LV999 Villager – Chapter 5 P4

So That’s Why I’ve Decided to Become A Cheapskate | Part 4

Normally one could recruit workers in the town using a Recruiter’s Notice, which was placed in the same area where the Guild would issue Quests. So, it was normal for the bulletin board at the town plaza, where the Guild was located, to be filled with notices from people who wished to be employed.

Even Adventurers would use the Recruiter’s Notice board to gather a party. However, when party members were desperate to complete quests and it was necessary to recruit urgently, the recruitment would be done in the same way Rex had done it: by giving a speech and forming a party right then and there.

“Well, as expected. Not a single person has shown up.”

“We gathered a lot of attention though…Well, they are Adventurers for the most part.”

Putting her elbows on her knees, Tina supported the statement that Kagami, who was sitting on a bench in a corner of the plaza, had made, and let out a sigh.

Alice, who was in a good mood, was sitting on the bench next to Kagami, licking her ice cream with a ‘peropero’ and dangling her feet with a ‘purapura’ while gazing at Rex, who was desperately trying to recruit.

Currently, Rex was delivering a speech by himself with his status window open, revealing his Hero Role. Since making him into an Idol right now would have an adverse effect, for the moment, they had decided to garner the attention of the people passing by in the plaza using his Role as Hero, instead of using Tina’s proposal.

However, even though he did gather their attention, most of the Adventurers stopped paying attention to him once the topic turned to labor.

That was quite natural, since those who decided to work could only receive the agreed upon wages over a long period of time. Although there was no risk to their lives, for Adventurers with the strength to fight, earning money this way could only be called inefficient.

Although there were many Heroes, it was a separate issue once labor was brought up, and those who had gathered would end up dispersing one by one the minute they heard that. The ones who were listening to Rex, who was desperately saying, “Want to discover an amazing and unprecedented life at a casino together with me, a Hero?”, were mostly Villagers.

“But the remaining Villagers probably don’t know why they’ve joined the gathering. They only appear to have a slight interest, since none of them have spoken yet.”

“I don’t know about this…the wages surely aren’t that bad, but maybe recruiting a lot all of them at once is suspicious, and that, with his Role of Hero, it’s too far out of reach?”

“Well then, is it better if I try to persuade them?”

“Kagami-san is even more suspicious, you know. As a Villager, you’re rich and you’re Level 999…This degree of suspiciousness could only be questionable.”

Depressed by Tina’s harsh words, Kagami looked for the reason why people weren’t talking in the present situation.

They required 20 males and 20 females. They would work eight hours shifts. The job description for available jobs included Casino Dealers, bar employees, and the like. There were all kinds of cleaning jobs as well. Wages would be 50 Silver a month, and compared to the Club Takako-chan managed, the wage for this work was higher by 5 Silver.

In this world, where the wages of servants and maids and the like who worked daily was said to be 100 Silver even if they weren’t cultured, to the capable Villagers, a monthly wage of 50 Silver was quite high for a job that ignored their career history and true abilities.

Even if one worked at an inn or an izakaya for a period of three years, one could only receive a wage of 35 Silver per month. Even though it was written that there was an initial salary of 50 Silver with opportunities for a raise, nobody tried to gather around.

“Why…even though it’s written that we would treat people with capable Roles well, and would even grant an increase in their wages if they prove their ability…why? Is it because I’m a not Idol? Is it useless for me to become one?”

“It would be the same, even if you were an idol. Rather than asking why, you don’t have any choice but to be one…Rex-san’s charisma is, rather…surprisingly low? If it’s labor conditions, within Balman, 50 Silver isn’t that bad.”

“TinaTina. Don’t say these things so casually. Even as a joke, he’s still a Hero, you know.”

“I don’t want to hear that from someone who tried to debut with a Bottomless Swamp song.”

As these two spoke with each other, the people around Rex, who was giving his speech, gradually dispersed. Amongst the people leaving, there were those who were disappointed, saying, “That Hero-sama who gave up on the Demon King subjugation is trying to work at such a store,” and those who were excited for the Casino replied with, “But it was that Hero-sama who built the Casino so suddenly. I’ll go enjoy it, even though I don’t want to help.”

“Alice…give me a good idea. The one that always guides me during troubling times is you.”

Tina looked at Kagami with an “…Uwaah~”, as if she were disappointed with his suddenly unreasonable behavior.

“Somehow…I realize that I know the other Villager’s feelings.”

Alice muttered that unexpectedly, without showing her troubled behavior, as she gathered the gazes of Rex and the Villagers gathered in the middle of the plaza.

“And? What will you say about it?”

“If it were me, I would be scared. It’s because I have the courage…to step into a place I don’t know. In the beginning, I was just a bit scared when I came to this town with Kagami-san, you know?”

To those words, Kagami made an agreeable response of, “…I see.”

Certainly, it was enough to count the number of Casinos in this world, and even if one were to say they were employed in such a place, it was difficult to recall a precise image of the kind of work someone would do.

If people were unable to imagine themselves in a workplace, it might be easy for them to become scared, since fear was a natural reaction to try to preserve themselves while working in the present reality.

This seemed to apply to social relationships as well. One’s heart would deteriorate if they were stressed by working at a dark, demon-like workplace everyday, and even if the pay was good, it was predestined that humans would feel anxious if they lacked the will to work there.

“Alice…is a genius! You really are the best. I overlooked such a simple thing!”

Kagami, who had overlooked an unexpected psychological problem, highly praised Alice, and after that, he stroked her head. Kagami then stood up from the bench as if he had immediately decided on his next course of action.

“What do you mean?”

Tina asked Kagami for a solid solution.

“For now, let’s go collect the notice with our labor conditions and remake it.”

“In what way?”

“I will add a description under the work conditions that will show that they will be able to work peacefully in the workplace. Let’s see…”

Kagami muttered that while his group went to the Guild’s receptionist, this was the content of what was added:

『It’s a cozy workplace. Everyone is gentle and very healthy. There are already seven staff members who enjoy working for the casino opening. The staff comments have entries such as ‘It’s a bright and enjoyable workplace,’ ‘Girls were also hired,’ ‘Everyday has been a Disney Day since I came here,’ ‘I’ve also won the lottery.’』

“So suspicious!”

Tina yelled out, utterly amazed as she read the description that could only have an adverse effect.

“This description is way too suspicious! This recruitment advertisement is practically the embodiment of Kagami-san! What the hell are you learning from, Alice-chan, for sentences like these to appear!”

“You’re lying, right? That’s impossible! Don’t these lines perfectly conceptualize peace of mind!?”

Alice sighed with a ‘yareyare’ after seeing the two of them yell at each other in front of the Guild’s Quest receptionist. However, she soon remembered the path she was taking, one step at a time, to create the world she dreamed of, and smiled.

“That’s…quite a smile you’re sporting. Completely like an angel.”

It was at this time that a man looked down at her from behind, as if glaring, and said that in a subdued voice.

No matter how you looked at the man with lifeless eyes, he looked like the servant of a noble. He was a 40 year old man dressed in a suit with shoulder-length wavy, black hair in the noble’s fashion, and a dandy-like beard that extended from his nose in a tidy manner.

“…Who is it?”

Alice’s body stiffened at the sudden voice. The man, who had come to talk about something, glared so sharply at Alice that she could feel his hatred.

“I’m sorry for my tardiness…I’m called David Forren. I’m a servant for the royal family of the Hexal Doria Kingdom.”

After David introduced himself, he faced Alice and displayed his Status Window. What was displayed was his Level, Level 77, and his Role, Merchant.

Then, the two who had been conversing noticed David, who had tried to touch Alice, and looked at him.

Kagami looked at this normal looking servant, who had a decent enough ability to be an Adventurer, dubiously.

After this, David, who had noticed Kagami’s gaze, bowed politely, as if he knew him. He then turned towards him and while showing a daring smile–

“…I’ve come to pick up Krul-sama.”

This is what was muttered.

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