Happy Easter

You keisters.

In other news, Fate Grand Order is coming to the US this summer in English. This will be hilarious. People complained about Fire Emblem Heroes’ 3% SSR rate, they don’t know the hell that is 1%.


10 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. ninjason65

    Lul, this trigger me when I remember my brave frontier days, when the summon is 1% and there’s an event when this summon Double and waste 20gems which is worth 4 summon and get shittt units


  2. You’re saying Hapy Easter

    So I say Bona Setmana Santa from Catalonian

    If I can download this fate grans order in Europe, I’ll download too
    Praying that not havs regional protection

    I think to remember listen that max servant team was 8, Can someone confirm or correct me please?


  3. That’s why I’ve been saving more than 100 crystal and be waiting for the next new character or next big event, cause I don’t really like Hijikata in the first place! Though he is pretty fun in Gintama and pretty cool in Kenshin… =_=

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    1. Umu-chan is the best

      I think Fate GO’s Hijikata is quite strong. I like to use him as a support (cuz I don’t have him!😭) for this event, but I do agree that he is not really ‘cool’ ‘super strong’ or whatever I expected. But the more ssr servants the better lol


  4. If I’m ever able to completely choose the monsters, to pure pokemon style, I want these, please tell me what is the limit:

    Souji Okita
    MHX alter


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