hand.


Fina: A 10-year-old girl with deep brown hair, Yuna first encountered in the forest. She is good at dismantling. She is also Yuna’s waifu.

Shuri: Fina’s little sister, just shy of three years old. She is a girl full of vigour.
Terumi(We used Tirumina at first.): Fina and Shuri’s mother. After being saved by Yuna, she started working for her.

Roi: Terumi-san’s first husband. He died not long after Shuri’s birth.

Gentz: An “uncle” working as a receptionist for materials in the Adventurer’s Guild. He married Terumi-san.Yuna had nothing to do with it, I swear.

Elena: The daughter of an innkeeper of the inn Yuna spent her first night in Crimonia.

Cliff Foschuroze: Feudal Lord of Crimonia.

Eleanora Foschuroze: She works at the capital.

Noire Foschuroze: Their daughter, a 10-year-old blond haired girl. Her nickname is Noa. She loves Yuna’s Bears.

Shia Foschuroze: Another daughter, a 15-year-old student in the capital’s academy. She has blond hair with twin tails.

Rondo: Cliff’s Right Hand and the person he trusts the most. He’s a butler, but he also helps with Cliff’s work.

Suririna: Foschuroze’s family maid in the capital. Yuna helped her make a flower bed.

Lala(We used Amelia before): Foschuroze’s maid in Crimonia

Enzo Roland: The noble that embezzled the orphanage’s money.

Helen: A receptionist in the Crimonia’s Adventurer’s Guild, who in charge of Yuna.

Rarock: Guild Master of Crimonia’s Adventurer’s Guild. His muscles are incredible.

Mylene: Crimonia’s Commerce Guild receptionist. In reality, she is the guild master, but Yuna didn’t realize it for a long time.

Riana: Crimonia’s Commerce Guild receptionist. When Mylene is not at the guild, she is the one in charge of Yuna.

Morin: Bread baker Yuna found in the capital. Her husband died.

Karin: Morin’s daughter.

Rem: The uncle who sells honey and takes care of the bee tree.

Gold: The dwarf blacksmith at Crimonia.

Nert: Gold’s wife. She’s tiny because she’s a dwarf.


Bow: Headmistress(We used director a bit.) of the orphanage.

Liz: She’s young, but she takes care of the orphanage’s children.

Mil: She’s a girl who works at Morin-san’s place. She was the first one who tried wearing the Bear Costume.

Sherry: Orphan girl who is good at embroidery. She made a bear cushion for Yuna.

Nif: The oldest of Anzu’s group, works at the orphanage.

Arn: The second oldest of Anzu’s group, works at the orphanage.

Eshuna: The youngest of Anzu’s group, works at the restaurant.


Gran Faren Gramm: Earl, who Yuna saved on their her trip to the capital.

Misa Faren Gramm: Gran’s granddaughter, she befriended Fina and Noa.

Flora: Princess, soon to be five years old. I haven’t decided yet if she will be the only princess. She likes Bears, thanks to Yuna, of course.

Anju: Flora’s attendant. She’s in the first half of her 20s. She also has a child of the same age as Flora.

Zell: Vice-commander of the 15th division of the Royal Capital, Yuna met him for the first time when she entered the capital.

Gruzam: The criminal who assembled ten thousand monsters to attack the capital.

Sanya: The guild master of the Capital’s Adventurer’s Guild. She’s an elf.

Cattleya: A student at the academy. She has blond hair with drills, thus blond drills.

Marcus: A cheeky student at the academy.

Timor: An intelligent looking student at the academy.

Schoerg: A professor at the academy. Yuna met him when doing her escort request.

Jorz: The merchant who tried to take Morin-san’s shop. He used the name of the king, so he was executed.

Gazar: A blacksmith at the capital and acquaintance of Nert and Gold. He’s also a dwarf.


Ranya: Mireera’s resident Yuna saved on the snowy montain. Married to Damon.

Damon: Mireera’s resident Yuna saved on the snowy montain. Married to Ranya.

Atora: Mireera’s Adventurer’s Guild master, she wears sexy clothes. Contrary to her looks, she’s actually a kind person.

Sei: Employee of Mireera’s Adventurer’s Guild, he’s really polite.

Jorumo: Employee of Mireera’s Commerce Guild, Damon’s friend. He is to become Mireera’s Commerce Guild Master.

Deiga: The muscled macho man owner of Mireera’s inn, he’s good at cooking.

Anzu: Deiga’s daughter. In training to become a chef.

Grandpa Kuro: He leads the fishermen.

Zarad: Mireera’s Commerce Guild’s Master, who stole from Mireera and even hired adventurers to be bandits. Was to be executed.

Borg: Head of the bandits, Blitz’s acquaintance.

Crimonia’s Villages:

Kai: A boy from Clucker’s village.

Zamol: The man who was selling potatoes at the capital. Yuna later visited him at his village to get more potatoes.


Deborane: Rank D adventurer who Yuna humiliated and knocked unconscious.

Lanz: An idiot who respects Deborane.

Rurina: She’s a thoughtful person, a beautiful blond girl. She was a temporary member of Deborane’s party.

Gill: He doesn’t talk a lot, is kind, and has a lot of muscle.

Marina: The leader of the party Yuna saved on her way to the Capital.

Elle: Bigbreasted magician who was in Marina’s party.

Masurika: Female swordsman who was in Marina’s party.

Euri: Female swordsman who was in Marina’s party.

The Harem party encountered at Mireera. Rank C

Blitz: Leader of the Harem party(Rank C) Yuna met at Mireera, he’s a swordsman.

Tomea: The real leader of the Harem party. She’s a kind and thoughtful female magician, around 20 years old.

Ran: Naive female magician, the youngest member of the Harem party, around 18 years old. naive. She loved Yuna’s Bears from the moment she saw them.

Grimos(Author used Gumoris first, so did we.): Manly female swordsman of the Harem party, somewhat of an unsung hero.

Touya: A member of a party Yuna talked in front of C rank board to just after she became a D rank adventurer.

The party that spoke to Yuna before the board just after she became D rank (Chapter 19) They are rank C adventurers
They will come with Yuna to kill golems in the future

Jade: Leader of the rank C party to which Yuna spoke for the first time just after she became rank D(chapter 19). He has a mithril sword, and helped kill golems with Yuna.

Toya: A funny man (20 years old), who he wants the mithril sword of his party leader.

Mel: Female magician and the mood maker in Jeid’s party.

Senya: A cool woman who wields two mithril knives.

Idiot Red (actually Babold): Leader of the Idiot Rangers rank C party, whom Yuna met at the mine. He uses a large sword.

Idiot Blue: He uses a spear.

Idiot Green: He uses a hammer

Idiot Black: Male magician.

Idiot White: Female magician (about 30 years old).

Yuna’s Abilities:
Bear is pronounced Kuma in japanese, and makes a pun with Yuna.

Full Bear Set:
Right Black Bear’s Hand (non-transferable)
Left White Bear’s Hand (non-transferable)
Right leg Black Bear shoe (non-transferable)
Left leg White Bear shoe (non-transferable)
White/Black Bear Suit (reversible, the interior and exterior have different colors, looks like a Bear Costume) (non-transferable)
Bear Underwear (never gets dirty, grows with the user) (non-transferable)

The Black Bear Hand: It’s the attack puppet, its strength rises with user’s level.
We sometimes use puppet instead of hand.

The White Bear Hand: It’s the defence puppet, the defence increases with user’s level

Black Bear shoe & White Bear shoe: The speed increases with user’s level. The walking distance without fatigue increases with user’s level.

Black Bear Suit: The physical and magical resistance increase with user’s level.
It also resists cold and hot weather.
We sometimes use Bear Clothes instead of suit.

White Bear Suit: Magic power and the stamina will recover automatically over time.
The quantity recovered depends on the user’s level
It also resists cold and hot weather.

Language of the other world: You hear the language of the other world as japanese.
When you speak japanese, it will be conveyed as the language of the people you are speaking to.

Letters of the other world: You can read letters from other world. When you write in japanese characters, it will be conveyed as the letters of the other world.

Bear’s Dimension Box(Bear Box for short):
The mouth of the White Bear is an infinite space. You can put inside anything you want.
Still, you can’t store living things. The time will stop for everything you put inside.

Observing Eyes of the Bear: The Bear Eyes on the hood can see the effects of objects or weapons. The effect won’t be active if you don’t put the hood on.

Bear Detection magic: Thanks to the Bear instincts, you can find the dangers, like position of monsters and bandits. When user’s level increases, it shows you monster’s type(including humans).

Bear summoned beasts: Two Bears are summoned, one from each hand. The black one is Swaying Bear. The white one is Hugging Bear.

Bear’s Map: Places the Bear goes to are recorded on a Bear Map. It’s the same system as auto mapping in games.

Bear’s Transfer Gate:
You can put up a Bear Transfer gate at any location you wish. By imagining where you want to go you can transfer to another one of your Bear Gates at a different location.
Bear Phone: It’s a communication device that looks like a Bear. You can make an unlimited number of them. Its ringing sound is the sound of a crying bear;「Kuuーn, Kuuーn, Kuuーn, Kuuーn, Kuuーn」.
You have to imagine the person you want to call. To receive a call, receiver’s magic power is needed and used in place of a switch.

Bear Cub form: As the name indicates, it’s the cub form of the Yuna’s summoned beasts, Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear. She mainly uses it to have them guard her at night in an inn. The people who know of it are Fina, Noa, Shuri, the children of the orphanage, the king, the queen, Eleanora and Flora.

Bear Light: Using magic power in the Bear Hands, you can create a light source that looks like a Bear.

Bear Body-reinforcement: By putting magic power into the Bear Suit, you body gets stronger and more resilient.

Bear Fire Magic: Channeling magic power through the Bear Hands, fire attribute magic can be used. The strength of the spell depends on the quantity of magic power and the image. If it is invoked with the image of the Bear, the power is higher.

Bear Water Magic: Channeling magic power through the Bear Hands, water attribute magic can be used. The strength of the spell depends on the quantity of magic power and the image. If it is invoked with the image of the Bear, the power is higher.

Bear Wind Magic: Channeling magic power through the Bear Hands, wind attribute magic can be used. The strength of the spell depends on the quantity of magic power and the image. If it is invoked with the image of the Bear, the power is higher.

Bear Earth Magic: Channeling magic power through the Bear Hands, earth attribute magic can be used. The strength of the spell depends on the quantity of magic power and the image. If it is invoked with the image of the Bear, the power is higher.

Bear Restoration Magic:
Cure: You can eliminate poison and viruses.
Heal: You can restore stamina and health, and also erase fatigue. It can also cure simple wounds, like scratches.


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  1. JackOfHeartFRQC (@JackOfHeartFRQC)

    Masurika: Female swordsman who was in Marina’s party.

    Euri: Female swordswoman who was in Marina’s party.

    Hummm there’s something kinda wrong there. XD the first one female swordsMAN and the second female swordsWOMAN but both of them are FEMALE … Just saying.


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