LV999 Villager – Chapter 5 P6

So That’s Why I’ve Decided to Become A Cheapskate | Part 6

Presently, Kagami’s group was with David. In order from right to left, Kagami, Alice, Rex, and Tina were sitting in chairs across from David. Amongst them, only Rex seemed sullen and had his arms folded, seemingly unable to calm down.

“Do you understand…why I have come here?”

David, who was holding a coffee cup in one of his hands, muttered that while giving Rex a sharp look.

“Krul…You’ve come to take back the Princess, right? A lot of time has passed since we started staying in this town. It’s not strange for someone to report that to the Royal Capital.”

Rex instantly shared his guess with a troubled look.

“It’s just as you’ve guessed. As expected of Rex-sama, you have keen senses.”

David said that with a sigh as he brought the coffee cup to his mouth and then put it down on the plate. Rex lowered his head in embarrassment after David spoke.

“Will the two of you be serious and stop bantering? In other words, what do you mean by that? What’s your explanation?”

As if he didn’t understand what he was saying at all, Kagami, who seemed uninterested, asked while he sucked on the straw of his Melon Soda.

Seemingly sharing the same opinion, Alice and Tina nodded in agreement, saying “Yeah, yeah,” with their faces smeared with cream from the parfaits they had ordered.

“Speaking of the report, the Villager that deceived Rex-sama and Krul-sama…it’s you, right?”

“A report? Although I don’t really understand those things, I’m Kagami Kouji. As you know, I’m a Villager.”

After this, Kagami introduced the two people next to him, saying, “The little ones who appear to be nothing but children next to me are Alice and Tina, whose face is covered in cream.” As if he recognized the two, David bowed without changing his expression at all.

“I know. I’ve heard about them from my subordinate’s report.”

“I mean, what exactly is this report you speak of? Although you’ve said you will take Krul back, please explain everything, including this.”

“Bringing back Princess-sama…Krul-sama, is the truth. However, my original purpose was to talk to you about your behavior that has gone astray.”

Not just Kagami, but Rex was bewildered as well.

“What do you mean by that David-dono? If you looked into the reports you received from your subordinates, don’t you know enough about our actions for the Demon King subjugation?”

“Although it was mentioned earlier, Rex-sama has been living in this town. Don’t you have some sort of reason for it? One of the reports I’ve heard from my subordinates is: ‘Currently searching for the unknown whereabouts of the Demon King, and although they have yet to go on a journey to subjugate him, they are spending day after day for some type of goal without neglecting their training.'”

Listening to this, Kagami agreed with an “Ah, I see.” In the last month, Kagami’s group had stayed in Balman and completed Quests to gather gold and defeat Monsters. Whether it was intended as camouflage, Kagami concluded that those who saw him reported that they were trying to get stronger and cooperate with each other.

In reality, since there were days where they acted separately, Rex and Krul had only raised their Levels slightly.

“I’ve come here to confirm this. Could it be that you’ve given up on the Demon King subjugation to spend time here in Balman? Furthermore, Krul-sama is the Princess of the whole country. She is already His Majesty’s precious daughter, and although I will bring her back…if that isn’t going to happen peacefully, I will have to bring her back forcibly. As a Sage, using Krul-sama for the Demon King subjugation is a top priority after all.”

After this was said, David once again brought his coffee cup to his mouth. At this moment, Kagami quickly stared down Rex in a contest, and then he immediately displayed his status window and showed David his Level.

“That’s exactly right! We’re pretending that we’ve given up on subjugating the Demon King and have been making our preparations! Rather than spending time searching for the Demon King’s unknown whereabouts, we will wait for him to appear since it’s faster and we’ll be strong enough to give him a vicious beating!”

Kagami turned serious as he said that. After listening to David’s story, he concluded that, ‘Ah, he’s quite the troublesome guy, to talk about this,’ and acted out accordingly, in order to adapt to David’s story.

To be honest, regardless of the fact that they didn’t have enough people on hand, he concluded that he didn’t wish for Krul to return to the castle because of personal reasons like, ‘It’s too painful for Krul to disappear’ or ‘It will be problematic for Krul to consider things later on, after having begun to understand Demons, if she goes to an unreachable place.’

“That’s right! It doesn’t mean that we’ve given up on the Demon King subjugation for sure! We’ve been training and getting stronger at Shishou’s side to defeat the Demon King as soon as he appears!”

Rex stood up and said that as if to support Kagami’s actions.

“I’ve heard about it. I’ve already received a report on the events in Salumeria. It appears you were very successful, and I can’t believe there is a Villager who has arrived to such a stage…and although you might defeat the Demon King soon, why are you trying to manage a Casino in this town? The report also mentions that Krul-sama and Rex-sama are also trying to work in this Casino.”

David accused Kagami while looking at him dubiously, as if waiting for him to expose himself. Although Rex showed a painful look for a moment, as if he felt guilty, Kagami’s eyes hardened.

“You fool! Don’t underestimate a Villager’s weakness! It’s still unreasonably weak, even at Level 999!“

He said as he struck the table with a ‘dan’, seemingly angry at being the victim.

“A great success at Salumeria? You know we were finally able to pull it off somehow after receiving much support from Krul and powerful magic from the other Adventurer’s, right? As for that subordinate of the Demon King, we will never defeat him if he’s with the Demon King! That’s why we will save up our gold and buy powerful equipment. If we have gold we will be able to increase our number of companions and arrange equipment for them…This is perfect, isn’t it? In exchange for helping Krul and Rex become stronger, they’re helping me out with this.”

Tina was slightly surprised and let out and “uwoh,” as if she had started to vomit due to the lie this chatterbox had come up with. Kagami’s face seemed to dare David to doubt him.

In reality, this lie was plausible.

There was no leaked information that spoke of the Demon King himself showing up in the Battle of Salumeria. It was just his subordinate that attacked. This lie about the reason for managing a Casino could already be interpreted as a more effective way to save up gold, now that the Demon King wasn’t here.

“I see…was that the case? For the time being, there is a number of equipment valued at more than 1000 Gold (TN:It uses 1000 here, not 10k) that you can buy as you pass through the Quest Guild, right? According to the legend from ancient times, those things must not be passed onto people who do not have the ability to wield them. They are items that can only be purchased with your own power. Knowing this, it must mean that you’re trying to gather up gold through this method.”

Due to not knowing this at all, everyone present recognized that this way of exposing information was just like Krul and thought, “As expected of Krul’s servant,” when they heard information that not even Krul, who had a relationship with the royal family, knew.

‘She still didn’t have the ability to wield one, even though her body has undergone training since childhood,’ Kagami retorted in his mind while he listened to the reason why her father, the King, was unable to receive these weapons. David had more words to share:

“If you’re planning on doing that…then let me help out as well!”

That’s right, these unexpected words came from David.

At these unexpected words, Kagami thought, “Eh? Is this lie continuing?”, and everyone involved in the mess shivered.

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17 thoughts on “LV999 Villager – Chapter 5 P6

  1. andreliu507

    If you think about it it’s not entirely a lie…
    They are training (getting a few levels while trying to gather some gold), waiting for the demon king to appear (deadline) and hoarding gold to buy equipment (10K thingy).


  2. Suzushina

    So what happened to raking up gold and startinf a Casino? Was it left to Takako and the other demon guy, plus, Kenta-uros? Well don’t they have a leisure time.

    That world’s Royalty is pretty laid back, while other worlds are abducting people from Earth to hail as a Hero and send their armies along with the summoned person, Krul’s parents instead sends a butler to pick up their daughter… instead of cooperating with them, the Hero and Sage, and be somewhat useful for a change.


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