Yo. Due to Christmas coming up, we’ll be delaying all posts until next week. So, nothing comin tomorrow. Sorry bout that.

In other news, we still need editors.

Also, Danmachi and Sword Art are still both not dead, and even Death March is getting an anime.


>mfw I realize people had to choose these over other great selections


17 thoughts on “Announcement~

      1. Dhorn

        I’d say some of the novels here are on the same level of SAO. Then again I have bad taste. On an unrelated note..

        Keep up the good work, loving the reads.


  1. indream88

    While i agree that SAO and Danmachi is shit, bump death march with them… kinda wrong? Death March is funny and great at killing common sense-chan =)


  2. I fully agree that there were much better choices than death march. I rank both it and Kuma in the category of “if I’m bored enough,” because of the lazy writing. (Bring on the controversy and hate, I’m here all day!)


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