Kuma New Year: Kuma 221-226

Merry New Year! I was too lazy to make posts these past few days, so here’s a New Year’s Post.

Well, here’s some chapters.
I guess you should start here.
Kumo 221
And then you end here.
Kumo 226
(TL note: Kumo means cloud.)

16 thoughts on “Kuma New Year: Kuma 221-226

  1. MikeLima52

    Just for those who haven’t noticed, there is a ‘Prev – Index – Next’ at the top and bottom of each chapters text. you can start from chapter 220 as linked in the post and navigate to between the next/prior chapter using the links on the ‘Prev – Index – Next’ text.

    (Someone asked where the chapters were in another comment I saw so I am putting this here)


  2. Jed Hipple

    Happy new year, thanks for all your hard work.
    Way to start the year off with an unbearable cliffhanger. Now we just have to grin and bear it until the next release.


  3. Clifton

    I notice that the next tag on Chapter 222 leads to 224, rather than 223. Confused me for a while until I realised I’d missed a chapter.
    Thanks for the mass release.


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