Boundary Labyrinth and the Foreign Magician – Chapter 55


Chapter 55- Magician’s Workshop

“Well, I was thinking about renting a house somewhere in the Eastern District and setting up a workshop. I did tell you that I’m aiming to become a Magician, and it will really help me if Theo-kun can cooperate with me during your free time. Of course, I will pay a suitable price that matches your abilities.”

Alfred, who sat across me at the table, said with a serious look on his face.

“In other words, I could help out with things like restoring circuits to their original form by using various Spells, as well as inscribing techniques into magic stones? Afterwards, I would give my suggestions?”

“Hmm, while that’s natural, it’s not like you will be disclosing your secret techniques. It looks like you can use various Spells, so it will really help me if I can receive your advice. If you were to observe my Magic…I might be able to be more careful about controlling it.”

In summary, I would provide assistance with things that he wanted to craft. I had thought for sure that he would suggest creating Magic Tools that would accurately establish a method for controlling Flight Techniques. Even so, I did think that it would become possible for my party members to fight in the air, so even I benefited a bit from what he was saying.

A Magician’s job was to integrate techniques into tools in the form of designs or patterns, and to produce items while puzzling over how to successfully integrate tools and circuits together in order to operate skillfully.

As an example, the bathroom in our house turned out like that thanks to the hands of a Magician. It was arranged so that when a magic stone was set in the fuel tank and Mana passed through it, the technique that was integrated into the pattern would be activated, making it come into contact with the water and boil it.

With this method, magic circuits usually replaced the whole process of a Magician casting a spell into tools.
As a result, there were various ways to utilize goods for human use, like carving a seal that “deciphered” an optimized technique into a tool, drawing a pattern, and mixing it into an ornament. This simplified the product so that it was not too excessive, or ensured its safety.
(TN: not sure if ornament is proper word here)

With regards to my Magic Circles, they were circles that activated Spells.
In other words, they consisted of specialized patterns that utilized human spells. Magicians had a good understanding of inscribing designs that “Deciphered” and “Adjusted” wood as wood, and metal as metal.
Being a Magician was a very specialized occupation that required an aesthetic sense and an ability to jump over high hurdles.

“In addition, I have considered experimenting with useful tools for when you enter the Labyrinth. It’s important to make practical use of them. Oh, and I would be glad if you could give me your ideas. Your ideas on flight techniques are different from other people, after all.”

“I’ll at least accept your words of praise. Hmm, you can ask me about anything.”

…Magic tools were expensive too. Since I didn’t have an interest in learning about inscribing various spells into various items and turning them into tools at my leisure, as far as I could see, getting involved with Alfred and letting him produce them was a welcoming thought, because of his honesty.

“Well…besides having you observe me, you will also get to use my nameless Magic tools, and this will both count as training and as advertisement.”

I knew that Prince Albert was trying to spread his name as a Magician to establish his own foothold in society, just like how I had chosen to establish myself in life with the Labyrinth and the use of Spells.
Thanks to that, I thought that it wasn’t bad to receive Alfred’s proposition. He could probably make good use of the magic stones and materials that I gathered from the Labyrinth, and maybe I could spend some meaningful days attending class with Ashley.

“Understood. I’ll accept your proposition.”


After my reply, Alfred’s expression brightened. He then took my hand and shook it energetically.

“I wonder if you have equipment for creating potions at the workshop? It would help me out if you did have those.”

“I would think that it’s natural to prepare for that, you know! Really, I’m glad!”

With that said, Alfred was pretty excited. Since this negotiation was successful, I felt that Alfred would be in high spirits.

“Did you wrap up your conversation?”


Grace asked, and I nodded.
Alfred became serious again then opened his mouth.

“By the way, I want to talk about some information that Prince Albert wanted me to relay to you.”

He said that as if nothing had happened.

“From His Highness?”

“Yes, it’s from His Highness. Didn’t you see the Knights in the Labyrinth?”

“Yeah, we caught sight of them.”

“It seems that they’re searching for sealed doors located in every area. I don’t think they’re being reckless, but if you ever get into a dispute with them, tell me and I’ll pass it on to His Highness. His Highness said that he himself may be unreliable, but he will do what he can.”

In short, he was saying that His Highness would assist me if something happened? There were both pros and cons to involving myself with Prince Albert, though. Well, that was fine.

“What about Sir Chester?”

I did remember seeing Chester amongst the Knights so I tried to ask him about that.

“Hmm, it seems that he volunteered to be in the Labyrinth Exploration group.”


“That’s right. He said that he separated himself from the Flying Dragons unit, and wanted to resume his training. Since he ended up leaving his faction, the united power of Greg’s faction dropped, and there was a bit of confusion amongst the Knights.”

Training, huh. It was clear that he had been influenced by me, since he lost.
As for Greg’s faction…it didn’t really matter as long as he didn’t get involved with me.

“Well, that was what I wanted to say. We’ll work out the details next time.”


“Well now, please excuse me for today. It has become quite warm recently, so please be careful.”

“You too.”

After saying that, Alfred beamed with joy and returned home.
It was becoming warmer, huh?

That was right, it was summer. We went to go swim in the ocean before, but in Termuilles, there were four seasons.
It would be good to open the doors and air out our house. Things that were warm were, indeed, warm. I, who had Kagehisa’s memories, longed for air conditioners and electric fans…but that was just asking for the impossible. I had a feeling that it would be quite simple to create something like an electric fan if it was powered by magic stones, though. It wasn’t like it was something that couldn’t exist now.

We could use the bath while we were in the house, so we should just endure this for now.
With that said, I prepared a cold bath for us by filling the bath with water, boiling the water, and letting it cool down.

“Oh, are you going to take a bath?”

“Will you let us join you, if that’s the case?”

“That’s fine, but it’s a cold bath, you know?”

The two nodded happily.
Our bathtub was quite spacious so even if the three of us went in, there was still some room to spare. Today, the tub was probably going to be a substitute for a pool.
Like always, seeing the two of them in swimsuits was enchanting.

Since Termuilles had abundant water, it was possible to enjoy bathing everyday. That was why, rather than saying that I didn’t oppose cold baths like these, it was actually normal to cleanse the body with water.
As for hot baths, since I took one every day, the two of them had come to enjoy them.
I had also obtained the sap of Sabona Trees, and I had become able to blend that in the perfume they liked to buy. If their mood ever changed, it would be even better.

However, I wouldn’t be doing anything in particular for today. As I floated on the water and stared at the ceiling, I zoned out and relaxed.

“The water is cool and it feels nice.”

“That’s true. Taking a warm bath will make you feel refreshed, though.”

That was certainly how I felt.
The two who were beside me floated on the water like me.
Their hair got wet in the water and clung to them. Their lips were the color of wet cherry blossoms, and then there were their semi-transparent, slender shoulders. Their chests rose up and down as they floated sideways.

Seeing such a scene up close was really destructive.
With my rational mind, I would have been really hard on myself if I ended up embracing them like before, so I grabbed their hands instead.
I began to reduce Grace’s impulses and did Circulation Refining for Ashley.



As they drifted on the water, they both closed their eyes.
Afterwards, they sighed through their small noses in pleasure… Well, I had a feeling that they got aroused, instead…
For a while, it was just the sound of their breathing and the water. Our connected hands became warmer. The time passed quietly.



19 thoughts on “Boundary Labyrinth and the Foreign Magician – Chapter 55

    1. bunnythor

      Though all this hand-holding is shockingly salacious, it is necessary, otherwise we might have to witness the obscene and society-destroying spectacle of witnessing affection within the bonds of marriage! And just think of how the whole underpinnings of civilization would be instantly destroyed if married people actually bathed together in the privacy of their own home *without* swimwear! Truly, the author’s scintilla of restraint has saved us all from a life of corruption and perdition!


      1. J

        I know that the character is supposed to be nearly 20 in mental age but he is physically 10 years old so I am good with them keeping to the cute side of things. It is easy to forget that since it is shrugged off through out the story. On a side note as far as I am aware they are only betrothed not married.


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