Dreaded news, gang. My google account that I used for all this stuff got ‘suspended while review is pending’. AKA It got nuked by google.

We’re running damage control, expect posts to be coming out a little slower while we run a salvage operation.

Please do NOT apply at this time, not only did we get a huge influx of people (thanks to you guys~) but we can’t process much right now.

I also removed the ‘Downloads’ section, as it seems my hosting account was the trigger to all of this. Someone reported my forward facing folders and it seems to have come full circle.

Why do I feel like it’s YP or Kado…


5 thoughts on “Announcement~

  1. b51015

    I just came back from a trip and was thinking of applying when I get around to write the e-mail.
    for now I’m working on kuma 63. this is to see if I can actually do this and prove it to you. if this is already in work or complete I’ll just compare it to my version to see if I can do anything better.
    Regards b51015


  2. Kensei Seraph

    That’s really unfortunate.
    Hopefully you will be able to recover the important stuff and Google will reactivate your account with no major losses.


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