First off, thanks to readers pointing it out, we inserted the missing 3 paragraphs from the end of LV999 C4 P7.

Second, we’ve noticed people asking here and there for indicators of who is speaking, so we decided to just do a poll.

Currently, some series have the character names after a line of speech, some do not. Do we standardize so all of them have those speech indicators, or not?

[poll closed]


7 thoughts on “Announcement~

    1. Some people learned English as their second language, which may lead to them having difficulty understanding who is speaking and enjoying the series less. It is up to you guys in the end. I will be adding them when the translator doesn’t.


      1. Loco15

        English being my second language and barely having formal education on it, I don’t think it matters much. If the reader doesn’t know who is talking, it’s either because the reader’s lack of understanding/investment in the work, or the author’s lack of skills fleshing out its characters. If it has anything to do with language comprension, then that is already a different problem entirely, which shouldn’t be related with the story itself.

        And I personally find name indicators immersion breaking, and as a sign of the the author or translator’s lack of skill.


  1. Lacklust

    I honestly need this as my ADHD really does weird things to my brain and if this pushes through and you have time could you please put these indicators in all the previous chapters of labyrinth?


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