Due to circumstances IRL, I don’t have the time to post content till everything gets cleared up.

I should also announce officially that we have dropped Black Knight as the translator is too busy to continue with his work, and no other tl applied to pick up his work. Ok, well, one did, but his work ethic is terrible.

We will continue regular postings most likely mid next week.

Going to Anime North this weekend, hopefully I’ll get some time to decompress from stuff. Have a good weekend, guys.


29 thoughts on “Announcement~

          1. It was only rough for the first 5 chapters or so which is where a lot of people stopped at without giving it another look >.> It smooths out a lot and it’s fine where it is now.


  1. kaichizurublog

    Squeal! You’re going to AN too?! I’m being a servant of the queen of hearts and female Japan! Let’s hope we see each other there!


  2. That is very sad news. I hope someone picks up Black Knight in the future or a person with better work ethic picks it up. T_T
    I don’t know what Anime North is, but have fun there.


  3. Wuwuwuwuwe~ So sad~ Black Knight is one of the freshy-rare and godly-good novels out there. I hope someone picks it up someday~ These are type of times when strongly I wish I could go live in Japan just to learn the language.


  4. Kernos

    Asking, most likely not gonna happen. Like legit 10/10 not gonna happen but still gonna ask.

    Can you post an extra chapter of Kuma Kuma sense everyone waited like good boys and girls? @_@


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