Ok, starting back up this Saturday. In unrelated news, Garudena was picked up by someone found here. I’ve updated the ToC.

On this related topic…why do people feel the need to pick up a single project that someone else has been recruiting for?

“Hm, I can tl and I really like this series…and it hasn’t updated recently…and they need translators…BETTER START MY OWN BLOG!”

I just don’t understand the mindset.

We’re still looking for proofers and obviously translators. Apply if you can help and don’t start your own blog .-.


15 thoughts on “Announcement~

  1. DarwenGwein

    “Oh, geez, I could never translate on the same team as Xant and assorted minions. I’d be too embarrassed! They’re so hardworking, so witty, so good at translating; honestly, I wouldn’t be able to keep up! I’ll just support them from the side instead…”
    *makes new blog

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  2. gauchexi

    Lolol, because they’re socially constipated ? And also because working in a team means responsibility XD whereas randomly spewing out translations on your iPod whenever you feel like it *weighs* but I agree that there’s too many single project translators out there. Like join a group hmu ☺️


  3. HerrErwin

    Welcome back dude. Just another background lurker here! Regarding your commentary, I think it’s because of the self-perceived “internet fame” that they get and the followers (not to mention potential income source that they wouldn’t need to share) if they started their own. Of course, it could also simply be that people didn’t consider working together. I mean, in our society, it’s always self-oriented work with the occasional group activity and collaboration, not the other way around. Think individuality rather than working as the collective. Anyway, hope things go well with your life affairs! Looking forward to translations!


  4. Red.Gamer

    i think it’s coz of more responsibility acquired when joining a group. Another would be that people don’t want to be under someone, they want to be in control rather than being controlled


  5. They are a few reasons I picked it up.
    1. NO updates on anything for three months. (including “RL Stuff”) (At least I found none)
    2. If anyone said something like “Mimimi, translate faster”, the answer is always “do it yourself!!!1111” and now you are blaming me for doing it myself?
    3. Own Blog = More freedom. I don’t like being bound too much. It’s not like I didn’t thought about it, but I think it’s easier for me do it myself (at least for now).

    It’s not like I hate you or anything, but the internet is a free place. If you want, we could talk about releasing it here, but I don’t think my translation quality is up to yours ;)


    1. Oh ho you found me~

      1. Again, because no tl wanted to pick it up.

      2. I said ‘help us out’. Big difference.

      3. Go nuts if you like working on your own. We don’t do real deadlines, and you only need to tl and we’ll handle all editing and proofing. It’s quite nice for new tl’s actually. Yuu could attest to it. Only issue I think he’s really had is that he tl’d kuma too quick at the start and we couldn’t keep up with his speed.

      I don’t mind the tl quality, tbh. Everything needs practice. I leave it to you to make your decisions. My original gripe was how I’ve seen other series taken the same way, where people are afraid of being tied down before even asking about it. We aren’t a money-making company (wish we were though) so I’m quite lax =3=

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