Kuma 232

Well, here’s another chapter. I have quite a few chapters of debt to catch up on… Just not feeling the groove. Mebbe I should find a successor… Anyways, these chapters include two non-kuma series. But I think I’m too sleepy to do the other chapters right at this point. Maybe tomorrow.

Also, been distracted by a group of four guys trying to find clues towards the True King of Evil and combing a castle. Sure, it might be a niche part of the internet, but well, whatever. Shoutouts to all those who understood, I guess.

TLed by Aikawa and Aki, Proofed and edited by a bunch of minions.

Kuma 232

I nervously scanned the area. Hugging Bear looked at me, as if it wanted to ask what I was doing.
I told him「I’m not doing anything!」and quickly took off my Bear Suit.
There was nobody around, so I wasn’t too worried about being seen while changing.
This was probably the safest place for me to change my suit other than inside my Bear House.
I turned my outfit inside out, changing into the White Bear.
Hugging Bear looked happy, probably because we were now matching.
This should increase my magic power recovery. Since my opponent also had high recovery, we should be fairly matched now, right?

I took a stance a short distance from the Sacred Tree and began to unleash countless wind blades at it.
Using both my hands, I sent blades left and right, shredding the vines.
The vines, however, continued to regenerate without stopping, and kept coiling themselves back around the tree. As I was beginning to think that this would be a one-sided massacre until one side lost, the Parasitic Tree shot leaves at me.
Oh, so it could also attack?
It would have been bad if it attacked while I had been changing.
The vines also began to stretch out at me.
Eh! They can reach all the way here?
I was sure I had been far enough.
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「Hugging Bear, stay behind me and protect me if necessary!」

Hugging Bear quickly dashed behind me while I kept firing wind blades at the vines around the trunk. Yet, they kept regenerating just as quickly as I shot them down.
Come on, this was practically cheating.
I decided to block the incoming leaf attacks by surrounding us with an earth dome.
The enemy really was attacking cowardly, sending leaves down on us from above.
Soon after, the vines started to stretch towards me again. It was kind of sad, seeing the tree have no will of its own anymore, only sending monotonous attacks at me one after the other.
I kept attacking the vines during openings, but it seemed rather pointless as the vines kept regenerating immediately after.
The regeneration was making this fight really annoying.

Well, since the fast regeneration was the problem here, all I had to do was to keep attacking without giving it time to regenerate. If leaf attacks kept getting in my way then all I had to do was get rid of all the leaves.
The Sacred Tree should be fine even if I removed its leaves as they would grow back next year.
I started gathering some magical energy in my right hand then gestured towards the lower right side of the Sacred Tree, making wind swirl around it.
The wind gradually grew stronger, and started to wrap around the tree, eventually becoming a full-blown tornado.
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It was time to finish this.
Would my magical power run out first?
Would the Parasitic Tree’s regeneration give out?
Would the Sacred Tree be able to withstand this abuse?
Would the Sacred Tree run out of magical energy, causing the Parasitic Tree to fall with it?
One of these would eventually happen, but it would be my win as long as the Parasitic Tree ran out of power first.

A large tornado kept spinning around the Sacred Tree.
It tore off the vines from the Parasitic Tree, while blowing away the leaves from the Sacred Tree.
The moment the vines regenerated, they were torn off again.
If I made a mistake in controlling the tornado, the Sacred Tree might sustain some damage as well, but for now, I managed to keep all the branches safe.
It soon turned into a battle of endurance.
Magical recovery versus regeneration.
I had no idea which would prevail.
The opponent surely didn’t have an unlimited magical supply, so there had to be a limit to their regeneration. As for me, even though I was wearing the White Bear Suit, my magical power could only recover at a steady, slow rate.

As the stalemate continued, my tornado continued to tear at the Parasitic Tree.
Some branches of the Sacred Tree eventually began to snap off, but the tree itself was relatively unharmed.
When about half of the leaves have been blown off of the Sacred Tree, I noticed a dim, green light shining through for just a moment.
I thought I was seeing things, but I saw the glimmer once again.
Through openings in the tornado, I was sure I could see a faint, green shine.
I hadn’t been able to see it before since it was located deep in the branches and blended in with the surrounding leaves. Now, I tried to focus on the object to see what it was.

Was it maybe a magic stone?
Then, what did it belong to?
The Sacred Tree or the Parasitic Tree?
After thinking for a bit, I decided that it should belong to the Parasitic Tree.
Even if the Sacred Tree did have a magic stone, I didn’t think a tornado of this level would have exposed it so easily.
I strengthened my tornado, and the Sacred Tree began to sway.
More and more leaves were sent flying while smaller branches began snapping one after the other.
Now I could clearly see the green magic stone, encased in what looked like a giant seed.
Now that I had managed to expose it, the seed tried to wrap itself in vines to protect itself, but to no avail, as they were immediately torn off by my tornado.
If that really was the Parasitic Tree’s magic stone, then it should die if I destroyed it.

The only problem was that the stone was in a hard to reach spot.
If I used my magic recklessly, I might destroy part of the Sacred Tree along with the magic stone. Well, making a small hole in the Sacred Tree should be fine.
It was called the Sacred Tree, after all, and it could clearly withstand my current magic.
Still, I should probably test something else out before making a hole in the tree.
I took out a Mithril Knife, and held it in my Black Bear Hand.
With this, I might be able to destroy the magic stone without doing too much damage to the Sacred Tree.
I moved a bit to open up a good angle and prepared to throw the knife.
Then, I dispelled the tornado, aimed at the magic stone, and threw my Mithril Knife with all I got.
As the leaves slowly began to float back towards the ground, a silver glint flew straight towards the magic stone.
The moment the tornado dispersed, however, vines began to wrap themselves back around the seed in an attempt to protect it. While that could of course stop a regular knife, the Mithril Knife I threw had been made by Gazar-san. Its sharpness was of the highest quality.
The Mithril Knife easily pierced through the seed and destroyed the magic stone within.
Soon, all the remaining vines wrapped around the Sacred Tree stopped regenerating and fell still.
I guess there won’t be any tentacle rape for me.
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That’s a good thing. But we’re no strangers to love. You know the rules, and so do I!

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