Master of the Brave 59

Chapter here! Didn’t expect one so soon, did you?

Anyways, I was on a roll, and clicked the next button to chapter 60 in the raws, read the title, then read the author’s note right before the chapter.

Neither the main character nor the heroine appears in this chapter.
It’s a bunch of exposition stuff, so it should be fine to skim the chapter.

How demotivating. Well, I’ll try not to let it be a 3 month gap to the next chapter.

Also, on another note, the terminology in this series is a bit annoying. It’s also one thing that I probably could have done better if I had read the whole thing before starting the TL. But past me was a bad TLer who was bad at Japanese. Current me is better enough to know how bad past me was. But there are a lot of things that I feel like could be improved on the terminology side. But current me is also a bit of a lazy donkey, if you havent noticed. I may try to do stuff with the re-TL effort that’s also stalled… but maybe I should leave any improvements to whomever (if any) decides to license this story (psst, name the guy Winfred, and you have Wynn as a nice nickname instead of Onii-chan!).

Ahem, anyways… I think Imma try to focus on finishing as much of the WN before I gotta stop being a student and face real life… while being distracted by other TLing projects. ;p

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