A taxing week

It must have been a taxing week for a lot of you. Some due to midterms, and some due to Gernot. Unless you are a procrastinator in the US. then it’ll be a taxing couple of days in the future. But if it wasn’t then congratulations. Either way, have some chapters!

In other news, Isekai Izakaya Nobu got an anime. I haven’t watched it yet, so tell me what you think of it! (I have heard there are some interesting localization choices)

Also, I’ll use my platform for self-promotion. A stabby friend and I did the first chapter of a manga to make people aware of the manga, and so that I don’t have to do a second chapter. It came from the same publisher as the Kumanga. Here is a link. Maybe some of you might recognize the title that I was too lazy to type out. Hokuou Kizoku/Raptor Wife. (This manga brought to you by: Fans of Ziru.)

6 thoughts on “A taxing week

  1. Woody

    i like and find kinda funny their translation of “toriaezunama” to “whatsontap”, but the half episode length is frustrating, and the ridiculous text overlays on the video get in the way of actually watching the show.


  2. caramel

    The Nobu animation was bad, it felt like they were trying to force the humor. The animation for Shokudou is way better than Nobu’s. FeelsBadMan. Well at least the cooking show segment at the end was fun


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