LV999 Villager – Chapter 4 P7

Answering Such A Thing Depends On Yourself After All | Part 7

“Menou, although I had always doubted that a noble would support humans, I see…it’s because you have been attending Alice-sama, who was supporting the humans? It seems that you have been faithful to Demon King-sama after all.”

After Estellar, the floating commander of the Demon Army, glared at Menou, Menou averted his eyes in a hurry, like a child being scolded by their parents, and cowered in fear. Seeing Menou’s reaction, Kagami immediately rushed to his side and tried to whisper in his ear.

“Who is he? That slightly narcissistic guy that suddenly appeared and started talking.”

“He is Estellar Urgöt-sama…He serves the Demon King-sama, like me, but is his right-hand man. He will soon have more power than Demon King-sama…Rather than that, Kagami-dono, how are your injuries?” (TN: Changed Urgot to Urgöt)

“I have completely recovered, thanks to the potions. The effects were outstanding, probably because I’ve never used them before.”

Crackling sounds rang out from the bones in Kagami’s neck, as if he had truly been healed, and he began to move his arms around like he had energy to spare. In fact, it wasn’t a performance and he had truly healed, but that didn’t mean he still had the energy to fight. Depending on the medicine used, its healing effects would weaken sooner or later.

“Can you still fight? Surely you knew that this battle of offense and defense was useless?”

Once again, Kagami tried to head towards the blacksteel armor giant that was approaching him from the front, ignoring the floating Estellar.

“The situation is dangerous so I have to do something about that thing before I defeat you. If you get in my way, I will have no choice but to fight you. Since you’re taking it easy, you have no plans to do that, right?”

“Aah…I don’t. It’s fine to challenge it as you like. Go at it until you’re satisfied.”

Estellar replied to Kagami, who had stated that boldly and without any hesitation, with a cynical smile as if he were speaking directly into his head. As soon as he finished declaring this, Kagami roared out like a gale and ran towards the blacksteel armor giant.

“It seems he still had some energy left…so what if you’re the right-hand man of the Demon King? It looks like that Villager doesn’t realize how much of an irregular he is.”

Maybe because he was unsatisfied, Rex said as much after Estellar bid Kagami off, making light of him as he ran towards the blacksteel armor giant.

“I know, but in the end, he is a Villager, isn’t he? That’s what you said, right? His Level is certainly…999? It’s surprising that there is someone who reached Level 999 as a Villager. Though becoming Level 999 in itself is unprecedented.”

Everyone there shuddered at these words. This Demon had constantly been gathering information while hiding nearby. However, since none of them had been able to detect him at all, they instantly felt the true difference in power between them.

“What do you mean by…’He is a Villager after all’?”

Krul asked that since she had not misheard Estellar’s words, and it seemed like he knew something. Although he didn’t need to answer her, he seemed like he was bored and wanted to talk about something to kill time, so he stared at Krul.

“You don’t know? A Villager’s Status Parameter is low enough to be abnormal. Warriors who put their stats in strength are at least three times stronger than Villagers, and the difference is even greater if one becomes a Hero. Humans who have the role of Hero only have to reach Level 300.”

“The benefits of being Level 999 isn’t just the Status…they also have Skills!”

“Well then, do you know what Skills he has, besides Automatic Heal?”

To that, Krul hesitated to reply, answering with a “That’s…”

“For him to have such a rare Skill like Automatic Heal is close to a miracle. In fact, there are many examples of curious Villagers who aimed beyond Level 100. It’s because a Villager’s level can be raised easily…with its disposition. Although there aren’t any that aimed for Level 999…every one of their Skills ended up being rubbish. They also had Skills that allowed them to fight by flinging a certain something with their fingers.” (TN: *cough* boogers *cough*)

As a result, those who judged that it was beyond their means ended up discouraged and would fulfill their Role as a Villager. After adding on this statement, Estellar sneered as if he was denying their efforts.

“I wonder…why do you know about things like that?”

He knew too much. Although Takako, who had already known this much information, spoke whilst giving him a meaningful smile, Estellar didn’t try to answer her at all.

Facing the reality that Villagers had a weak Status and Skills, the others began to feel unease since their hope, Kagami, might be useless in this desperate situation.

“Aside from the Skills, the difference in Statuses is absolute. That thing isn’t an opponent that can be defeated by a fundamentally weak Villager. Look, the proof has returned.”

The moment Estellar said this, Kagami crashed into the stone wall with a tremendous force, just like before, as he was sent flying by the blacksteel armor giant. Despite running towards him like before, not even several minutes had passed before he crashed into the same spot. At that moment, everyone was convinced that, even if it was Kagami, it couldn’t be helped.

“That’s the end of his growth. That’s his value as a Level 999 Villager. Even if he has his own Skills, that thing wasn’t an opponent he could fight against in the first place. No matter how many times a Villager falls, it can’t be helped. This is a Villager’s limit after all.”

“Is that what you think?”

At that moment, the body that had collided with the stone wall leapt out, and Kagami spoke as if he still had some energy left. However, blood was gushing out from all over his body.

“So what? This time, I properly reduced the amount of damage I received…It’s still a large amount though. Woah, potions. Please give me potions, Princess-san~”

After seeing Kagami stubbornly declare that, the arrogant Estellar’s expression was momentarily disturbed, but it soon returned to his scornful smile.

“Certainly, his endurance is amazing. Even with his HP and Endurance, Villagers are inferior to Magicians…and, although I do not know what kinds of Skills he has, this is only thanks to Automatic Heal. It’s better to give up while you still have your life.”

“It’s impossible for you to not try to kill us.”

“Of course, I’ll kill you if you get in my way. My goal is just the fall of the Fort City Salumeria.”

As if discomfited by Estellar’s words, Kagami’s expression stiffened.
Although Kagami had confronted Estellar, as he was trying to grasp the meaning of these words, Alice quickly stood in front of him with her arms spread out, trying to protect him.

“Stop it already Estellar! These things aren’t what Father wishes for! I’ve spoken with Father once already…and if the city falls!”

“I guess so. I do know…that these things aren’t what Demon King-sama and you hope for, you know? Even if I speak with the Demon King, who is right over there, he will say the same thing, won’t he?


The moment those words were received, Alice and Menou’s expressions distorted. As the words ‘Over there’ were uttered, the blacksteel armor giant stood before Estellar.

“Even though I can manipulate that huge power at will, it took quite a bit of time to accomplish. Using medicine to gradually weaken it to the point that it could be controlled with my power was difficult. The Demon King doesn’t wish for this fight either, you know? The one who wishes for it…is me!”

“Y…You bastarddddd!”

Menou, his eyes wide open, shouted at Estellar, who had declared that while laughing loudly. He clenched his hand into a fist before kicking off the ground and leaping at Estellar, who was floating in midair.

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  1. oh sh*t………………..
    Sh*t is going down all over our faces now…
    – Our MC is apparently weak compared to the big shots(Since he had had talks with the demon lord before as he said, I thought they were close in power…)
    -Demon Lord is the new king’s puppet…….
    -Most important of all……. Kagami’s first skill… was probably a booger thrower o_O …xD

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  2. deadlybell

    i wonder if his lv 999 skill is some kind of deification skill that makes him transcend human limits but the strain on the body is too much [would make sense why he didnt want to use it]

    this is my guess :O


    1. LeaD36

      KAIOKEN! Seriously, all of these authors just got their stuff from DBZ xd. Kidding, it’s not like ancient tales don’t have the same ridiculous power up mechanics.


  3. Lacklust

    It’s going down for real! Screw Estellar! If Kagami wants to beat the powered up demon king he’ll find a way! Flying enemies which can only be reached with magic? Use other monsters as projectiles! The holy sword which can only be pulled out by the hero? Take the entire pedestal! Brokering peace between demons and humans? Seduce the heir to the throne!


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  6. Why most villains are arrogant… why this saklar… err Estellar easily revealing his intention to manipulate domon kong… jeez this became not fun at all… screw you Esteller! hope you die smacked by Booger T…


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