Kuma 255 – And it goes on

Hey everyone!

Here is Chapter 255
TLed by Aikawa and Aki, edited by Chrono and Mali and proofed by grae, Speedphoenix, JackOFallTrades and Jay

As for the second chapter, here’s a link,
and here’s a link to the chapter,
Same staff, but with Shaun

9 thoughts on “Kuma 255 – And it goes on

  1. I just wish Yuna would stop belittling herself. Like really, could she stop downplaying her achievements? The Kingdom owns her big time. She could just threaten to close the tunnel and move on to another kingdom, and things would go to hell for the higher ups.

    I know we knew why she didnt want to think too much about it, so she doesnt become arrogant. But at this point, she isnt just downplaying it and trying to be “lowkey”, she infact believes her achievements isnt worth anything. I believe she would even say she would owe the king/Eleanora for letting Shuri inside the castle and call the favors the king and Eleanora owes her to be paid

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    1. To be petty: “The Kingdom owns her big time.” Sounds she doesn’t have much standing in the kingdom, thanks to a simple letter substitution.

      To be whimsical: And yet, here we are. 250 chapters later, still following this person who has spent most of her isekai in some sort of self-denial. She’s getting better at the self-denial, evidenced by the fact that she now forgets bear suits stand out.

      To be dark: Maybe this is a story of a shell-shocked young woman, scarred by her treatment by family, then suddenly thrown into another world. And now, traumatized, she runs away from the attention of everybody because of her major trust issues with the world. This denial of reality leads her to be blind to the consequences of her actions. She just sees any form of success as a form of alienation. After all, her family had betrayed her upon her own success. The light-hearted storytelling is just the sugarcoating to hide the true bewilderment and pain buried inside. Her only comfort? Lolis. Lolis are the only thing keeping this bear from losing her humanity.

      Pedobear: Origins, coming soon, Spring 2020

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      1. “The Kingdom “owns” her big time.” I meant “owes”.

        Didnt i mention that she was aware of her achievements, but denied them because she didnt want to become arrogant?


        1. Ombre Longue

          Well, the fact is, his right,no ?
          If you us common and real way and understanding, what he said in the “dark” part is the most logical and realistic wiew of the story. Because, being honnest … she’s etheir totaly dumbly blind, or she’s in so heavy denial this become realy scary and clearly mentale.
          For my part, this is why i have almost stop to read it (the denial part, i talk about).


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