Hey guys. I just wanted to let you all know that a certain website that also translates Death March has decided to take it upon themselves to steal a series from us. Nobusada’s Chronicle.

We are still translating it, and you should be aware that reading here is the best idea. Who wants to give views to a website who thinks stealing content is ok?


I didn’t want to put the name into the main post to try to save them face, but since he’s still being a pompous cunt via email, it IS sousetsuka.




73 thoughts on “Announcement~

        1. Check the updated post. Poaching is poaching regardless of the ‘reason’. Theirs is poor quality, but I think sousetsuka forgets how shit tier Death March was at the start, and how so-so it is even now.


    1. So your saying hate is fine then if some else feels like they can send hate to any translator like in the case with word master potentially stopping translations dead in their tracks?


        1. Why does he need to be punished? He actually went and asked about it, was told it coming out shortly but no actual date, and can’t was being very curt from the get go. Since can’t said it another translator there was no indication that the one actually translating would have said no, maybe they would say yeah sure since I think they, as most, translate the stories they find interesting and would be willing to let some one release faster updates.


          1. “curt from the get-go”

            >Asks nicely
            >Told no as we are working on it
            >K well I don’t like your answer I’m doing it anyways.

            Yes, very curt.

            I should also point out to you that he claims we are worse than him for not including any raw links whatsoever to the works, when every series has raw links and some even have links to the official novel purchasing page.

            He is ignorant, he lacks any community-oriented ethics, and is entitled. His website is not one I will ever link to or recommend to in the future.


            1. He does all the translations himself and still has a more consistent schedule for update I someone complain on another series that once a week isn’t enough to keep them interest so I could understand him saying I’m gonna release it. What community? There is no community of translator you seem to think there is the only community that can form is in your own group same with every other site. Show them your better by being better.


              1. “What community? There is no community of translator you seem to think there is the only community that can form is in your own group same with every other site. Show them your better by being better.”

                The reason you say this is because you aren’t in the community of translators.


                1. Where does you community meet? I’ve translated before. I’m pretty sure there are hundreds if not thousands of translators so where do you all meet? Where are the community discussions, rules and ethics? Or is it just a lose set of rules that you choose to follow? Like I said your community doesn’t exist you have readers and and you have translators


                  1. Ah. IRC, skype groups, discord servers, you name it. It changes as time goes by.

                    You seem to think that the translation community doesn’t exist because you’re not a part of it. It DOES exist, and you just haven’t stumbled into it yet. We don’t have every single translator in there, as:
                    a) Some don’t want to join the community to discuss and chat n such
                    b) Some don’t think it’s necessary and thus won’t join
                    c) Many smalltime or new translation teams go unnoticed and don’t get brought in.

                    You are right in that there are many translators, but there is a community, there is discussion, and even though there is no ‘written ruleset’, there is still community etiquette we agree on.

                    Whether or not you want to accept that is up to you, but common courtesy still applies nonetheless.

                    “I know you’re already working on that thing, but I’m gonna be taking it from you even though you say no. Also here’s this other series I want you to translate because I’m too lazy to do it myself.”

                    Is that line of thought something we should tolerate? This is how a community dies, when people totally ignore any courtesy and just focus on doing what they want. Selfishness leads to ruin.

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                    1. Forest

                      I have to say if you’ve only put up 1 chapter then you have yet to translate it I’ve been on your site for month’s now and have yet to see even a single update for it if you can prove me wrong with a an update of some kind dated before this then fine. As a rule of mine I will not read a series till the translator has 5+ chapters out if you can get them out before him then in my eyes you are the main translator if not then it’s not yours as it’s stalled. I find giving a translator over 3 months to update a series is more then good enough as any RL editor would look for other work if you only gave them 1 chapter every 3 months to work on.
                      P.S. my grandmother was an editor so I do know that for a fact


                  2. Ender

                    As a part of that community, I gotta say your wrong. As I’m writing this, there are 100 people online on discord. Multiple channels for different languages for questions and help in translating.


  1. deidei

    …from what I can see, the guy just emailed you… (but, w/e) Just hopes this won’t get you down. Many readers likes nobu series ^^ and enjoy to read from the original tl website.


  2. J

    Are you serious? You don’t own the series! Have you never seen multiple versions of a translation before? You talk about translator communities but don’t even know about the fact that anyone is free to translate and post anything they like if the author doesn’t say othervise. Some give translators time to translate, but even now the NU “community” gives MAX 3 months between chapters… after that its free to grabs acording to the “community”, even if the previous translator says othervise. And if the quality isn’t up to ones standards they’re FREE to do their own version. There are many series I like, but the translations haven’t been up to my standards in some and I have thought about translating them for myself… so why not also post those for others when they’ll be done anyways? There is NO reason not to. The only way he could steal the searies from you is if he took the translation word to word from your site. If you want to keep translating it, you’re free to do so, but so is sousetsuka. There is no ME FIRSTS among billions of people, and sousetsuka will probably be first translating most of the series chapters since you’ve only translated one (or two). To begin with, your group may have started translating it but the one “who translated it” isn’t translating it anymore acording to you, so basically you have no say in the matter to beginwith. So the translation was dropped by the previous translator. Just because they were part of your group doesn’t mean it was your translation. The fact that you claimed it this long without having a translator for it is more rude than two translators translating the same series at the same time!

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    1. “To begin with, your group may have started translating it but the one “who translated it” isn’t translating it anymore acording to you, so basically you have no say in the matter to beginwith.”

      That person told us to continue as they no longer had the time to do so. If that isn’t good enough for you, I dunno what would be.

      “Just because they were part of your group doesn’t mean it was your translation. ”

      Actually it does. Are you implying that Kuma isn’t our translation now? Boundary? Izakaya?

      “And if the quality isn’t up to ones standards they’re FREE to do their own version.”

      True as that may be, asking for permission, being denied, and then acting like an entitled brat doesn’t go very well. He does not have any permission to translate, whether it was the prior TL or the author. Community etiquette in effect, here.

      “Have you never seen multiple versions of a translation before?”

      I have seen multiple, and it ends poorly with people reading whoever is fastest, leading to quality drops among other things. Do you want series to end up like shit? This is how it happens.


      1. J

        if there are multiple translators alternating as a group between multiple chapters then I’ll count it as your groups translation. (Post more chapters, then I’ll consider it a grouptranslation… so it is not a group translation jet…)

        And about first wins over quality, I at least read all versions until I find the one that suits me best,. and If the quality was bad at first I’ll re-read it when a better version comes. Or just don’t read untill a better version comes. And i have seen Quality improve not only drop. What others do is up to them..
        I for one like most of your groups translations (like kuma and labyrinth and few) but I also like sousetsukas translations. sousetsukas quality isn’t usually bad and your isn’t usually bad eather so would the quality drop? Don’t compete and the quality won’t drop.

        And concerning permission to translate only few have the authors, have you. The previous translators permission is irrelevant.
        (I understood sousetsukas mails like this.: Im going to translate the series, so I’m letting you know since you had one chapter translated. Asking pertmission is basically just the courtesy and not a thing they were actually asking for since they don’t need it.)


        1. J

          (Also if you’re a main part of the group or still in the group as a solo translator I’ll consider it a grouptranslation. Mainly the one chapter of an ex-member I don’t consider one. Editing and proofreading makes it a maybe, but It’s not info that I have, so…)

          Still a fact: Series dead and free by “NU community” because no updates in 3 months. (Even if you say you’re continuing it.)

          {Dead rule isn’t my personal opinion and I usually prefer priority in translations, but I’m not against multiple translations. An in cases of low quality and pure machine translations, I prefer multiple translations to increase quality. Dead rule used to be 6 months, but it got harsher to prevent dead translations}


  3. I sousetsuka wish to translate this novel, it is his/her decision. It isn’t your novel anyway too

    Personally I appreciate/aknowledge his/her hard work translating Death March, probably turning in the most translated japanese web novel

    But s/he would can choose an untaken or stalled project, but s/he doesn’t have a site for suggestions

    In fact, at first s/he spoke about translate cheat magician, and I appreciated this


  4. Well there is indeed some flame in this comment section… can we just talk about food and bears now? (Haven’t read izakaya…YET maybe in the future…)
    I don’t translate… but I think one can only properly take over a project if the original’s acceptance are given. If it’s not, then… try some other time when


    1. Well I pushed send accidentally… let me continue~
      -when a few months have passed.
      There done…
      Once again I don’t translate… but that’s just what I thought… so yeah… let’s us all be good friends an talk about food and bears… cuz who hate them right?


  5. All Night

    It’s been so long that I just remembered that teaser from back in September. This tells me that wasn’t a teaser… but it only got one chapter in 5 months? 8/10 people would classify that as basically dead.

    It’s not even on the Nav bar had to check the archive. This should be expected no?

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  6. barnaby

    well, to be fair. it’s already 3 month since ur last update on that novel so it is considered free(hey at least they contacted u for it).
    if u want a sole right to translate a novel i suggest contact the author, because s/he is the one who “own” the novel.

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  7. kek

    Single guy juggling multiple projects cranks out stuff more consistently than a whole ‘team’ that struggles to retain members and hasn’t released anything related to said project in ages and you’re complaining about poaching?

    I think you’re vastly overestimating the loyalty of the average leecher

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  8. novellover

    sigh…all these posts about defending yourself seems quite pathetic. Like i said your last post was in september and now suddenly you got a new translator? dont get me wrong i frequent your website quite alot to read kuma but this is really silly. I assume that we the readers/leechers only care about a minimal quality and a high frequant release schedule. As a ignorant reader i think sousetsuka brings both quality and frequancy. I will be quite happy if that guy picks up this project. And if you are bothered by this, you should compete with him. I for one will choose the one who doesnt so much bothers himself by quality but more towards releases.


  9. Eric

    Well I think its rude to forcefully take over another translation project since most part time translator use the donation from the project as an extra income, or for full time translator as their income. So to have multiple site translating the same series is to decrease said income from donators. And I do agree with some comment about the lack of release of chapter for the project for months. You should insert an announcement in the chapter section or at the summary so readers would know that you currently switching translator to prevent other translator or readers to think that the project is dropped.

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    1. nuoah

      there’s no “take over”. both can do the same work at the same time. the original raw is free, none has the right to claim that they own it or the “turf” (poaching lol).

      donation is donation, no one is buying anything.

      and if we go by “community” at least novelreader, a project that hasn’t been updated for three months is considered dead and up for grab but it’s just a loose rule of that particular site. not an enforced law.

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    2. Tbh your point only stands when the novel is super popularized and has many donators. Right now this novel has 1 chapter by Xant and thats it. What donations are you even speaking about? Also I can’t understand the logic that only 1 translator can be doing a series at one time when the series is barely even known atm. You also cant steal something that wasnt yours to begin with. Sousetsuka didn’t take the TLed chapter and call it his either. From what i read from your post, that means you support novel squatters?


    1. While sousetsuka’s actions might have looked a aggressive, I’ve got to agree: releasing a single chapter and not doing anything for 4 months afterwards does not count as actively translating. An excuse: ‘But we are just about to post another chapter’ is nothing more than excuse.

      I appreciate Xant and co ‘s work, but this post is an unnecessary drama.


  10. not my real name whatsoever

    I like the translations this site makes at all, but you’re the one acting like a cocky bastard here :/. They are being polite in the screeenshots, and you mistook working on the same series as stealing. This post changed my perspective of your community. “Wow they’re cool/nice people” Is what I thought at first. I even considered signing up for proof-reading (though I’m lazy and I lack when it comes to grammar) Seeing this now, changes my entire view. As of now, “Wow this person is rude and selfish, and seems unable to understand the other person’s point of view, whom only wants to translate a novel they appreciate, partially as a hobby.” I’m rather disappointed in this site, and in the first place, only came here for Kumo (which is slowly getting more boring and predictable by the chapter..), I even have my homepage linking to here!
    Seeing how selfish and unreasonable this is, I’m just going to stop with this site, which saddens me since I’ve been visiting for months and nearly checked in everyday at a time.

    lol bye


  11. I was a little disappointed to see that you were actually pretty rude to the guy. You lost my interest as a reader throwing this dirty laundry out here in the open. It’s this kinda stuff that makes the community look bad. You can’t claim dibs for a project you left on the back burner that got picked up by another translator. If you neglect it you have no right to claim it. As disappointing as it is, you are at fault for not busting out the releases.


  12. So you ‘OWN’ this novel aren’t you?
    or you just some random prick who dont wanna share something which is basically ‘FREE’ to other people?
    i could be more mean that this like saying you are just some arogant guy who claims ‘OWN’ this novel without even proper ‘PERMISSION’ from the author, something like that..

    oh, and many of us honestly didnt care about the quality, the more you release, the more of us will flock to you (well?)

    peaceful ways? talk to sou and this series together, or concede your so called ‘right’ to translate

    else you can try this… try to release faster and better that them.
    Its so simple lol, people will gather here naturally if you are doing right..

    oh and i dont like the way you are putting death march like that. please go to NU and open the top 10 ranking list all times, oh im sorry, your project is not there!

    honestly, if you could release more than 500 chapter of the ‘same’ series under 2 years like sousetsuka does, then consider you are his equal. But honestly, i dont think you can do it at all lol…

    thank you for reading this random rant, and please consider this as a lesson for you and your so called ‘community’


  13. Dark Heavens

    I’ll be honest here, you haven’t updated the novel for 3 months and are therefore deemed inactive. So I can’t blame Sousetsuka to take up the novel. Besides, this is a free novel, anyone can read/translate this however they want. The author didn’t state that it can only be translated by one person, and, readers prefer faster releases while still maintaining good quality.


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