Slow Days, School Days, Earth Days

It’s been quite a slow week for us… Even I, an Elepunt, is too slow to make good puns.

Here’s your chapter: Kuma 一百七十二 (172)

Oh, and in other news, we’re up to four chapters/parts of the Kumanga. Thank your crazy fast kuma TLers for that!

Happy belated Earth Day! Nature trivia: Did you know that 100% of anthropogenic climate change is caused by humans?


7 thoughts on “Slow Days, School Days, Earth Days

  1. Owl

    lol anthropogenic.

    You might as well say it without technobabble.
    ‘100% of all climate change activity caused by humans is caused by humans’

    Reminds me of
    ‘Dying is the leading cause of death worldwide’.
    ‘100% of all vehicle accidents is caused by vehicles’.



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