Food, Angels ‘n Demons, Oh My!

Here are your chapters! Happy Labor Day to all you Muricans! Thank the minions who labor to bring you the chapters, from translation to to editing to proofreading! Speaking of labor, our Kuma editor is still dealing with new job stuff, so bear with us again.

F: Well, lots of news and stuff. Izakaya Nobu is chugging along as normal, and I think Gernot is cute, as normal. We just need a competent editor who can finalize stuff.

A: We bring you the return of Angelooo, with the return of the translator for that! She also does other korean stuff with other groups, so you may wanna check that out here. I’ll try to add the navigation Next/Prev buttons to all the previous chapters later… bug me in comments or Discord about it.

D: Demon slaying fun! Magical intertia(?) is apparently a thing. I’ll try to get more translated, but I also just started my semester last week. The arc is ending with one last chapter to transition to the real Arc 3, where we get a cute teenage Leti. \o/

10 thoughts on “Food, Angels ‘n Demons, Oh My!

  1. Kaiserdark

    I wonder when Kuma can catch up the raw.

    There are more 307 Chapter difference.

    If we assume each week, we got 1 translated chapter. It still approximate 6 Years to catch Up the current RAW.


    1. Well our translator has something to the tune of 60 chapters done, and we have something like 20 in our current workflow log to do.

      We just lack the active members to get all this content out. It’s why we keep trying to recruit more people.


      1. Primula

        I see… I was just curious since if I wanted to temporary be an editor for Kuma till the original can jump back on it just to see how it is since in the future I do want to be able to read japanese without the translation but right now I could only TL missed translation only by hearing not reading…

        I was in anime fansub group before though as a timer … but that toook too much time though at first I was slow at that but got faster but things came up now I just sit in the IRC channel and help out the server fee every once in a while lol….


        1. Well, if you want to be an editor (even temporarily) you’d have to take an editor test (join the discord to apply). but Mali said he’d be fine in a week or two, so well, bear with us until then! ;p


  2. Primula

    Geeze i been trying to avoid discord for the longest time but i might have to take the plunge finally…. Still going be curious what it take to be an editor though. Well good luck for the current editor.

    Well i guess I wait for the proper tl since i already know what happen from half baked translation from somewhere…

    …one day i’ll join discord…. Like i did with facebook…took me years before i join that… Also I mention it once before I made myself a epub of kuma for personal use if yall want it just ask though i sent a email about it already but no reply so after this I might keep it to myself afterward.


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