Hey guys. Time for some transparency!

  1. We need more proofers. We’re low again. Talk about a high turnover rate.
  2. We picked up a new TL for Kuma. We welcome Mecta to our ranks.
  3. Donations aplenty! Thanks for the support you guys are showing us. I don’t want to name names, nor donation amounts per person, but you know who you are. We’re really grateful.
  4. We need more proofers. Certain projects need them.
  5. We currently are making some changes to QKK and Angel0, so please be patient. Those have not been dropped nor DMCA’d.
  6. We would like to call out to any willing translators to please send me an email. We have a page to apply from so please use that. Leaving comments is not very useful as I don’t have the time to read them all on top of all the other information I get from wordpress. If you’re worried about pressure or something, at least have a chat with me. I’m pretty relaxed about things.
  7. We need more proofers. Please.
  8. Did I mention proofers?

There will be another big announcement as well as a chapter or two posted tomorrow. I would do it today, but I am still in the midst of some things on our end.

Post Script: Boundary has been slow due to the translator having irl stuff. He said he should be able to resume as normal shortly.


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