Yuu, the tl for Kuma, has been and is currently bogged till the end of the month. Kuma will resume as normal around then. We actually don’t have any saved chapters left since we’ve been draining the remainder slowly.

Boundary and the rest are normal.

If you couldn’t tell, we need more translators. We currently only have 3 active.

Here’s some Queen’s Knight to soothe the wounds:


15 thoughts on “Announcement~

  1. Kensei Seraph

    The wounds I received from work have been healed.

    Thanks for the healing and the update.
    I will wait (im)patiently for Kuma to resume, even if it takes several months.


  2. slay_mithos

    The side bar says “end of July”, but this says “end of this month”, so not sure which to trust.

    The sad part is that it’s obvious that the translator missing/being busy is not a recent thing, but we only get a post now.
    Better late than never I guess?

    I’ll be waiting for the bear to wake up, because I really enjoy that novel and the translation.


    1. He’s been providing last minute chapters for a while now, so I didn’t feel it necessary until he missed something. And what difference would it have made if I posted earlier? Lol


      1. slay_mithos

        It would make no difference for the chapters themselves.
        The main difference is that keeping the readers up to date makes it so that they (we) are more likely to support you, rather than waiting for the last minute, after many noticed something was not right.

        I’m still glad to have a heads up before weeks without chapters though, so at least there is that.

        Seems like the question about “end of june” or “end of jully” isn’t answered yet?


  3. Kishimura

    So the end of July or the end of June? (・・。)ゞ And please tell me it’s the end of June, cause i can’t wait till the end of July ( ゚д゚)


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