Boundary Labyrinth and the Foreign Magician – Chapter 27


Chapter 27 – Countermeasure

Everyone decided to head to Rosetta’s house after waiting for Ashley to calm down.
What Rosetta was talking about was working out a Remedy.
Well…the thing she fears is something we know about.
Perhaps Ashley was considering the same things that I was thinking of as we brought her along, even though she would’ve just returned to her dorm if that were true.

Ashley had a dumbfounded look as she sat on the chair in the guest room.

“There is a possibility that Morris considers Ashley an enemy.”


“In other words, Ashley-sama reacted to things related to my mom, so he might see a connection between the two of us. If he gathers a bit of information, then I think the reason why I left the house would reach Morris’s ears, to some extent.”

I was just a normal illegitimate child who cut ties with my family, so it was possible that he would see Ashley as my backer if we considered that she was a Lord.
However, how would Morris make sense of the reason Ashley had gotten angry? I shouldn’t expect the way he reads things to be reliable.
He was a guy who would try to force his way through people like me with his own style. It is kind of like being able to judge his personality based on a single instance.

Specifically, the people who were friendly with Morris might…exercise their true power directly if the physical and mental harassment pointed towards Ashley worsened.
Perhaps it was natural to prepare before that happened if we were talking about her personal safety.

“Even if it’s like that, a Count is still a Count. It doesn’t mean that there isn’t a connection between height and width, you know. The case this time may deepen the discord. Speaking of the ones who support Morris, they are guys who either have a certain obligation to the Cardiff House or are more ruffian-like people.”
(TL: I don’t know what the height and width thing is referring to.)

In short, the people who remained by him and felt that they were close with Morris were our seniors in status. I suppose their dispositions were bad for that reason alone.

“Are you referring to how you will ensure Ashley-sama’s safety?”

“Something like that.”

Rosetta nodded at Grace’s words.
Although it might make Ashley anxious, perhaps it was necessary to relay these things to her.
You need to be aware of who you can protect, and as you protect them, a part of it will put you into a difficult position.
Even as these words were exposed, Ashley shook her head without losing her composure.

“Having me cause trouble as I please is…”

Perhaps Ashley wanted to say that she would take responsibility for her actions herself.
I wouldn’t say it was impossible. She was the head of a Baron house, so I think we could resort to something like requesting the assistance of nobles who were close with Baron Shirn.

“No, it’s the opposite.”

“The opposite?”

“Someone among us would have exercised their true power if Ashley-sama hadn’t said those things for us.”

“…That’s right.”

“Seriously. I, too, lack in training.”

The three of us looked at each other before heaving a sigh that matched neither our relief nor our depression.
Geez…Even if it was that kind of situation, I had to try to behave myself more calmly.

“With that out of the way, it’s natural for us to give our full support to Ashley-sama for the current case. I want it to be like this as well.”

After I locked gazes with Ashley, she finally nodded, even though she looked back at me for a while.

“T-Thank you very much.”

“Although it will be difficult to figure out how to face this situation–”

The first thing to consider was how to ensure Ashley’s safety, since I was confident that the Count would counterattack and meddle with us.
It was possible that Prince Albert would make an appearance if this reached his ears.
Although I didn’t know what his reason would be, whether it was an obligation or for profits…it would be because the Count had taken action.

It weighed heavily on the reality that the Count picked a quarrel with a Baron, so there was no way the Prince would make a move if he was trying to keep a distance from this situation and behave himself. Prince Albert was a little too optimistic without relying on someone and striking a deal with them from the beginning, since his foundation wasn’t solid in the first place.

“For now, I think it’s better to avoid staying at the dorm, where several people could be going in and out. You should move to a separate area to live.”

“This, for example…are you saying that I should return to the Shirn territory?”

Although that was probably one solution…Ashley’s expression wasn’t really certain. Well, she was paying her school fees, and although she had Kennel and Beline’s expectations, it appeared that she had other reasons besides my matters.

“…If you would rather not, then I would want it to move in a direction where that won’t happen. This time, we ended up troubling you with the foolishness of the School’s response, right? In regards to the lectures you are supposed to take, I’ll accommodate you to the best of my abilities.”

I wonder if she would become one of those house tutors? The frequency at which humans placed their trust in others like this was fine for lectures, since the matter was connected to her safety.

As for the reason Beline suggested that she study at Termuilles, part of it was probably related to Ashley’s network.
Speaking of the antagonistic relationship she had towards the Count, it would affect Ashley and her surroundings even if she had this information, regardless of whether it was good or bad.
The enemy of an enemy is an ally. The opposite of that was also true. Not having a good impression of the Count would make one an ally, and one would be an enemy if it wasn’t like that. For example, it’s like Rossetta, Prince Albert, and myself.

As long as Talcott listened to the details from Rossetta, he would probably attach himself to Prince Albert.
Besides settling the details, I didn’t really want events regarding the ‘Unnecessary’ Talcott, who was involved with this, and Rossetta, who reported all the circumstances, to reach my ears…It appeared that Talcott was punished by Morris right before he was disowned.

I was speaking of being blown away by magic, persistently refusing to give in as he was defeated, and being healed by Rossetta.
Rossetta knew of the quarrel this time, or maybe it was more that she came to report it to me.
While I was on standby in one of the vacant rooms, she had appeared to be quite confused over there.

Albert was definitely occupied with Talcott, and perhaps he would talk about what intentions Morris had in regards to dealing with Talcott.
Although I didn’t understand what Talcott thought of this, if it were me, I would get angry at being forced to do dirty work in order to preserve the reputation of my eldest brother.
Well, with such a matter, I wonder if Albert will move accordingly, thinking about various things.

“Well, I’ll consider renting a home or staying at an inn then.”

Later on, it would be fine to protect that place. It would become a discussion like that.
I also had the Mercury Shadow, which could guard her.

“Hmm, well…that’s fine, but there are other ways too, you know.”

Rossetta glanced at Grace and me, then she looked at Ashley again.

“Ashley…I think your surroundings will become quite noisy, even if these events are cleaned up. Thinking ahead, isn’t it better to consider working out the details for these things?”

“Noisy? Why?”

“In the first place, you would catch the attention of the people who oppose Morris.”

Hmm…Speaking of Morris’ enemies, it was an issue of wanting to form a party with people who matched our interests.
Creating personal relationships even served as a means of creating allies and, at the same time, creating enemies.

“As the head of Shirn, having the talent to use Healing Magic is remarkable. In addition to that, it’s inevitable to have a fiance. Although bachelors and suitors would come even if the Healer has a similar age to me…There are also idiots who will try to ask you about such things by using force and their authority. As long as you live in a dorm or live in a rented house that employs servants…you can’t be unrelated to these problems. To resolve this, you will have to decide who you will be with. As such, Theodore-kun…no, it might turn out to be three people. What do you think about this?”

I think Rossetta is taking a stab at arousing Ashley’s interest.
…Rossetta was also thinking about such things? Moreover, she mentioned the two of us.
It appeared that even Beline had thought about it like that from the beginning…How would other people view Grace’s and my behavior?

Well, it was certain. Perhaps letting me stay at Rossetta’s house was a means of protecting Ashley. As for me, I had thought that it would be like that at Rossetta’s house, though.
It wasn’t for a normal period of time, and was more temporary. There was even a reason to it, since we were fellow children. Also, speaking of letting Ashley stay at my house and guarding her there, considering our future, it would be equal to declaring our intimacy with each other to everyone around us.

“Well…isn’t this too sudden?”

I understand that such a story won’t allow any delays. Rossetta inclined her head.

“Ara? Ashley is the head of a Baron family, and you’ve been gathering attention, so do you not think things like ‘it’s too quick to reach a conclusion,’ or ‘you don’t understand it’ at all? This also includes how those who have yet to get a fiance will react to the present situation and take action.”

“That is…”

…Rather, they might have already taken action. It was Morris’s faction.
Besides knowing that there was a connection between Ashley and me, there was also a possibility of viewing our relationship in that way.
If Morris used people and resorted to using force, then perhaps he would conclude it to be common sense without any regards to the actual situation of his surroundings.

“Henri…might have been thinking about your future, which includes Grace. In regards to a boy who is skilled enough to use Magic to that extent, you understand that your companion won’t end with just one person, right?”

Rossetta was different from Beline and was quite honest, not involving her own interests, so, as a result, it would become a straight ball that would bring this matter to an end if we were to proceed with this?

What Dad had planned for Grace’s and my future didn’t matter.
Rossetta would likely accompany Ashley as a Healing Magic professor, and it appeared that she knew of the circumstances by which I came to Ashley’s side, so she introduced herself as a common acquaintance of mine…Perhaps she also knew the meaning of Ashley coming to me.
I understood that this wasn’t something that could be delayed for long. Attention was gathering around Ashley and me due to the situation with the Cardiff Family, huh? Well, that was for sure.

Ashley blushed lightly, and Grace…was rather quiet, as usual.

“Well, the important thing is the feelings of the people in question. How about the three of you stay at my house today and talk about things slowly? As for me, the time I have to teach Ashley Healing Magic will increase, so it’s fine for her to stay at my house. It’s just–”

Rossetta said that and looked towards a place far off into the distance.

“I think you should make sure to not leave any feelings behind, if you have them. Whether or not you relay your feelings and understand each other, there will be farewells unrelated to that. I wonder why.”


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  1. the thing about height and width is a basically saying everything has an origin or a connection. seeing as height and width are 2 different “directions” means they must cross at some point

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  2. Reaper Phoenix

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Height and width. Could they be about social connections? Vertical and horizontal connections. Vertical is with people of higher or lower standing than you, while horizontal is with people of the same standing.
    It has been a long time since I studied sociology, I may be wrong.


  3. This really is an odd series. I don’t know if it just doesn’t translate well ( as in lost meaning, not poor translation ) but it’s just hard to follow, even when things seems to make sense someone will say something that completely confuses me and renders the situation unclear.

    Take for example this about him being with Grace and Ashley, that half of the chapter generally made sense, until Rossetta’s final statement which just confused the hell out of me.

    “I think you should make sure to not leave any feelings behind, if you have them. Whether or not you relay your feelings and understand each other, there will be farewells unrelated to that. I wonder why.”

    First half of it I read as confirm your feeling and make sure you won’t regret your decision. The second part of it just doesn’t hold any meaning I can understand. I assume one of them would have to part with someone based of their choice, I just don’t know or what its referring to. Unless its purely based on Rossetta’s own experience and past.


    1. I think Rosetta just means that life can part people and cause farewells from many random reasons like overseas travel, personal betrayal, sudden death or disease etc.
      And therefore don’t leave any important feelings unexpressed because you may never get another chance and you never know what will happen in life.
      And yes, I think you are correct in surmising this advice is surely based on Rossetta’s direct personal experience, probably related somehow to Theodore’s parents?


    1. Zalpha

      I also like it, it rather unique and logical. Intresting as well is because he is so young, he is setting it up for the future and all the girls on board, like “yeah it only natural”.

      Thanks for the chapters.

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  4. What a confusing story, it seems like the author has no idea what he wants it to become, or he has something going going on here which will appear in the near future.
    What was that all about? The MC is acting like they had just declared war on the opposite faction, which is not the case. Either he is paranoid about every single steep he makes, or I am just not seeing what is the need to tame measures against every single person he meets. I don’t know at this point if the MC wants to become a Adventurer or a spy.

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