An Ex-Minion’s Experience

Welp, this is going to be the last ever post on here by me. I left Xant and Minions earlier today (yesterday for some), due to some problems that I had, though I won’t be talking about those, instead I’ll be talking about my experience as a minion (minus a few minor details).

I started of as a normal reader, whom enjoyed Kuma. One day I saw an announcement on the site saying that they urgently needed editors and proofers. So I thought “Hmm, I usually spot small errors in other novels, shouldn’t be too hard right? Plus I’ll get to read Kuma earlier than the normal readers”.

After wondering whether to apply to be a proofer or not, I sent an email to Xant, who is easily one of my most favourite people ever, and applied. After a few hours I received an email back, which contained the proofer test (honestly can’t remember if it contained or not, but oh well).

I opened up the proofer test and stared blankly at it for a few minutes. [insert proofreading segment]. After about 2 hours, I finally made all the suggestions that I could make, so I emailed the test back to Xant. Few hours later, I received the email that I was anxiously waited for, and to my surprise I passed, I was so over the moon due to the sheer happiness I felt.

A couple emails later, I was told to give my Skype name to Xant, so I did. On Skype I was told about the duties as a proofreader. After being that all the information I needed to know, I was given access to the “Holy Proofer Bible”.

Few days afterwards, I managed to become friends with the person who was the head-proofer at the time, and before we knew it, we were pretty much best friends. But due to being shy, I barely interacted with the other minions, though I wish I got to know them during that time. The first couple weeks after becoming a proofer seemed quite, but then after getting into the rhythm of things, the days just flew past.

About a month or so later, we ended up “migrating” to Discord, because it was much easier to use and it was/is super user-friendly. Thanks to the move, I decided to try my best to make friends with my fellow minions. After talking to a few of my colleagues (feels weird saying that), I noticed that they were all nice people, which helped me feel less shy than I previously was.

Proofing became much easier to do as the days passed by, and then rather unexpectedly, I became the co-head proofer. This meant that I had new duties that I had to fulfil, though everything else was pretty much the same. The new duties that I had were rather easy to do.

Though I eventually became bored of just proofing, so I asked if there was anything else I could do, which lead me to becoming the chapter releaser. Thus giving me more responsibility. To release chapters I needed some knowledge of HTML, but luckily enough I studied ICT in college (which I finished last Friday \o/), and one of the many things that I learnt in college was how to create a website using HTML and CSS, though don’t need to use CSS to release chapters.

Due to becoming the chapter releaser, I sort of lost all motivation to continue on with proofing, so I ended up stopped proofing altogether to focus on other stuff, which was mainly related to college. But after a while of doing nothing but releasing chapters, I decided to give translating a go, so I went onto Syosetu to look for a novel that piqued my interest. I found one novel that I liked the looks of, but according to one of my friends at the time, who is known for translating Izakaya, it was slightly NSFW, so I had to go look again.

After a few days of searching I stumbled upon on a novel that interested me more than the other one, and that novel was Serious Girl. During the first couple weeks of translating for my first time, I had some help from my friend, whom I mentioned in the paragraph above. It was around this time that I had a few falling outs with a couple of my minion friends, though thankfully we became friends again.

A month or so later (today/yesterday) I quit due to what I said at the start, though I will still be translating Serious Girl, but I have yet to decide what i’ll be doing with the finished translations.

One last thing, I would like to say a huge thank you to Xant and all the minions for being there for me, through all the good and bad times, thank you for making my experience as a minion worthwhile. I will forever treasure my memories with all of you. I wish you all the best.

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