Kuma 235

Well, here’s another chapter. No joke here, unless you consider the fanfic I’ve hidden somewhere between this post and the chapter. But then again, only a robot would want to read that fanfic. It’s that bad. It’s also like 90% plagiarized, but whatever.

Pick a path, any path. Either link will eventually lead you to the thing you seek. I just felt like making a maze, so here’s a maze. This is probably a one time thing. Because being whimsical is my opposition to the robotic routine society!

Long live the div!

As always, thanks to Aikawa and Aki for TLing it!

Chapter 235

The Berry Reel Kuma 235 – Why would you click this?

6 thoughts on “Kuma 235

  1. Demi-human

    This human know I robot process to elimination…..error need him/her to be alive to translate…..solution… pretend nothing happan… Thank for chapter


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