New series GET. We’ve picked up Isekai Izakaya Nobu from Hon’yaku. It’s being translated by QShaun. It will be machine translated, so until we can get a decent idea of the translation quality, it will be placed under Hosted Works.

New Series GET. We also picked up New Theory – Nobusada’s Parallel World Chronicle (quite the mouthful imo). This will be translated by Isci and will also be placed under hosted works for now (till I figure out what I’m gonna do with it).

I know we shouldn’t pick up more when we’ve dropped so many, but translators gonna translate what they want. I only have so much control =3=

On that note, series status update!

The tl for QKK and Angel0 has gone AWOL. I’m gonna try to figure that one out asap.

Some people have noticed I left Kuma’s status to infinite hiatus bear. That was the case with it originally, but now we have a very competent tl at the reigns and he’s doin a great job so far. Thank you Mecta. I’ve left the status as it is mainly because I find it funny. No other real reason. I’ll keep y’all updated if Mecta bails on translating.

Astarte is still being delayed by the tl’s real life stuff.


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