14 thoughts on “Merry Christmas From X&M~

  1. VCH

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.
    I would like to know if the translation for Astarte’s Knight is still continuing? I planned to post a pick up request on the NU forum, but I wanted to check first.


    1. The unofficial rule among us translators is that after 3 months, it’s free for picking up. We don’t have an active translator doing that novel right now, so go ahead and submit a pickup request!

      Thanks for asking though!


      1. VCH

        No problem. Sadly after reading your response, I realized the novel was discontinued at chapter 90 and the RAWs deleted from Syosetu, so sadly theres not much hope in posting a request unless you happen to have the RAWs from chapters 13 – 90.

        Anyway, Thanks for the timely response, Thanks for helping me discover this series + translating chapters 1- 13 and have a Happy New Years.


        1. VCH

          Nevermind the 1st half previous post. I found the raws and luckily an already established request thread. So I’m going to try my luck. Kind of wish wordpress had an edit feature.


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