Kuma Manga Chapter 2

Hello all you Kuma fans! We bring you all another chapter of the Kuma manga! For real this time. It’s not April 1st anymore. We have 52-ish weeks to earn your trust back.

In case you missed it due to fear of being fooled, your kuma WN team churned out the first chapter/part of the Kuma manga pretty much a day before April 1st (tsk… my april fool’s version wasn’t the first to come out). And now, they’re bringing you the second part!

Xant and Minions Reader :

MangaDex Manga page


  • Translator: Aki
  • Editor: MaliBear
  • Cleaner: Aikawa
  • Typesetter: Aki/Aikawa
  • Proofread: All three
  • Raws: Link


10 thoughts on “Kuma Manga Chapter 2

  1. S4TY4

    Thanks for the Bear’s manga chapters
    After reading them, somehow I picture Yuru Camp’s Shima Rin’s voice would be a perfect fit for our Bear


  2. Trackles

    I dont like the way they’ve drawn the Kuma bears for the manga i imagined them more cutely like panda type bears the just seem like devil bears not cute.


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