Hey guys. Happy April Fool’s and such. I’ve posted the actual Kuma chapter now.

Turns out nobody actually found our April Fool’s announcement, but I’ll leave it up for a day or two more just in case.

G5 also wanted me to ask you guys some stuff. Since LV999 is dying in popularity, we wanted to know if we should switch Boundary and LV999?

[poll closed]


28 thoughts on “Announcement~

  1. I never really connected with Boundary like I did with Villager, but the new arc began somewhat underwhelmingly…but you should work on whichever one is more fun for you to translate, really. Thanks for all your hard work!


  2. gregluck

    Does the vilagger popularity fell down that hard? I think it’s only temporary down and because the casino arc made it somehow less interesting, maybe after a few chapter it will go up again.
    I personally follows villager and don’t read boundary. So I hope that villager pace stay as it is.


  3. devilsadvocate6

    well i never feel good ending things halfway through, maybe after the arc ends it will become better
    i mean anything read must be read in its entirety or not at all
    leaving things unfinished sucks big time
    please keep villager


      1. devilsadvocate6

        well villager is scheduled for every 3 days, if it slows down any further then dude, technically it will become non-existent and that gonna be sad


        1. i’ll throw your words back at you and say it will technically still exist as it will be posted every Saturday since the results look like the post speeds are wanting to be switched.


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