An Outlaw’s Family Business of Hero Killing

Dropped due to Sneak leaving the team.


Synopsis (Translated by Solistia):

The adventurer Valde, our protagonist, /is/ an adventurer, but also an outlaw, bordering the line of villain.
Valde used to be the third son of a noble family, a so-called bastard child resulting of a tryst with the maid. For 5 years, he lived as the shameful son of a nobleman. Then, at 5-years old, the result of the Magic aptitude test found him deficient. He was stripped of his noble lineage and exiled to the home of his mother’s family.
After that, he went on an adventure with his uncle, the elder brother of his mother.
As an adventurer, his uncle taught him many skills to help Valde survive.
Soon, he set off to become independent, living disillusioned in an unjust world, and having to get his hands dirty in various situations.

This is a story of protagonist Valde living by his own morals in a fantasy world. Rated R15 for containing depictions of cruelty, and light sexual content.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3