LV999 Villager – Chapter 5 P8

So That’s Why I’ve Decided to Become A Cheapskate | Part 8

“David…Why are you here?”

Like always, Krul muttered that with a yareyare and an expression that seemed as if she wanted to say something. However, seeing David say, “That’s my line, you know,” she closed her mouth, feeling slightly disappointed.

“I’ve received a report that Krul-sama has given up on the Demon King subjugation and is now staying in this town, so after being ordered to confirm this by the King, I’ve come here. Although, Rex-sama and Kagami-sama had already guessed this much. Along with resuming your training to defeat the Demon King, you’ll gather funds for it as well.”

After receiving David’s explanation, Krul shifted her gaze to Kagami. Kagami then sent her a wordless signal, as if saying, ‘Such a thing has been done already.’

“That’s right. The method Kagami-san used to reach Level 999…I’ve decided to stay here, since we are capable of growing stronger if we spend time at his side. My goal hasn’t changed. Please inform Father.”

Krul, who had read the intent behind Kagami’s signal, replied to David.

“I’ve received the responsibility to confirm whether or not that is the truth. Although I’m extremely grateful, allow me to observe you, at least for the next month.”


Krul seemed dejected by those words.

“I’ll come to wake you up every morning.”

“Please don’t.”

“Hohoho, haven’t you been woken up by me every morning since long ago?”

“That was during my childhood. There is no reason for you to sneak into the bedroom of a woman who is turning 18 this year!”

“There isn’t any relation between the present and the past. I’ve always been Krul-sama’s servant, regardless of that.”

As the two pretended to argue with each other, they revealed intimate, kind smiles. Even if he was watching from the side, Kagami appeared to doubt this scene, which seemed to show that these two were close with each other since the past.

“What’s wrong, Shishou? You look doubtful.”

“Hm? Aiya, the bond between those two is pretty good.”

“It’s because David-dono has always been Krul’s servant since she was born. Although they’ve been separated for more than a year, I think they give off the feeling of relatives.”

Kagami’s doubtful look worsened after hearing Rex’s words.

“So what are you worried about, Shishou?”

Rex asked Kagami for an explanation after seeing him wordlessly put his hand on his chin in a worried manner, so Kagami brought Rex to an area slightly separated from the plaza.

“I don’t understand what David is trying to do.”

Rex seemed confused by those words.

“I don’t think that’s the case though? Didn’t he come to confirm if the report was accurate?”

“Well, think about it, isn’t it strange for him to observe us, just because we’ve stayed in this town from the beginning? Moreover, he’s going to observe us for one month? Even though he will confirm the truth that ‘We’re staying in this town in order to collect gold and train to defeat the Demon King,’ is there really a need to confirm this? We haven’t had an Observer like him following us on our journey until now, have we?”

Rex finally appeared doubtful and said, “I see,” after he received this explanation. Even if he did come to do that, he didn’t realize that David could have an ulterior motive.

Speaking of being an Observer, there were two possible motives: one was to confirm whether or not the actions of the group were proper, and the other was to find something he was searching for. As for their goal of ‘Saving up gold while raising their Levels and staying in the town,’ even if they weren’t observed by him, he would know if they had worked properly if he confirmed with them once a week.

There weren’t any reasons for David to be sent in for Krul, so he was confused. Why was it David? For what reason was David, who had always done his job as a servant, chosen as an Observer. If he had planned to observe them for real, he should have come as an observer without any personal feelings.

Yet, why would a person who harbored personal feelings be sent here? This was why Kagami was puzzled.

“Is it just because he was at Krul’s side?”

“That might be so…No, there is no way, I don’t think it’s that. For now, I feel that something is suspicious. We should be careful, especially when he’s in front of Alice and Menou.”

As he thought of ‘What his goal could be,’ Kagami mentioned those two’s names seriously, since they would probably be targeted soon. Rex immediately understood what he meant and nodded in a serious manner, and then the two of them returned to the plaza.


Meanwhile, in a land called ‘Tokyo’, a giant protective wall had been built around it in a circle that reached the seashore. Within this perimeter was the view of an incessantly expanding town. That didn’t mean that it was covered in buildings though. While a set amount of land was separated, as if it was independent, the buildings were expanding towards the giant castle located in the center, as if converging around it.

It was a very large Castle Town, one without the presence of Monsters or Demons. A fort-like castle existed at its center. The castle walls towered over it and were big enough to seem impenetrable from the front. The castle itself had been built high enough to make one believe it reached the Heavens. If one was thinking of trying to assassinate the King residing in this castle, they would need to fight the many warriors inside, all of whom held capable roles and high Levels, then climb up the never-ending staircase that progressed in a spiral, and finally arrive before the King, who resided on the topmost floor.

“I can’t believe Krul would…that’s an unbelievable story.”

A man, who appeared to be in his late 40’s with a dignified face and kind-hearted eyes that, when looked at, gave off a sense of peace, was sitting upon the throne placed in the innermost area of this chamber and said that.

Perhaps it was due to the expensive adornments placed upon the armor he wore and the clothes and mantle he was wearing, but there was an overbearing sense of dignity coming from this man.

“However…it’s the truth. As for the conclusion you’re aiming for, surely it will end up differing greatly in reality. We have to reach a decision quickly, so that this won’t happen.”

A woman with long, wavy, violet hair, currently on her knees before the throne, said that while facing the ground.

“Don’t be so hasty. We will confirm if this is the truth from now on.”

“There is no need to go so far to confirm it. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.”

“…I don’t know of the things you’ve done together as a party with Krul and Rex.
Therefore, it’s impossible for me to believe the words you’ve spoken. However, you know too much about various things.”

“It’s an issue of time. Even if you don’t believe me for now…the truth of the situation won’t really change.”

“You said your name was…Palna? Exactly what kind of human is this Villager, to be able to act against Rex and Krul’s wills and brainwash them, who hated Demons, to that extent? And why were you not lured by his existence while the two of them were? Did you think that you would be conferred wealth and rank if you were to report these things to me?”

Palna, who had kept facing downwards, put on a sarcastic look as if she wanted to say, ‘Such an idiot’, when she received those words, and then shook her head left and right to negate them.

“I don’t have any need for wealth nor rank. I was always baffled by that Villager from the beginning. As to what kind of human he is, please ask Krul-chan and Rex.”

“If that’s the case, then what do you wish for?”

“A world without the Demons. That is the reward that I seek.”

After she said this, the King looked at her dubiously, and Palna looked back at him with an ugly, distorted expression. A world without Demons was the ideal for any human; however, it was nothing more than a desire.

The King sensed the hatred within her expression, which had a tenacity suitable for carrying out a mission, and let out a sigh as he considered if she would end up as a harmful existence to him.

However, even though he didn’t have that Palna-like hatred or tenacity, the King had a sense of duty to match it. Eliminating the Demons would grant humanity peace and order. In order to realize this great achievement that no one had accomplished to this date, he had selected a number of means to accomplish it. He had even sent his daughter and a number of people to assassinate the Demon King.

“If the things you’re talking about becomes a reality…”

There was a need to attack as soon as possible. It was impossible for the war potential he had personally reared to be snatched away right before his very eyes. If it was stolen, it would be fine to return the favor. If anyone felt any uncertainty, then it would be fine for them to return to his side. If they were humans, who were different from Demons, then there would be many means of dealing with it for Simon Hexal Doria, the ruler of Hexal Doria Kingdom, who had the role of the King.

“Besides that, I’m the King, you know…And as for this, I’ve already been relieved by the information sent to me by one of the persons I’ve sent to investigate.”

After he said this, Palna stood up, turned around, and left the King’s chamber.

When Palna closed the door to the King’s chamber that had an exit and an entrance, the ugly expression she had shown since earlier changed to a meek one, and she let out a sad sigh.

It was as if she had performed an act, ‘Just Like Herself’, within the King’s chambers, even though she was careful not to change her resolution. She grasped her trembling hands tightly.

“…Demons are an existence that should be eliminated.”

After she said that, Palna began to descend the castle’s spiral staircase slowly, one step at a time.

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G5: Final part of Chapter 5. I feel no pity for her getting turned down by the King. She even uses Anata to address him. So rude :P


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  2. Stupid Palna. Looks like she is still in denial about the existence of the demons and the roles they play. I’m also starting to wonder if Krul’s father, the king, will become and antagonist in this story. Thanks for the chapter as always…Now that I think about it, I wonder if David was sent to un brainwash Krul (even though she wasn’t brainwashed).


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