LV999 Villager – Chapter 5 P7

G5: Question for readers, should there be change from Kenta-Uros into Centauros? The raw has always been ケンタ・ウロス and the ・splits the first name and last name. The ・ is the reason I’ve kept it as Kenta-Uros. Or should we not give a shit about it?~

So That’s Why I’ve Decided to Become A Cheapskate | Part 7

“Uwah~ So happy~! But, we have enough people, so no thanks.”

Kagami immediately showed him a hateful look, as if claiming ‘You’ll be in the way if you come with us.’

“Oya? I witnessed you trying to recruit more people though?”

When David replied with an expression that seemed to say ‘I thought you said something like that’, Kagami clicked his tongue with a ‘tch’.

“It’s your choice either way. Even if you don’t let me help you out, I’ve decided to remain by your side as an observer. This order was passed down from the King, who said that I must observe whether or not you are telling the truth, and if your efforts are insufficient, I will take her back.”

“Having to live our daily lives under surveillance is stressful.”

“Please don’t say that. The only observer will be me, and in exchange for this, I’ll help out with Kagami-sama’s work, you know? That is what I’m suggesting.”

Kagami momentarily showed a difficult expression when this was said. Kagami honestly wanted to avoid spending time in this manner, maintaining the situation with his lie, from now on.

While Kagami was thinking about whether or not there would be another method to make him return without being his observer, David took out a piece of parchment and placed it on top of the table.

As for what Kagami’s group had created, on top of it were the lines they had written to recruit people for the Casino. Seeing this, Tina leaned towards the table and began to read its content.

“‘Warmly welcoming Beginners. Offering a suitable environment to work in for people who are new to working at Casinos. Training period will be for one month, and wages will be dependent on one’s abilities’…How would you prepare such a thing?”

“I am a servant of Krul-sama before I am your observer. Seeing that it’s necessary to recruit a number of personnel for everyone, I considered the possibilities and made preparations beforehand.”

After David replied with a smile towards Tina, Kagami took the recruiter’s form and began to read it, as if confirming it. Kagami knit his brows since the content wasn’t really different from what he had written himself.

“What is this trying to say?”

“Please try recruiting one more time using this. I’m sure people will gather without you having to give a speech.”

David smiled at him once again as he said that. Seeing this, Kagami stood up from his seat while saying, “Haha, no way.” He then left the store with the notice in hand, while half thinking, “It’s useless.”

Since the reality was that people hadn’t gathered around, even though they had posted a Recruiter’s Notice, Kagami, who was considering trying this, at least mass produced the Recruiter’s Form that David had prepared at the Quest Guild, posted it at the Quest Guild and at the plaza notice board, prepared a kiosk near the plaza benches with a billboard that said ‘Recruiting Casino Employees,’ and continued to wait for people to come.


Two hours later. Villagers who lived in Balman and Adventurers had lined up in front of the kiosk established in front of the plaza benches.

Although it didn’t mean that everyone had hopes for labor, for now, compared to the time when Rex had been giving his speeches, people who were showing an interest had gathered around wanting to listen and considered joining.

“What’s the meaning of this?”

Tina, who had been in charge of the kiosk, began to diligently ask the people who had come what their agenda was, one at a time. Kagami was standing next to the people who were being processed and hoping for an interview date, and his mouth was wide open as he muttered that.

“I just mentioned things like a workplace they can work peacefully in, you know.”

“Then, it wasn’t wrong to think about a cozy workplace?”

After Kagami said this, he slapped Alice, who was looking at the formed line with a surprised expression, on her back while saying, “As expected of Alice-tan.”

“I think that may be so. In other words, it’s important for people to be able to work peacefully. Since the contents of the Recruiter’s Form prepared by Kagami-san was suspicious, it couldn’t be helped that the people who didn’t understand its contents would feel anxious about whether they could work properly or not. By specifying the training period, and additionally clarifying the kind of work done in the Casino, we have given a proper account to those who desire working hours. We have also hidden a number of positions. It will be fine if we just manage people after choosing from the recruits that come. If that number is limited, we will end up thinking that no one besides us will be able to work there, and it will get crowded. By simply handing out these pieces of information, we will remove the insecurity they feel for the job.”

After receiving this explanation, Kagami faced David and:

“You, you’re hired.”

He muttered only those words while wearing his biggest smile. At that moment, Rex grabbed onto Kagami’s shoulder, and with a frightening speed, he separated them from David by a distance. Although Alice and David gazed at the two of them suspiciously, Rex didn’t mind them and approached Kagami’s ears as if he was going to tell him a secret.

“What the hell are you saying, Shishou! Although he’s an observer, if he makes an appearance at our workplace, we will be exposed by him! Without him, we would be able to talk in secret at our workplace later on.”

“It’s the opposite, the opposite. That old man’s eyes aren’t really that shrewd, you know? As for whether he will see through us, neglecting him would be rather dangerous, since we won’t know what he is doing. We can enjoy ourselves the most if he isn’t an observer. At any rate, he’s the one observing us.”

After Kagami said that with a sigh, Rex groaned, as if he had lost his voice, and removed his hands from Kagami’s shoulders.

Although Kagami had considered trying to make David go back from the beginning, after witnessing David’s thorough and excellent preparations, he concluded that having him return to being an observer was dangerous. Rather than not knowing if he would be seen through, it was better for him to watch David. That was his logic.

“Now, now…Kagami-chan. Exactly what kind of magic did you use? I’ve tried asking around for rumors about that puzzling line that was formed in the plaza. This isn’t a recruitment produced by Kagami-chan’s group.”

After Kagami had talked with Rex about what to do with David, Takako, who had been standing there for who knows how long, said that as she folded her arms. Rex and Kagami were frightened by this large woman’s sudden appearance.

“Amazing…for so many people to gather here! Rex-san’s and Kagami-san’s advertising was really good! How did they get recruited like this?”

Krul said as she appeared from behind Takako, her eyes beaming as she saw the line forming in the plaza.

“Wait, Takako-chan, what about Menou?”

“He’s taking care of the shop for me. I would be worried if it was just the Kenta-Uros-chans.”

Kagami muttered, “I see” to Takako. At the same time, even if Menou himself wasn’t here, he was slightly happy to have the Demon become more familiar with the town and be relied upon to watch over the shop.

“Hey…is Tina the only receptionist? Jeez…that’s not cute. Look, she has teary eyes and her expression is turning slightly bitter, right?…I’ll go help her out.”

After that was said, Takako also yelled out to her, “Oooi Tina-chan, I’ll also help you~” and rushed off towards the kiosk. Just before this happened, David, who had looked in Takako’s direction when she shouted, met Krul’s gaze.

Unexpectedly, rather than having Krul, who had appeared suddenly, yelling out David’s name, David seemed surprised upon recognizing her, quickly separated from Kagami’s group, approached her at an unbelievable speed, and:

“Fuaaaah! Krul-sama! You’re in high spirits! You’re as beautiful as a single flower blooming in the desolate wilderness as always…I want to lick you all over!”

This was said cheerfully.

“Hm? Hmmmm? Mm…What did you say just now~?”

Feeling grossed out by David’s sudden remark and change in attitude from a gentleman, Kagami asked him to repeat the question, as if he had misheard David.

David then turned serious and looked at Kagami again.

“I said that I want to lick her with a ‘peropero’. You don’t want to lick her, even though she’s this pretty and cute? I think you should know this much as a man.”

“Although I don’t really know what you’re saying, for now, go apologize to Alice, who saved you from being treated like a pervert last time. Apologize to me, too?”

When she heard this, Krul let out a sigh, as if fed up. David hadn’t changed in the slightest. He had been this way since a long time ago. Although his first impression was that of an excellent servant and a gentleman, Kagami and those around Alice gave in all at once.

“David-dono has been like this since a long time ago…His love for women is too strong. It’s enough to make other feels grossed out…That’s why I hated working together with him before he became an observer.”

“Then, why did he have no reaction to Alice and Tina, huh?”

“He doesn’t seem to have any interest in little girls.”

“Although I thought he was slightly gentleman-ish, he’s one of those perverted gentlemen, huh? I suddenly want to reject him. Who is this scary guy?”

After Kagami whispered his reply into Rex’s ear, in order to protect Alice from any bad influences, he brought Alice closer to him. Just for a bit, Alice also showed an expression of caution towards the sudden perverted remarks.

At the same time, Kagami began to shiver due to the fact that the guys around him were all extremely dense. He wanted to live a mediocre life in peace. This was what Kagami wished for from the bottom of his heart.

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  1. So David was a pervert. Kagami must be a psychic to call him that at the first meeting. Also…KRUL RUN AWAY! Thanks for the chapter and just keep the name of the Kenta-uros the same, since it would be a hassle to change it in the other chapters.


  2. Thank u always for ur great work…

    At first he is capable person, but when the inner personality raise to the surface, well, let’s burn it with fire…

    Still use Kenta-uros maybe…


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      1. Hush..! why do you think dinosaur got extinct? ..those little meatbuns over hunted them. They’re a naughty bunch, so meatbun needs someone to “take care” of them properly


  4. Suzushina

    So another joke character joined the fray. Oh well.

    David, if you’re going to talk about being a “Man”, you should learn to oogle both that which “exist” and “barely-exist”.

    And i feel like the last paragraph came out of nowhere.


  5. KuRuuRuu

    I don’t understand why the King lets this Pervert around the Royal family?? щ(ºДºщ)

    Thanks for the chapter and another vote for Kenta-Uros~


  6. RAA

    Referring to the question of Kenta-Uros being the name used. I like it the way it is myself. It’s grown on me throughout the last 5 chapters.Though of course they are Centaurs by description. Their perverted nature also slightly justifies the difference.

    Also. Thanks for all the hard work. I’ve absolutely adored the story thus far. If not for you amazing folks I’d be attempting the translation on my own. At least till I gave up and moved on to something else.


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