LV999 Villager – Chapter 5 P5

So That’s Why I’ve Decided to Become A Cheapskate | Part 5

For several seconds, Kagami and David glared at each other without saying anything. As if the two of them were trying to probe for the other’s intentions, they continued to stare at each other and observe each other’s attitudes without moving a step. In the next moment–

“Quest Guild Staff-san! This person!”

Kagami yelled out and pointed at David.

“This old man daringly looked at this innocent young lady here as if he was going to lick her! While we’re at it, me as well! He’s a pervert, no matter how you look at him. I’m truly thankful.”


David sputtered upon hearing the sudden, inconceivable words yelled out. The Quest Guild Staff members who were in the surroundings, as well as the Adventurers that had stopped by for a brief visit and the Villagers who were trying to issue Quests, all looked at David immediately.

“Y-You’re wrong. I-I!”

When Kagami protected the little girl and took the chance to separate from David, who had let his guard down, the misunderstanding that an attractive middle-aged man had tried to lay his hands on her was produced.

“Hey, hey…are you in the middle of the forest, hiding behind a tree? Doing a criminal act in a place with such a large amount of witnesses…”

“Look at that person, his eyes are dead. No matter how you look at him he has the face of a criminal. To deceive such a cute girl…What on earth is he thinking?”

“I had thought he was strange you know. Now that I think about that person, he entered this place slowly without making a sound, and he did come to a stop behind that girl. Aah…I got a bad feeling.”

“He stinks. He’s a stinky guy. So stinky.”

Even though the guys in the surrounding hadn’t really looked at him, they said what they wanted without reserve.

“You. Can you come over here for a bit?”

“Y-You’re wrong! I haven’t done anything…really!”

David was then taken by the two hard-faced Adventurers, hired as security inside the Quest Guild, who tightly grasped both of his arms.

After that, Kagami yelled, “Now, let’s run away!”, seizing the opportunity to flee from the area before things became troublesome.

Although Tina and Alice tried to leave the Quest Guild behind Kagami, Alice stopped to look at David, who continued to deny his charges and argue that he was caught without reason, and,

“Release that person for me. That person hasn’t done anything, you know.

Instead of running away and leaving things as they were, she asked the two hired Adventurers to release David, who was at their side. The two Adventurers and the surrounding people were bewildered by these unexpected actions and David looked at her in surprise, as if he admired her and wanted to say something.

More than anyone else, it was Kagami who received the greatest shock as he said, “Huhhh~?”

“Kagami-san. Although I do think that your spur-of-the-moment actions were in consideration for Krul-san, I think it’s bad for me to to act in such a way. He might have looked at me with his perverted eyes, but I think it’s wrong to punish someone who has yet to do anything.”

“My heart hurts hearing too fair of a judgement. What is this?”

Although the two hired Adventurers had yet to decide what to do, they released David’s arms after listening to Alice’s testimony.

The surrounding people who had jeered at him didn’t really know what they should do and couldn’t follow-up on anything, so they simply dispersed as though they had gone too far to retreat.

“Goodness gracious…this was surprising. Hmm…anyways, you’ve saved me. Allow me to express my thanks. To be honest…you have such a splendid appearance at your young age.”

The released David stood before Alice and bowed deeply to her, and then he smiled at her, appearing really happy this time. Seeing this, Alice smiled back at him.

Seeing this smile unexpectedly made him mutter “…Hoh,” and appear as if he wanted to say something. His expression turned difficult, as if he was reflecting on something.

“Well, I’ll leave my thoughts for later…are you strange in the head? I’ve wanted to inform Krul-sama about something.”

David said he would postpone his thoughts for later after looking at Kagami, who was moving his head to the side, with a ‘gurin’, as if he had recalled something.

“You’re quite sharp. Kagami-san’s head is indeed strange. It’s so strange that he tried to debut a Hero as an Idol. Well…I willingly ended up getting used to such words as well.”

After Tina replied to David, she apologized to him with a bow, as if she were responsible for Kagami’s actions.

David bowed and said, “No, don’t worry about it,” and just as they made peace with each other, Tina, Alice, and David simultaneously looked at Kagami dubiously.

“Well…it seemed annoying to get involved…and if you had something with Krul, I thought you would have an ulterior motive since you came to us even though it would have been fine to meet Krul directly…”

“Hou…I see. I didn’t mean to make an excuse for you to run away without considering anything. Well done. As you might have guessed, I’ve come with plans for everyone. Though, I didn’t think I would be treated as a pervert.”

David laughed happily as he said that.

Kagami’s group, who had yet to understand what he meant, decided to talk at a cafe in the plaza nearby after joining up with Rex, who had returned in order to find out why David had come.

“I can’t believe David-dono is here…It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you.”

“It has been a while, Rex-sama…I’m relieved to see you are as healthy as ever.”

When Rex saw David after arriving at the plaza, he had lost his cool and yelled out, “Why are you here!?”, as though his arrival was completely unexpected.

Unexpectedly, Rex and David were acquainted with each other.

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