Kuma 216

Well, here’s a chapter! I was watching Countdown episodes, and well, here’s puzzle: Make the number 952 from the following numbers: 25, 50, 75, 100, 6, 3. You cannot use a number more than once (you don’t have to use it though), and they can only be combined using the 4 basic arithmetic operations.

Kuma 216

12 thoughts on “Kuma 216

  1. Phoenix

    That is a Countdown classic! It’s not as complicated as it first seems, because it’s really just (effectively) using the 25 twice, because you need a three AND a two.

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        1. Lol. Nice effort. I figured a code that uses parens would be brute forcing a tree? :thinking:

          I’ve been considering making myself a random app (maybe using JS???) to help me generate the random numbers Countdown uses. Nice math training.


          1. It isn’t necessarily that difficult, I used python, to get parentheses working you would just take out part of my code.

            I wrote the expression in a string then evaluated it so I didn’t have to use recursion for PEMDAS, but if you take that out and just sequentially do every operation, you’d basically have parentheses, not the whole arrangements, but some at least.


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