Kuma status: I think we’ll put out a chapter on Tuesday or something to appease you guys, the tl is still busy with rl stuff.

We are planning on moving QKK and perhaps Angel0 to a quicker schedule.

Plz giff more translators. We have a massive proofer and editor team, but no content orz


20 thoughts on “Announcement~

  1. b51015

    This is the picture of volume 2 for
    kuma kuma kuma bear (I hope the link works)

    I can try to translate kuma (it’s my first time translating) but I do want to know how it works (what format the editor wants) so do contact me (reply to this comment for example).

    And for those who are interested. I read the Japanese version by choosing the text and make my iPhone read it for me (this has flaws. as failure in reading kanji). I use Apple so I don’t know how this works out for other devices.

    Regards b51015

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    1. b51015

      I forgot to mention that I don’t recommend using this method for reading stuff you like/love/respect because it CAN (may)be confusing and reduce your enjoyment.

      PS. I read kuma like this because it’s an easy going story which is is easier to read/understand even in Japanese.
      I still read but my interest has dropped now (around chapter 200)

      Regards b51015


  2. deidei

    All hail xantbos, all hail da bear and all hail the tl for his past chapters.

    (ty xantbos and our thoughs goes to the tl, wishing him gl with his rl stuff…) =3


  3. Let’s put our selve’s in prayer for the safe hi-“bear”nation of our “should be” pedo*cough* i mean kuma-chan *claps* *bows* *goes bear posture*



  4. Mecta

    Hello, Maybe I could try doing some TL works. I do speak Japanese, but… For the moment I am not really good with kanjis, so the first realeases would be slow I think? And well, my birth language is not english too, so that may be a problem too.
    But if you want, do contact me, I do want to try to improve myself


  5. seras

    well… with a direct word translator, it wouldnt be to hard to translate it I gues… but feels kind of pointless if you dont learn the language while doing it


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