YnO 56 – the interlude ends (finally)

Well, this chapter brings the end of the interlude arc. There will be a YnO chapter next week. For those looking for kuma, Mali went into hibernation this weekend, but promises double-bears next weekend. Please don’t shoot the messenger.

Yuusha-sama no Oshishou-sama – Chapter 56 (TLed by Ele5, edited by Draz, and proofed by our awesome proofers!)

And for those who follow my series, then thanks for sticking with my rather slow pace. I keep telling myself I’ll TL more “this weekend” but well, I’ve ended up doing more schoolwork than TL work, to my chagrin. But chapter 57 is a cute romance moment, and chapter 58 (2 lines are TLed) is titled “Debut”, so look forward to it! I’ll keep chugging along as long as I can, so at least I should finish the series before I finish my undergrad education? (fingers crossed)

Also, as a side note, since I post pretty much every weekend(ish), people seem to think that I’m the one commanding the minions. Propaganda works, my friends.


7 thoughts on “YnO 56 – the interlude ends (finally)

  1. Layfon

    I’ve been following you since a little under 2 years ago while still in college, you made every friday morning before class so lit with your kk and yno updates. I just graduated a few months ago and man, as long as I know you’re still at it, I’ll always be following you. Thanks for all the work you’ve done.

    Liked by 1 person

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