LV999 Villager – Chapter 5 P3

So That’s Why I’ve Decided to Become A Cheapskate | Part 3

“That’s right. If it’s Krul, won’t you be able to bring in a lot of guys from the castle? If we explain the situation to them, there shouldn’t be any issues in bringing off-duty soldiers and servants with free time, right?”

Kagami suggested this and clapped his hands as if he had finally remembered something.

“…I think it’s impossible. Although it’s to prevent an all out war with the Demons…if it’s Father…”

After saying that, Krul gloomily went silent. Kagami, who somehow understood when looking at her unsettled countenance, tilted his head with a ‘gurin’ and looked at Takako.

“It can’t be helped…Even now, we don’t have any way to do it.”

Takako said with a sigh, as if she had similarly understood.

The ones who had pushed for the defeat of Demons and Monsters were originally the humans of the Kingdom. Even if they were to lend their power to avoid an all out war with the Demons, if they told them about the situation, then they would probably be forced to face the war head-on and repel them.

It would be cruel to ask a favor of Krul, who had gradually begun to appreciate the relationship between Demons and humans, when she already knew the outcome.

“So? What method will we use, Takako-san?”

Alice asked the always dependable Takako, full of expectation.

“There’s a plaza to recruit party members in Balman, right? It’s fine if we look for casino employees there.”

“I see…but it’s really just Adventurers in this town, you know? I don’t think we will be able to gather enough competent people to work at a casino immediately that way.”

“That’s not so? There are a lot of villagers in the residential area, so it’ll depend on their labor situation. It might be possible for such people to want to work together with the charismatic Rex-chan and Krul-chan.”

After Takako said that, Rex and Krul turned away slightly, as if declining. Krul looked towards the bay window, and Rex mistakenly stared at the Kenta-Uros behind the counter.

“Humans, ugh. I understand the ones who turn towards us with their looks of envy, longing to be existences with high charisma like us. However, it’s impossible for standard trashy playboys with golden hair like you. Give up.”

“So noisy.”

Rex, whose presence was deemed unpleasant, once again looked at Kagami’s group. Besides Krul, everyone gazed at Rex intently, and Rex let out a sigh of resignation.

“I mainly recruited party members at the plaza in order to defeat the Demon King. To try to recruit people to become casino employees, who would only quit soon after, is a bit…”

“The problem is their pride. They will be bound by that, even though it would be boring. They’re going through great pains to forge a new path, right? Isn’t it a good step towards a different path of life from now on?”

Kagami shook his head left and right with a yareyare as if it was useless. Rex showed a distressed look; Krul, however, seemed perfectly fine and only showed a bitter expression, free of worry.

“What’s wrong, Krul-san?”

Seeing her expression, Alice raised her voice in worry.

“I’m…a human of the royal family. If I try to recruit people to be casino employees as the head of the nation, there is a possibility that they will be disillusioned…If that happened, it would surely cause inconveniences, not to me, but to the royal family.”

Alice somehow understood the problem after listening to her words. Although the issue was still pride, like with Rex, it was worrisome since it wasn’t an issue of individual pride, but the pride of others. If they were blocked by this, there was a possibility of offending someone they didn’t have any control over.

“It can’t be helped. I’m plenty happy for you guy to just help me out on this.”


Relieved by these words, Krul smiled.

“It’s fine if we let Rex do the recruitment advertising. He’ll quit being a Hero and begin to work as an Idol. He’ll be working together with us in the casino, so won’t everyone try it out? Let’s go gather people we like.”


“Although I’ve just mentioned an appropriate idea, it might have been a bit too sudden. Anyhow, Rex is an ikemen and has the qualities of an idol…Yes, let’s go with this.”

“W-Wait a moment Shishou! I haven’t had a say in this at all! A Hero becoming an idol? I haven’t heard of such an idiotic and unprecedented story before!”

Rex hurriedly approached Kagami about his crazy idea.

“Idols are great. Heroes also really look like idols. Would you rather they call you hot and sexy, or go kyaa~kyaa~? Which would you pick from as a girl; a Hero or a strong ikemen idol?”

“H-…hot and sexy? Kyaa…kyaa…A choice…between…the two?”

As if he had been completely brainwashed, Rex gulped at Kagami’s words and looked at Krul, Tina, and Alice who were gazing at him coldly.

“Speaking of idols, a character’s role is important you know, what kind of setting should we use? For now, when we talk with each other, we will open ourselves with an “Ehehe…”, while we cleverly present ourselves, we will laugh with “Geebubebahaha! Kopoo!” and our debut song will be ‘The Bottomless Swamp.’ Let’s go with this.”

“A dark…character! As expected, Rex-san is cute with that.”

Tina unintentionally retorted after listening to that unclear concept of a character. However, after he had perceived the phrase, “girls speak of ‘motemote’”, Rex had been paralyzed with the sensation of becoming an idol and said, “Idols aren’t…bad.”

After this, Menou proposed, “Wouldn’t it be better to work towards gathering people, instead of conversing amongst ourselves like this?”, so Kagami headed towards the plaza with Rex, Alice, and Tina.

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27 thoughts on “LV999 Villager – Chapter 5 P3

  1. I’m…I think I’m losing interest in this…the buildup to this point was grand, but now that we’ve reached this point…I mean, I understand the author is deliberately making this anti-climactic, but that doesn’t make it more fun to read… :(

    But thanks for translating, Xant & co. I’m going to continue for a few more chapters, anyway.


      1. Lesson? What’s my takeaway supposed to be? Money is generated by killing monsters? People remain poor and weak because they aren’t willing to risk they’re lives getting money? There’s a mysterious conspiracy governing everyone’s social position, but if you make enough money you can buy an unknown item that will somehow make everything make sense?

        I understand how you might want to look at the plot as a metaphor, but I believe it’s way too outre to be a ‘lesson’.

        My real problem is that I’m just bored, though.

        Liked by 4 people

      2. It’s interesting, but it’s been done before (spice and wolf/maoyuu maoh yuusha) and the economics arc is taking a while to get through (yes, I understand it’s just started, it just feels that way). Once we start hitting conflict, it’ll probably be interesting again, but until then, this is kind of boring.

        Liked by 2 people

    1. rjacklong

      I agree, I think the whole casino idea is dumb. I mean, the whole hero party was supposed to be righteous, but now they think that it’s okay to swindle people out of their money by making a casino? Why not just steal or borrow the money then?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Suzushina

        It has been mentioned already why they can’t borrow money. The useless Royal family aside, do you really think people would lend money? for buying a dubiously expensive mystery item that no one has done before? Let’s say they manage to net some people to help, it still won’t be nearly enough unless there’s another Kagami out there. And not to mention, there will be opposition when they announce that it’s not for defeating Demons. There will always be instigators like that.

        As for stealing… You already said Heroes are righteous. And having a casino than stealing is the lesser evil of the two, imo. So I don’t really ujderstand why you even thought of this. Lol

        Don’t misunderstand, I too am of the opinion that the way this arc is going is dumb. I was just pointing out about the stealing and borrowing.



  2. I think the line,[ “They’re humans you know. ], should be deleted.
    It’s probably supposed to be a part of the next paragraph that starts as “Humans, ugh. I understand the ones…” since I don’t see that tiny line in the original text.


    1. Also the lines
      “For now, when we talk with each other, we will open ourselves with an “Ehehe…”, while we cleverly present ourselves, we will laugh with “Geebubebahaha! Kopoo!” and our debut song will be “The Bottomless Swamp.” Let’s go with this.”

      Should go after/together with the line “Speaking of idols, a character’s role is important you know, what kind of setting should we use?”

      And the “cute” in the line “A dark…character! As expected, Rex-san is cute with that.” Should be “pitiful” instead.


  3. anarchydev

    If I was there,i would go to the public to ask for donations to defeat the demons saying things like, the human Kingdom refuses to pay a single gold coin for the defeating of the demon army for buying grand equipments….

    Also is 10000gold coin really that large? Even the kingdom is hesitating to pay up..

    Thanks for the chapter translation.


  4. … Biggest problem with the economy in this series and any series that has the monsters drop money. Economics is about supply and demand. You want something and someone is willing to sell it. The bigger the supply the more people who are willing to sell it and try to get you to buy their item. The bigger the demand the more customers buying the cheaper supply. So when every monster is just dropping money there is too much supply and the money would become virtually worthless. This why no country just prints money whenever. It’s not like the money vanishes when you use it so inflation would go through the roof. Plus money was originally just a token to represent bartered goods. With a set amount of money being able to be backed up by a set amount of the bartering standard it represents. Thus why you occasionally hear about things like the ‘gold standard.’ U.S. currency started having issues when they decided that they didn’t need a standard and would just back up their money with ‘promises.’
    (This is mostly my opinion based on facts I have learned from various places that I cannot accurately source. So don’t completely trust it, just like you shouldn’t trust any fiction that was written by someone who has not thoroughly researched the subject to accurately represent said subject unless verified by people who have.)


  5. Suzushina

    Really, what happened to this novel that started with an interesting premise.

    It’s probably bad to blow your load in one go in the beginning(nothing indecent now), going full 999 only to come blank the following round. Raising money the amount that surpases the national budget by managing a Casino seems stupid to me. And you would think that, it would alreafy have been accomplished with that recent battle, if only the Author didn’t go the obvious route of obvious. God, Author-san, clearly could have given Kagami the loots he painstakingly worked for but nooo~, he decides to null it and bring out the money raising arc to spread salt onto the lingering soul of Lilia–


  6. Rex is going to be an idol…kind of saw that coming. Krul also has an obvious crush on Kagami as far as I can see. Thanks for this chapter part and I look forward to more. Keep up the good work! >0<


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