The Bears Bear a Bare Kuma – Chapter 88


Chapter 88 – Bear-san Gets Attacked At The Inn

After I finished handing over the wolves, I returned to the inn.
Today’s meal was Macho’s cuisine again, so my belly was bulging once more.
I was going to subjugate the bandits tomorrow, so I decided to sleep early.
I summoned the two bears in cub form for crime prevention.

「Swaying Bear, Hugging Bear, I am counting on you two.」

The two came up next to me and curled up into balls.
I started sleeping between the two.

*Petchi Petchi*, *Petchi Petchi*.

Something soft was tapping my cheek.

*Petchi Petchi*, *Petchi Petchi*.

I brushed it off and felt soft fur.
A blanket?
I hugged it.
It was warm.
As I embraced it, something covered my face.
I couldn’t brush it away.
It became more and more difficult to breathe, so I woke up.

「What is it!?」

When I woke up, the two bears were sticking to my face.

「What? You two, do you have a bad sleeping habit?」

When I said that, the two bears started whining, making「Kuuーn」sounds.

「Is it possible that someone came?」

The bears started making the same 「Kuu~n」 noise a second time.
When I used detection magic, I saw people moving around in the inn.
There were four of them.
They were not the four from Macho’s family, since those four hadn’t left their rooms.
As far as I knew, there were no other customers resting in the inn.
Thanks to the detection magic, I saw them slowly moving up the stairs.
Was it possible that they were the rank C party I had heard about, and they were just coming back this late?
That was what I thought, but the magic reaction pinpointed them stopping in front of my room.
I had no memories of being assaulted in my life before, though.
Wouldn’t it be better to assault someone like the guild master, who had beautiful shapes at all the right places?
For now, to deal with the situation, I stood in the center of the room and looked at the door.
I locked my room before going to sleep, but what would they do now?


The door was unlocked really easily.
Was there a spare key?
Or was it magic?
The door slowly opened.
They were infiltrating a 15 year old maiden’s room, so I didn’t have to hold back right?
The moment the door opened completely, I dashed to the door in one step and launched a Bear Punch into the face of the one who opened the door.
The one who had been punched hit the wall in the corridor and lost consciousness.
Keeping the pace, I entered the dim passageway, where the other three were standing.
In order to see their faces, I used light magic.
They all had masks on.
They were all robbers, without a doubt.

「Do you need something, at this hour in the night?」

「This chick, she really has a Bear suit!」

One of the men started laughing.
One of them was already knocked out, but they didn’t seem to mind it.

「Won’t you answer my question?」

「I will answer you. There is someone who wants the wolves in your possession, you see.」

They weren’t aiming for me, but the wolves, huh.
Hmm, even when the guild employees were asked not to speak about it, the information still leaked out, huh.
Still, to think that my existence was less important than the wolves.
Was my woman power really that low?
Was it because of my breasts?

「I don’t have any.」

I lied.

「It doesn’t matter if you have them or not. Our mission is to take you away after all. If you obediently follow us, I promise that we won’t do anything violent.」

I thought for a second that I should go with them and discover who their boss was, but…I wanted to sleep…
People were beings that really hated it when someone came and messed with their sleep, their meals, and their gaming time. That was why I decided to dispose of them quickly and go back to sleep.

「I want to sleep, so I will defeat you guys, okay?」

「It seems that you won’t understand if we don’t hurt you a little…」

The man took out a knife and attacked me.
Bear Punch, Kuma Punch, Bear Punch.
The secret art, Bear Punch, was bursting forth. (They were just normal Bear Hand punches though.)
The men collapsed to the floor a bit loudly.
Did I make too much noise? There was a possibility that the Macho’s family would wake up.
I started asking the men some questions before that happened.

「Who asked you to attack me? Where did you want to take me?」

「You think we will talk?」

The only possibility I could think of was the Commerce Guild.
I had no proof, so I wanted to hear it directly from the men.
Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear came out of the room. I wonder if they understood my feelings?


The man looked at Swaying Bear.
I looked at the hallway.
I estimated that I could barely make it.
I changed Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear back to their normal sizes.

「It seems that they don’t want to talk, so go and eat them.」

Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear slowly approached the collapsed men.


「I won’t.」

Swaying Bear stopped above the man, pinned him down, and proceeded to lick his entire face with one stroke of the tongue.

「I’ll talk! I’ll talk, so please, don’t let him eat me!!」

「There are four of you, so if there is just one less, there is no problem.」

Hugging Bear also pinned down two other men, so that they wouldn’t run away.
The only lucky one was probably the first one I made fly away.

「I beg you!」

「If you answer my question, I will stop them.」

The man started talking while trying to hold back Swaying Bear.

「The one who asked us to do it is the guild master of the Commerce Guild. This morning, you gave a lot of wolves to the Adventurer’s Guild, didn’t you?」

I knew it, it was the Commerce Guild.

「How did you know it was me?」

「The only strangers who came to this city recently are you and an adventurer party that came some days ago. That adventurer party went to kill the bandits and are not in the city.」

Certainly, that made me look suspicious.

「Also, a lot of people saw you as you were walking around the city. And of course, they saw you enter the Adventurer’s Guild. Just afterwards, a large quantity of wolf meat was distributed by the guild, so we could only assume that it was related to you. The only thing left to do was capturing you and bringing you to the Commerce Guild. Even if you didn’t have any wolves, the orders we received were to take away the item bag that could contain so many wolves.」

Their aim was the wolves and the item bag, huh.

「This is enough, right? I talked. Let me go, please!」

「What are you talking about? You asked for『Don’t eat me, please!』, didn’t you? There’s no way I will just let you go after you attacked me, right? It would be a pain if I had to call a guard right now, so we will do the following until morning. Swaying Bear, Hugging Bear, if they try to flee, you can eat them, okay?」

After giving them orders, I tried to go back inside the room.
Macho’s family didn’t seem to wake up, so if I woke up early, there wouldn’t be a problem.

「Wait! Will we have to stay like this until morning?」

「Also, you can also eat them if they try to disturb my sleep.」

The two bears who were pinning down two adventurers each, responded with low 『Kuuーn』cries.

「If you don’t make any noises, you won’t become pet food, and I will have you delivered to the guards alive.」

I told the men.
After hearing my words, they shut their mouths and became silent.
I returned to the room, and entered dream world.

The next morning.

「Uwaaaaaaaah! Why are there bears here!?」

The corridor was really noisy.

「Missy, are you okay? Bear missy!」

I heard a scream calling for me.
I slowly remembered what happened yesterday.
Ah, that’s right, the bears were in the corridor.
While rubbing my sleepy eyes, I left the room.

「Missy, you are okay! Why are there bears in my inn?」

Macho was clenching his fists and in a defensive position.
Was it possible that he wanted to attack my bears?
In my opinion, he was being really reckless.

「Those bears are my summoned beasts, so it’s okay.」

「Summoned beasts? Missy, you can do something like that? And who are these men buried under them?」

The men were sleeping, their faces drenched with bear saliva.

「They attacked me in the middle of the night.」


「Their aim was my food, and they said that they were following the orders of the Guild Master of the Commerce Guild.」

「The master of Commerce Guild?」

「So, I want to hand them over to some soldiers.」

「You shouldn’t do that.」


「Because, ever since the Mayor fled, the guards of the city are controlled by the Commerce Guild. If you want to hand them over, hand them over to the Adventurer’s Guild.」

I sent the Macho’s son to go to the Adventurer’s Guild to fetch an employee.
During that time, the Macho tied up the buried men with some rope.
Some time after, the son returned with an employee of the Adventurer’s Guild.

「Why is Atora-san here?」

She was wearing a light jacket, contrary to the exposing clothes she had worn yesterday.
As expected, she wouldn’t go out in those revealing clothes.
More than that, she would be really cold.

「It’s because I heard that you were attacked of course. So, who are those bastards, the idiots who attacked Yuna?」

I pointed to the men who were tied with ropes.


She approached the men.

「You bastard, your name was Droy, wasn’t it?」

She called out the name of one of the men.


「You fell as low as you possibly could, huh.」


「I will hear what you have to say at the Adventurer’s Guild.」

Atora-san asked the employee she brought with her to take them away.

「So, Yuna, are you hurt?」

「No problem. I have my own guards, after all.」


「I will introduce them to you another time.」

「So, why were you attacked?」

「It seems that they were aiming for the wolves I have in my possession. They said it was the master of the Commerce Guild who asked them to do it, though.」

「It appears that the fact that we distributed the wolf meat didn’t sit well with him. Still, I really didn’t think he would attack you so quickly.」

「So, will you go and arrest this guild master of the Commerce Guild?」

「I could do it if he confessed, but with what we know, that will be impossible.」


「If he said that they were falsely accusing him, that would be it.」

「In every world, you need proof, huh.」

「Anyway, we will do some in-depth questioning of the adventurers that you captured. What will you do, Yuna?」

「I‘ll go and subjugate the bandits.」

「Take care when going, okay? Don’t try to do the impossible.」

She said, worrying about me.

「Also, the White Bear suits you as well.」

She said.
Thanks to the Macho’s scream, I forgot that I had just woken up and went out like this.
Why was it that I had this really embarrassing feeling when people saw me in my White Bear Suit?
Was it because I had this feeling that I was using the White Bear as pajamas?
The only difference between the White Bear and the Black Bear was their colours, though…

「I will return to the guild then. You really must not try to do the impossible, okay?」

Atora-san left the inn.
I then asked Macho-san to make me my day’s energy source, breakfast.



57 thoughts on “The Bears Bear a Bare Kuma – Chapter 88

  1. “You really must not try to do the impossible, okay?”

    Step one: find something impossible.

    …ah, right, it’s impossible for her to kill the Kraken right now. So don’t try that. Everything else is fair game, though. 🐻

    Liked by 9 people

  2. So, my predictions for how to deal with the Commerce Guild are these. Either she will
    1. confront him directly, show her guild card (which has the king’s seal and the warning on it) to him and shut him down
    2. she will head to confront him, and be attacked by the guards of the place, only to completely go bloody bear on them
    3. As she is attempting to subjugate the bandits, she finds out that they’re supplemented by the Commerce Guild (including some adventurers working for them) and she’ll rescue the party that went out ahead of her as well as the citizens who have been captured and as she’s bringing them back in a giant cage pulled by the bears, the truth is revealed and the townspeople bring down the commerce guild.


    1. 😆

      1. The town isn’t a part of any kingdom.
      2. It would make her a villain
      3. Still no concrete proof

      She would keep giving them wolf meat, and waiting until the commerce guild openly harm her…


      1. Even if it’s not part of any kingdom, it still gives her a shield and let’s the guy know that she can’t be easily touched, plus others know she’s in town and her position. Under the circumstances, especially with the legal leader of the town (the mayor) having run away, it wouldn’t be outside of the citizens power to request assistance from outside of town, perhaps from another nation, especially since the acting rulers are making their lives miserable and unsustainable. The Commerce Guild, like the Adventurer’s Guild is a multinational organization, just because he’s there doesn’t mean he’s exempt from their rules, and they also have to cater to the nations they reside in to a degree. With his actions and position, her position, and the circumstances, the Commerce Guild would be more than happy to turn over a small fry like him to appease the nation so they can continue their business, especially since he’s obviously guilty (you know they’ll get the evidence if they have to), they would have no reason to protect him.

        Nothing wrong about confronting those who’re doing harm, if they strike first, she can claim self-defense (and who would go against her to support him). The only reason the townspeople abide by the commerce guild right now is because they have control over the food, so the townspeople feel they have no choice, but if she gives them free food, why would they support the scalpers who are bleeding them dry?


    2. 1. she go to mountain to be bait for the “bandits” , capture them (half dead o full trauma), have them reveal who is their “boss” which is commerce guild head.
      2. take them to public. then commerce guild head refuse to acknowledge it. and saying they are accuse him without any prove, but suddenly from commerce guild inside, it comes out the prove of his involevement (that found from adventurer guild’s spy or perhaps Juremo) and then that guild commerce’s head try to run away and almost be captured by Yuna. he blow a whistle
      3. suddenly kraken come out and it turns out that kraken is controled by him.
      4. Yuna kill that Kraken and make Takoyaki from it.
      5. Yuna level up and unlock new suit form : bear diving set


  3. Well that was dumb of them.. Common sense in that world says items in the items box rots.. A girl crossed the mountains alone and have hundreds of freshly(assumed) killed wolves. And he just sends some fodders to capture her >.>


    1. moto

      He was an idiot anyway for getting sent to a remote region to become a guild master.

      They underestimated her because they didn’t believe she crossed the mountain by herself.


        1. Raphalice

          YEAH! They thought Kuma-chan was 12, how bear they! She’s 15 for kuma-sama’s sake! [IIRC she was 20 before transfer tho… either that or I’m thinking of 3 other novels XD]


            1. Raphalice

              Oh yeah, found it~

              [So I decided to move to a luxury apartment in a secret.
              It’s farewell to my parents.
              I’m 15 years old, I got money, I can also cook. There’s no problem even if I live alone.
              I can do my laundry in launderette so it’s OK.]

              Yep, I’m remebering 2-3 other novels XD


  4. 😅

    3 chapter of kuma fix? Me healed 😅

    ~They were infiltrating a 15 year old maiden’s room, so I didn’t have to hold back right?~

    They’re just recklessly coming to the bear lair…

    ~Was it because of my breasts?~

    And stepping on a land mine…

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    1. perhaps long after, yuna capture that commerce guild master, defeat kraken and then making a tunnel across that mountain and become kingdom’s affiliated again, that resulting town prosperity.
      that town is making statue of Yuna & bears (normal and cub form)
      and Macho’s place become famous and he give the name of the room that yuna had sleep : “Bear’s lair” (and it’s popular for adventurer and kids that aspire to become adventurer because it’s rumored that it would give “blessing” for them)


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