Ok guys. Time for one of them neato announcements.

So, after some discussion and such with a friend of mine, we managed to come to terms with us dual-hosting on MoonBunnyCafe. It’s an aggregate style site with tons of different content from lots of different places.

If you want to support X&M with ad revenue, I would kindly ask you to start reading on her site. If you are here to just read, use our site. I will be posting on both at the same time anyhow. We only host Kuma and Boundary on MBC for now, we may or may not add more in the future.

Besides that, we got some proofer applications, thanks for those guys. Big help.

Anyhow, I’ve posted a Black Knight chapter (waow!) and a Kuma chapter. Will resume normal posting once we get sorted out on our end.

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