On March

We’re more than halfway through March, but that means my Spring Break is over. Well, good thing April will come soon. We just have to keep trudging along, like a band, or like an army.

Here’s the chapter for the week! Enjoy!

Black Knight 31

What special occasion warrants a black knight chapter, you ask? I don’t know either. I tried to binge TL it over the break, but I was unable to do more than one chapter over the break.

Why no other chapters, you ask? Because we need more minions willing and able to dedicate themselves to editing and releasing chapters for our great overlord Xant. Apply now at our Discord server!

6 thoughts on “On March

    1. I’m only 9 chapters behind the raw. And it hasn’t updated since July of last year. I don’t think any publication/serialization is likely. I haven’t seen any mention of it in the author notes. I don’t think the image on NU is official. (guess I should report that.)


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