Mysterious Disappearances (and Recruitment)

Your chapters for the week~
I was off being cold in Korea, and Pelu seems to have been kidnapped by real life…sorry for no chapters last week!

A few announcements as well:
1. We are looking for more editors/proofers to help speed things up, as most of us are suffering from real life things at the moment. You WILL have to pass a test before acceptance.

2. We have gotten a new translator for Kuma. Mecta, the current translator, will continue translating side stories when he can.

3. We are looking for a new translator for Boundary, as our current translator is too busy with work to continue.

4. The early chapters of Oshishou-sama are being re-translated by Elephant and edited by Peter!
Too many announcements…jet lag is painful.


Christmas Prep

Sorry that this week’s chapters are a bit late. Our regular poster got sick this week…
We’re trying to get multiple chapters ready for Christmas, so next week will be only Iza and Kuma again~
There’s a series from our BK translator too, though it got delayed for a while because of me…

Season Of Hell

Here are your chapters for the week~ Sickness is kicking in for those going into winter.
However, those who live in Australia should know, we’re about the enter ‘The True Season of Hell’. Time to stock up on hayfever meds~ cause nature hates you<3 ttp:// just add h